Mulwala netball

May 10, 2017

Steph Hammond in action for A Grade.

Ash McKee looks for an option in C Grade.

A Grade
Mulwala 20 defeated by Numurkah 47
The Lions’ young A grade side continued to improve and gel as a team as they faced the tough Blues opposition this week.
Numurkah got off to a strong start, taking the lead and stamping their authority on the game.
The Lions recovered in the second and started to combine well in attack, while Hayley stepped up and was well supported by Rorri in defence, applying great pressure to the Numurkah goalers.
There were some excellent passages of play throughout the second half of the game and with continued work as a team and a consistent 4 quarter effort, the girls will begin to experience greater success.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Hayley Fry, Mug Award – Rorri Phibbs  

B Grade
Mulwala 46 defeated Numurkah 28    
With a new line up in goals, Chloe and Jade looked like they had played together for years, combining well and providing plenty of space and movement in the ring.
Tea tried her hand at centre, driving well alongside Georgia, Elise and Amy throughout the centre court.
Brit and Amy Sherlock continued to cement the defensive partnership formed last week and thrilled the crowd with numerous intercepts and turnovers.
A great team effort to bring home a solid win for the Lions.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Chloe Bogle, Mug Award – Jade Robinson, Wingates – Brit Hanley

C Grade
Mulwala 24 defeated by Numurkah 31
The Lions faced another tough game against a stronger Numurkah this week, starting off well and holding the lead at half time.
However an experienced and physical Blues side worked hard to turn the ball over, converting most scoring opportunities.
Unfortunately the Lions were unable to hold on, learning some valuable lessons for the next encounter.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Sophie Collison, Mug Award – Sami Till

C Res Grade
Mulwala 28 defeated by Numurkah 38
The girls started off strongly, keeping the scores close. Bethany moved well in attack and with her loud voice really rattled the Blues defence.
Ebony and Kim worked well in defence turning the ball over countless times but unfortunately we were unable to convert all opportunities, resulting in the Blues coming away with the win.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Kim James, La Porchetta – Bethany Robinson

17 & under
Mulwala 32 defeated Numurkah 19
Mulwala 17s had a fantastic game right from the first whistle. Their one-on-one pressure created multiple turnovers and combined with strong, direct drives and accuracy in goals the girls were able to come away with a convincing win.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Jess Barton, YMGCR – Maddi Cooksey, Mulwala Post Office –Heidi Magro

15 & under
Mulwala 17 defeated Numurkah 16
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Cheyenne Nixon, YMGCR – Macey Hicks, Mulwala Post Office – Abbey Freeman

13 & under
Mulwala 33 defeated Numurkah 13

12 & under
Mulwala 12 defeated by Numurkah 35
With the sun shining and enthusiasm high, both the Lions and Blues took to the court eager for a good game.
Numurkah came out firing, scoring 11 goals, showing great finesse. The Lions regrouped at quarter time and were eager to give the game all they could.
The young Lions kept up their great whole court defensive pressure and this began to rattle Numurkah towards the end of the quarter.
Realizing that they could still be in it, the Lions lifted again in the third quarter, scoring 4 straight goals, stunning Numurkah.
The fourth quarter was the Lions’ best for the game, scoring 6 goals and increasing the talk on the court.
Unfortunately they couldn’t claw back the difference from the first quarter and Numurkah won the game.
All girls should be exceptionally pleased with their efforts. A special thanks to Milla and Anna for filling in for us.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Emmy Gittins, YMGCR – Chloe Burgess, Marissa Thomas Hair – Leni Miller
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