Gary is the Masters Champion

April 20, 2017

PGA Final Winner Shirley Walsh (left) and runner-up Karen Droop (right).

In the true tradition of the masters, this year’s winner Gary Athanitis was presented with the green jacket by last year’s winner Bob Castles.

Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club Resort held its annual Masters Golf Championship recently, coinciding with the final round of the US Masters.
The US Masters is the most prestigious tournament on the US golfing calendar and is only slightly shadowed as the greatest tournament of the year by the oldest golf championship, ‘The Open’.
People started arriving at the club before 6am and in the true spirit of golf, enjoyed each other company over a magnificent breakfast put together by the club’s chefs.
After breakfast, it was into the cinema where the final round was watched live on the huge screen in the comfort of the beautiful leather recliners.
To everyone’s delight the final round was a classic with Sergio Garcia pegging Justin Rose back in the final few holes and finally winning on the second playoff hole.
After the golf, members went out onto the picturesque Executive Course for the battle to see who our Masters Champion would be.
The golf was fitting of a Masters shootout with many great scores being produced, but in the end, it was Gary Athanitis who prevailed.
The members of Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club Resort would like to acknowledge and greatly thank Andrew and Mandy Shell from Yarrawonga Mulwala Real Estate who sponsored the day and the club looks forward to their continued support.


Tuesday 11th April – 4 Person Ambrose

Murray Course (95 Players): 6 Balls Vincent Slattery, Tony Bell, Chris Vakidis & Adam O’Connor 55.625, 4 Balls Hayden Sharp, David O’Brian & Alistair 55.875. Balls to 60 or better, NTP 2nd Hole Tom Crosier.
Lake Course (79 Players): 6 Balls Gary Page, Bob Kruger, Christopher Bell & Geoff Gourley 56.125, 4 Balls Barry Cocks, Grant Churchin, Michael Sheahan & Glenn Brear 56.625. Balls to 61.125, NTP 2nd Hole Garry Page. Great Score – Bob Castles Hole in One.
Thursday  13th April– Par
Murray Course (66 Players): A Grade 6 Balls Neil Jones (3) +3 c/b, 4 balls Andrew Jacobs (4) +3 c/b, 2 Balls Tony Forristal (17) +3, B Grade 6 Balls Robert Glare (26) +5, 4 Balls Lew Nagle (20) +4, 2 Balls Robert Monro (22) +1 c/b, Balls to -4 or Better, NTP 17th  hole Neil Jones.
Lake Course (69 Players): A Grade 6 Balls Graeme Da Costa (11) +2 c/b, 4 Balls Jamie Stapleton (1) +2 c/b, 2 Balls John Jones (16) +2 c/b, B Grade 6 Balls Stuart Buckley (21) +4, 4 Balls Terence Mockett (26) +2 c/b, 2 Balls (W bob. R) Mitchell (25) +2, balls to -3 or better, NTP 14th hole Jamie Stapleton
Friday 14th April – Stableford
Murray Course (23 Players): 6 Balls Jason Eade (23) 46pts, 4 Balls Ben Zigouras (28) 38pts, 2 Balls Brent Tilley (23) 37 c/b, Balls to 31pts or better
Lake Course (73 Players): A Grade 6 Balls Genn Charlston (14) 45 pts, 4 Balls Glenn Soutter ( 7) 38 pts c/b, 2 Balls Steve Buckley (5) 38 c/b, B Grade 6 Balls Andrew Shell (24) 45 pts, 4 Balls John Scase (19) 41 pts, 2 Balls Justin Pfeiffer (24) 40 c/b, Balls to 32 pts or better, Ntp 7th hole john Scase.
Saturday 15th April – Stableford
Murray Course (80 Players): A Grade Voucher Robert Smale (5) 39 pts, Runner-up Konrad Spilva (8) 37 c/b, B Grade Winner Robert Hall (17) 39 pts, Runner-up Alan Ross (18) 37 c/b, Balls to 31 pts or better, NTP 10th Bernard Steele.
Lake Course (94 Players): A Grade Winner Phil Clarnette (6) 39 pts, Runner-up Robert Allen (15) 37 pts, B Grade Winner Terrence Murphy (28) 38 c/b, Runner-up Peter Skewes (21) 38 pts, Balls to 29 pts or Better, NTP 7th hole Graeme Bayley,
Sunday 16th  April – Stableford
Murray Course (23 Players): 6 balls Mark Narayan (20) 40 pts, 4 Balls Michael Cook 913) 39 pts, 2 Balls Glenn Charlston (13) 38 pts, Balls to 31 pts or better.
Lake Course (55 Players): A Grade 6 balls Craig Keppel (8) 38 pts c/b, 4 Balls Keith Watts (10) 38 c/b, 2 Balls Ronald Hosking (12) 38 c/b, B Grade 6 Balls Kenneth Mountey ( 18) 37 c/b, 4 Balls Terry Perus (19) 37 pts, 2 balls Stephen Boyer (18) 36 pts, Balls to 32 points or better, NTP 7th Terry O’Sullivan,
Up Coming Events – May Tournament

YMGCR 9 Holes Ladies

Monday 10th April – Stableford with 30 players  -  Executive Nine: Section 1 Winner:  Dianne Duffy  17 points,  Runner-up:  Maree Old  15 points c/b. Section 2 Winner:  Faye Sullivan  17 points,  Runner-up:  Lyn Mulquiney  16 points. NTP:  Beth Littler
Wednesday 12th April – Stableford with 50 players  -  Executive Nine: A Grade Winner:  Maris Cook  16 points,  Runner-up:  Judi McLeod  14 points. B Grade Winner:  Avril Smith  18 points,  Runner-up:  Adele Keenan  15 points c/b. C Grade Winner:  Anne Byrne  22 points,  Runner-up:  Lyn Jones  21 points. D Grade Winner:  Judy Drake  18 points,  Runner-up:  Lorraine Duffy  14 points. NTP:  Cheryl Viner.

YMGCR 18 Holes Ladies

Pennant Finals – Tuesday 18th April: Two of our four Pennant teams are competing in the Finals on Tuesday 18th April. Congratulations and best wishes to these Ladies – with a well done to Divisions 2 & 3 for their valiant efforts.
Division 1: Playing Wodonga at Jubilee Golf Course – Players: Georgia Macklin,  Judy Kruger,  Karen Droop,  Julie Kirchen,  Jan Foot
Division 4: Playing Albury at Waldara Golf Course – Players:    Irene Cocks,  Marg Jackson,  Gloria Roome,  Lynn Soutter,  Elaine Bellis
Wednesday 12 April – PGA Final Lake Course: Congratulations to Shirley Walsh for her first PGA Final Win – defeating Karen Droop.
Tee off for Breast Cancer – Stableford with 65 players, Lake Course: Our Annual Charity Day for Breast Cancer was again sponsored by BMW Shepparton. Great golf weather, 65 pink ladies, 18 pink Breast Cancer Flags on the flagsticks on course and an attractive room decorated with Pink Balloons all lead to a happy atmosphere.
Glenn Goodall representing BMW Shepparton, presented a leather BMW Sport Golf Bag to the Overall Trophy Winner – Jean Rapkins.
A Grade Winner:  Jean Rapkins (22)  37 points c/b,  Runner-up:  Ros Gray (17)  37 points
B Grade Winner:  Sue Curran (26)  33 points c/b,  Runner-up:  Helen Powell (30)  33 points
C Grade Winner:  Pam Burton (36)  35 points,  Runner-up:  Maree Old (31)  32 points
NTP:  2nd Hole  Raem Towe,  7th Hole  Mandy Shell,  12th Hole  Heather Baxter,  14th Hole  Ros Gray
Saturday 15th April – Stableford with 56 players, Murray Course: A Grade Winner:  Wendy Dickson (23)  37 points,  Runner-up:  Gwen Harrington (20)  36 points. B Grade Winner:  Helen Powell (30)  34 points,  Runner-up:  Elaine Bellis (44)  33 c/b. NTP:  2nd Hole  Linda Thomson.
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