Netball round-up

May 03, 2017

Yarrawonga netball

A Grade

This was a game the Pigeons were eager to win to add celebration to Lauren Mulquiney’s 300 Club game.  
But the first few minutes saw a battle of the back lines and it was clear it wasn’t only Yarra looking for the win.   
Before half time the Maggies defence was strong making it hard for Yarra to push forward, but at half time Yarra persistence showed a two point lead on the board.  
Gemma O’Sullivan and Abbey Jones excelled in goals, coupled with a dominating backline the girls all pulled together to control across court.   
A ten goal lead going into the last gave the girls renewed energy and they kept Wangaratta to eight goals while racking up 17 of their own.  Yarra did it for Lauren winning 58 – 39.
Best: Gemma O’Sullivan, Lauren Mulquiney  
Goals:  G O’Sullivan 31, A Jones 27

B Grade

The Pigeons started the game with great vigour resulting in a seven goal lead going into the second.  But the Maggies weren’t resting on their laurels and put the challenge out to the Pigeons.
Yarra headed into the last quarter with a two goal advantage but experience enabled the Pigeons to remain steady in the final few minutes and not succumb to Wangaratta’s pressure.  
It was a nail biting finish but another win for Yarra.   Final score 46 – 45.
Best: Jayanna Sharp, Malory Nankervis
Goals: E Soutter 29, K Robilliard 13,   A Tyrell 4

C Grade

It was a battle of fourth and fifth on the ladder and a quick start by the Maggies saw them in front by four at the first quarter break.   
Although play was even for most of the second, Wangaratta shot four goals in a row to lead Yarra by six at the half time break.  
Although only down by three at the third, the girls started to claw back and Yarrawonga’s defence dominated in the last.  
It was an exciting finish for the Pigeons fans when Yarra kept the Maggies to five goals in the last and added a further 15 to their own tally to win by seven. Final score 45 – 38.
Best:  Jenny Buerckner, Abby Hemphill
Goals: S Kennedy 27, T Bogle 15, B Bailey 3

Under 16s

The Under 16s knew it was going to be a challenge meeting Wangaratta who hold top spot on the ladder, but their first use of the ball saw a goal and they continued to make use of any turnovers.  It was tight however and scores were level at the first break.
The game remained even and Yarra were up by one at half time.  
Tilly Kennedy and Abbey Chapman made good use of the ball and Georgia Lawless worked tirelessly at GK.  
But Wangaratta’s speed across the court in the last quarter dominated the game and the Maggies came home to win by 10 goals.  Final score 38-48
Best: Georgia Lawless, Ally Exton  
Goals:     E York 23, A Chapman 12, I Frauenfelder 3

Tungamah netball

A Grade

Tungamah had a great start to the game against Waaia.
All players moved well around the court. They held the lead till half time but then fatigue started to affect the players.
Abbey, Ally and Sally were moved onto the court but Waaia had found momentum.
A few bad passes saw Waaia take the lead and continue strong to the finish.
Tungamah 42 defeated by Waaia 54.
Awards:Yarrawonga Myotherapy Kara Lawless, TFNC Thursday Night Meal Victoria Bruce.

B Grade

It was a fairly even start to the game with a tight first quarter by both teams.
Waaia took control of the game in the second quarter, with relentless forward pressure, whereas Tungamah was not able to capitalise on their forward opportunities. 
The girls staged a brief comeback in the third quarter with some solid passages of play and delivered a consistent last quarter with a more free flowing game, but by then the damage was done.
Thoughts to Carly who fell in the second quarter, best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Waaia 57 def Tungamah 33.
Awards: Yarrawonga Myotherapy Brydee Bond, Wingates Brodie Gissing.

C Grade

A very classy Waaia side took to the court against Tungamah. Elisha Dryden and Alysia Wilson were superb in defensive taking many rebounds.
Hannah Kavanagh was very determined in centre and well assisted by Sally Eales, Hailey Saunders, Olivia Bakerzis, Danielle Lawrence and Jorga Kruse.
Remi McPherson and Sheryl McBurnie teamed well as always in goals against a classy and very defensive Waaia.
Tungamah 29 def by Waaia 68.
Awards: Sally Eales Byramine Homestead, Hannah Kavanagh Wingates.

C Reserve

It was a challenging game for the C Reserve girls against the fast moving Waaia team.
Although the score didn’t go Tungamah’s way there was some great defensive pressure by Larissa Pardo and Justine Gordon down in the goal ring where they were able to gain rebounds and turn the ball over.
Britt Stacey stood out in her defensive role by sticking right on her player.
Centre Jessica Haebich was able to create space and together with Britt Stacey the two successfully used their voices to instruct and assist teammates in order to influence the play of the ball.
Tungamah 18 def by Waaia 40.
Awards: Intersport Wingate Britt Stacey, TFNC meal Justine Gordon, Auction Player Larissa Lonergan.

Under 17s

The Under 17s had a tough game with Waaia who has a young developing squad and were in to try to beat the reigning premiers.
At the first centre pass the girls knew Waaia was going to put up a fight.
After last week’s outstanding performance the girls started off a bit rusty playing at Waaia’s level.
What always seemed like a close game saw Tungamah with a 20 goal lead at three quarter time, Alyssa helping the scoreboard with plenty of rebounds and intercepts down the defensive end.
Constant pressure and strong passing from Caity Whitelock helped the ball flow nicely from the defence to attack.
Another great win by the Under 17s.
Tungamah 39 def Waaia 26.
Awards: Alyssa McLarty Golf Club, Caity Whitelock Thursday night dinner.

Under 15s

The girls knew going into this game that Waaia would be tough opponents, especially being their home game. 
To get the win Tungamah needed to play a quick but controlled game and this they did. 
By quarters end they were up 15/4 and the goals kept coming with each quarter. 
The ball flowed nicely between mid court to the goal end with the girls talking and creating the space needed to keep it moving or to intercept when Waaia had it. 
The defenders applied great pressure and this was reflected in the scores. 
Tungamah’s shooters worked well together, as well as utilising the ring, and they didn’t miss many. 
When a mistake was made, to all girls’ credit, they fought hard to win it back which more often than not, they did.
Tungamah 51 def Waaia 19.
Awards: Olivia Giggins Wingates, Emma Walker Golf Club.

Under 13s

Coming into this game the girls knew it was going to be a tough one as Waaia were premiers from last year.
It was a hard first quarter but coming into the second quarter the girls really put the heat on Waaia coming up to only be down by one goal.
Great defensive pressure from one end of the court to the other. All the girls did very well to put what they have learnt from training on to the court.
Every single girl worked extremely hard and put up a good fight to the finish, they should all be proud of their efforts.
Tungamah 12 def by Waaia 17.
Awards: Macey Golf Club, Ruby Crusty Loaf.


This week the Minis showcased their fast developing skills to get many intercepts turnovers and loose balls.
Lots of strong passes and leading to the ball.
The girls all tried a few different positions which allowed them to find their strengths on the court and continue to add to their court knowledge.
The awards this week were given based on teamwork, encouraging others and trying their best.
Awards: Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club Resort Addieson Priestly, Crusty Loaf Mykie McBurnie, Ricky D’s Maddison Purtell, Next Week’s Captain Maddison Lawrence.

Mulwala netball

A Grade

Mulwala 24 defeated by Moama 70
Ladder leaders Moama proved to be far too strong for the young Lions this week, outclassing them with speed, physicality and sheer brilliant netball.
The Lions started well, managing to stay goal for goal in the opening minutes, but it didn’t take long for the Magpies to pull away and go into the first quarter with a 7 goal lead.
The second and third quarters were Moama’s strongest as they overran the inexperienced Lions and cemented a strong lead by three quarter time.
Hayley and Rorri were tireless in defence, working well to turn the ball over, but unfortunately it just wasn’t enough to match the strength of Moama, despite a stronger fourth quarter finish.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Hayley Fry, Mul Pharmacy – Rorri Phibbs 

B Grade

Mulwala 46 defeated Moama 40   
Moama came out firing catching the Lions by surprise as they took an early 3 goal lead in the first quarter.
In the second Mulwala steadied, returning to their own game as they performed a six goal turnaround to lead by 3 at half time.
The second half saw the Lions maintain and build their lead with excellent defensive pressure and turnovers by Brit and Amy.
The midcourt drove the ball down well and the Lions converted most opportunities in the goal ring.
A great team effort to come away with the only win for the day on the netball court.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Brit Hanley, Intersport Wingates - Tayla Smith

C Grade

Mulwala 24 defeated by Moama 35
The Lions went into the game 2 defenders down against a very strong opposition, but to their credit they fought all game.
The backline of Sami, Brianna and Georgia worked overtime and forced some great turnovers, with the attacking end fighting equally hard.
With more consistency in getting the score on the board the Lions will continue to improve and match any team that comes their way.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Sophie Collison, Judds Mensland – Georgia Hope

C Reserve Grade

Mulwala 29 defeated by Moama 38   
The girls got off to a steady start keeping the game close in the first quarter, but as the game progressed, silly errors allowed Moama to take the lead.
Moama’s great fitness and tough physical presence were too much for the Lions and they continued to extend their lead, eventually winning by 9 goals.
The Lions have some things to work on at training but looking to come out firing next week against Numurkah.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Tegan Buckley, Judds Mensland – Aubrey Rodriguez

17 & under

Mulwala 22 defeated by Moama 54
Moama 17s came out firing, taking the Lions by surprise.
Moama played strong, hard and direct netball, overpowering the Lions with strong defensive pressure across the court, high intensity leads and accurate shooting.
While the Lions fought hard and had some great passages of play, they were no match for a well-drilled Moama side.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Maddi Cooksey, YMGCR – Emme Shand

15 & under

Mulwala 14 defeated by Moama 63   
With the girls back from camp this week the Lions were determined to get back into it. Moama came out with an early lead that shook the Lions defence.
The girls fought hard all game to break their attacking, however Moama were just too strong on the day.
The girls held their heads high all game and kept encouraging one another, never giving up.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Chelsea Kirchen, YMGCR – Jorja Chung

13 & under

Mulwala 15 defeated by Moama 32
This week the girls came up against a taller more experienced side in Moama. The girls were slow to find their rhythm and failed to put a score on the board in the first quarter.
The 2nd and 3rd quarters showed a bit more promise with some good passages of play and a more consistent effort all round.
Still with a belief going in to the last, the girls fought hard but only managed 1 goal for the quarter, going down 32 to 15.
Awards:  Foodworks Top Lion - Bella Seamer, YMGCR - Abbey Matthews

12 & under

Mulwala 6 defeated by Moama 32
With morale still sky high the young Lions took the court with more excitement and enthusiasm than ever, eager to repeat the previous week’s efforts.
They started off strong with solid leads but after a quick few goals from Moama, the girls found themselves a bit frazzled.
After some positional changes in the second quarter, the Lions went out keen to turn the game back around.
With two quick goals straight, roles reversed and Moama found themselves scrambling to get possession of the ball. Both teams fought hard, chasing down every loose ball.
With only 7 girls this week they had to work hard for all 4 quarters.
With the spirit of a lion, the girls never gave up and worked hard to stay in the game. Unfortunately fatigue set in and silly mistakes were inevitable.
The score does not reflect the close game that was had.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion - Chloe Burgess, YMGCR – Bellina Walshe
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