The Bullseye

March 16, 2017
Five rounds in now and things are looking great with all games being close on the score sheets.

Only one 180 was thrown this week by Arron Robinson congratulations to him.
Looks like a few more could have been thrown this week but that last dart just doesn’t want to follow sometimes or a soft dart as we call it.
Let’s see what next week will bring maybe some high pegs as well.
A Grade
Ski Club 4 def Rattlers 3 – B.Hughes 6t, 20.87pda, B.Barker 3t, 21.31pda, T.Loomes 1t, R.MacDonald 1t, G.Crosbie 1t, C.Sloman 4t, R.Gook 2t, W.Boswell 1t.
Golf Club 6 def Thoona Allsorts 1 – J.Walker 5t, D.Hanel 3t, 20.44pda J.Bakkum 6t, 19.26pda, D.Leonard 4t, A.White 2t, C.Sallows 4t, D.Parker 1t.
Bundy Bulls 7 def Dartin Devils 0 – A.Robinson 4t, 180, 19.26pda, J.Burns 2t, A.Cryer 5t, J.Meloury 5t, M.Hopgood 3t, P.Roksandic 4t, J.Rodwell 1t, N.Barker 1t.
Carefactor had the bye
Ladder after round 5;
Bundy Bulls 16/23, Ski Club 16/22; Golf Club 12/22; Rattlers 8/16; Carefactor 4/10; Thoona Allsorts 4/9; Dartin Devils 0/5

B Grade
Star Shooters 4 def Tungamah Talons 3 – N.Pearce 2t, C.Pearce 2t, N.Brown 1t, G.Boswell 1t, A.Stapleton 1t.
The Flyers 6 def Dockers 1 – R.Parsell 3t, A.kuol 3t, G.Perkinson 3t, S.Talbot 2t, D.Ampfea 2t, C.Hyland 1t, I.Duus 1t.
Pelicans 4 def Jaggers 3 – T.Canning 2t, D.Rust 2t, G.Cooper 1t.
United Nations 6 def Miss Hits 1 – D.Carroll 5t, L.Garton 3t, G.McCarthy 2t, J.Velja 2t, D.Lynch 3t, A.Wallace 1t.
Ladder after round 5;
The Flyers 20/24, Star Shooters 12/21, Miss Hits 12/18, Pelicans 12/17, Dockers 12/17, United Nations 8/22, Tungamah Talons 4/13, Jaggers 0/8.
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