Netball round-up

May 24, 2017

Chloe Whinray in wing defence for C Grade.

Yarrawonga netball

A Grade

Shooter Gemma O’Sullivan was absent due to injury but thankfully that didn’t impact the dominance of the Pigeons across the whole game.  
Hannah Symes played another award winning game in defence, creating turnovers and opportunities for Yarrawonga to score.  
The Pigeons had a seven goal lead at the first change and their lead continued to expand for the following three terms.  
Caitlyn O’Dwyer drove the ball through the middle and Laura Bourke picked up any loose opportunity pushing the ball into the circle where Bridge Cassar and Abbey Jones capitalised.  The game was a perfect example of why Yarrawonga remain in top spot.  
Score: Yarrawonga 51 to Albury 32
Best:  C O’Dwyer, L Bourke.
Goals:  B Cassar 38, A Jones 13.

B Grade

It was a very even start for both teams with scores level at the first break.  
But sitting top of the ladder, Albury got the upper hand in the second giving them a four goal lead at half time.  
With Emma Soutter away, Yarrawonga had to make some changes and the opportunity was given to 16s player Indi Frauenfelder who proved she’s capable of matching it in B Grade.  
At GA Indi helped the Pigeons reduce the tally to three at the ¾ mark.  
Both teams were scoring end to end but with seven minutes remaining on the clock Albury stepped on the throttle and fired away to win by 11.  Final score 30-41
Best: J Sharp, I Frauenfelder
Goals:  K Robilliard 11, I Frauenfelder 10, E York 9.

C Grade

This was always going to be a tough one with Yarrawonga sitting third and Albury at number four, but the Pigeons applied the pressure and the scores reflected their effort.  
Tayla Bogle’s shooting and dominance in the circle was a standout.  Zoe Jones was a contributing factor through the middle and her drive resulted in a seven goal lead at half time. Albury had no way of playing catch up with the Pigeons in front by 10 half way through the last. Final score 39-30
Best: T Bogle, Z Jones
Goals: T Bogle 17, S Kennedy 17, B Bailey 3.

Under 16s

After an even start the Pigeon girls managed a five point lead at the first quarter break.  
From the second quarter Yarrawonga was gaining the ascendancy and at half time were up by eight.  
Each week the under 16s improvement in teamwork outshines their opposition and their confidence particularly in the last pushed their game to a higher level.  
Laura Zanin was everywhere she was supposed to be and Eliza York had an accurate scoring game shooting 19 from 21 attempts.  Final score 39-24
Best: L Zanin, I Frauenfelder
Goals:  I Frauenfelder 24, E York 21, A Chapman 7, I Crawford 1.

Tungamah netball

A Grade

It was an exciting game of netball played against Rennie with many spectators enjoying the game.
Tungamah passed the ball well down the court and great positioning in the attack saw Tungamah take the lead at the end of the first quarter.
As the game progressed the fast pace allowed some errors to occur on both teams resulting in turnovers.
Abbey and Kim worked hard in defence.  Chelsea took a spectacular shot at goal when passing through the circle and scored as she landed outside the court, very entertaining to watch.
Score: Tungamah 53 defeated Rennie 47.
Awards: Thursday Night Club Meal Kim Di Blasi, Yarrawonga Myotherapy Chelsea Marks.

B Grade

Tungamah had a great win this week. 
The girls started out strong and maintained focus to stay in the game for all four quarters. 
A handy inclusion this week was Sarah Bond, who played alongside sister Brydee for the first time. 
They proved a formidable attacking force, ably supported by a strong mid court presence led by Mariah Duffy and consistent defence. 
Isobel Connell played her strongest game of the season so far, showing that using her voice makes a difference, well done Is.
Score:  Tungamah 54 def Rennie 41.
Awards: Yarrawonga Myotherapy Mariah Duffy, ClubMulwala Isobel Connell.

C Grade

The girls were off to a great start and at the end of first quarter were only down by two goals.
The midcourt worked great together and everyone’s defensive pressure got them a lot of turnovers.
Hannah Kavanagh’s quick reflexes got the ball down Tungamah’s end in no time.
Sarah and Remi definitely earned their awards with some trick shots and surprise passing.
Elisha and Alysia had their work cut out for them with Rennie’s great shooting but did well to stop the ball before it got into the ring.
Score:  Tungamah 32 def by Rennie 49.
Awards: Byramine Homestead Sarah Jones, TFNC Thursday Night Meal Remi McPherson.

Under 17s

A tough game for the under 17s playing the top team Rennie.
Everyone came out firing and a little frantic in the first quarter bringing back the grand final nerves for those on the sidelines.
Amazing defence from Alyssa, Abbey, Caity and Ally saw a lot of the ball being turned over and flowing straight down to the shooters who shot brilliantly all day.
Abbey and Adele gave their all the whole game doing everything the coach asked for, the main one being to apply defensive pressure over the whole court.
The girls fought hard until the very end and proved that defensive pressure can win a game causing Rennie to panic and allowing Tungamah to win a lot of turnovers.
The pressure and talk throughout the game definitely paid off with the final score being Tungamah 38 defeating Rennie 32.
Awards: Abbey Griffin One Zach, Adele Prescott Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club Resort.

Under 15s

This round, no doubt, was the round that girls from both teams were waiting for. 
As the fog lifted and the whistle blew, the girls immediately had their game faces on and away they went. 
By playing their game and not getting overwhelmed or intimidated by the fact that Rennie was sitting second behind them on the ladder, they attacked the ball and kept their heads up if they made an error. 
They were able to anticipate their opponents’ moves and intercept when the ball was in Rennie’s hands. 
Tungamah defenders, in Erica, Grace, and Ella J, gave Rennie’s shooters plenty of grief by sticking close to their opponent and catching rebounds. 
Lots of calling by midcourt in Emma, Ella J, Ella C and Chloe allowed them to attack and win the ball, then drive forward to Olivia and Sarah, the shooters. 
These girls didn’t miss many and utilised the goal circle beautifully. 
All girls kept the pressure up all game and never let up, fantastic win girls.
Score:  Tungamah 40 def Rennie 25.
Awards: Olivia Giggins Wingates, Emma Walker Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club Resort.


Tungamah were up against Rennie who proved to be a very strong defending team.
Tungamah quickly had to begin using stronger and faster passes while ensuring they kept moving to make a lead.
The coach mixed everyone up a little with some playing in places that have never been.
Many compliments were made from spectators on how well both teams played, which made a great game of netball to witness.
Awards: Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club Resort Maddison Lawrence, Crusty Loaf Millie Dodd, Ricky D’s Mitchell Sheppard.

Mulwala netball

A Grade

Mulwala 77 defeated Rumbalara 28
This week saw a much improved and more confident A grade side take to the court ready to apply their training to a match situation.
Lauren, Maddi and Nat drove strongly, hitting the ring to perfection and holding space which allowed easy access to the goal ring.
Jordy and Steph cemented a strong lead by half time, combining well and converting virtually every shot at goal.
Hayley, Cara and Rorri worked overtime in defence, causing issues for the Rumba attackers. Chloe joined the goaling team for the second half, holding her own and providing a strong target in goals, while Steph tried her hand back in defence.
The girls impressed this week with an excellent work rate and maintaining their intensity for all 4 quarters.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Jordy McCarthy, La Porchetta – Maddi Gissing, B.E. Wear – Lauren Pitches 

B Grade

Mulwala 49 defeated Rumbalara 35
In what would prove to be a tough encounter, Rumba jumped to an early lead, catching the Lions by surprise.
They quickly regrouped, settled and started to employ the strategies from training to take the lead going into the first quarter break.
Tayla came on into goals, holding and shooting with great accuracy and the Lions surged ahead to gain a comfortable margin by half time.
The pressure from Rumba, however, was relentless and the Lions had to maintain their work rate and composure, not succumbing to the physicality of the game.
Once again, Brit and Amy were staunch in defence, battling hard all day to the turn the ball over and run it out of defence for a well-earned win.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Brit Hanley, Wingates – Amy Sherlock

C Grade

Mulwala 42 defeated Rumbalara 36
The Lions faced another week going into the game two girls down against a very physical Rumbalara.
It was neck and neck all day with both teams fighting hard to gain the lead.
The defensive pressure was fantastic all the way down the court, while the attackers worked hard all day to get the ball through the hoop.
Well done on a hard fought win under tough conditions.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Brianna Magro, Mulwala Pharmacy – Lisa Weir

C Res Grade

Mulwala 55 defeated Rumbalara 14
Mulwala came out playing their own game and continued it throughout the entire match.
Brooke and Stassy moved well in goals and shot beautifully all game.
The defensive end worked well to shut down the Rumba attack to come away with a strong win.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Stassy McCarthy, Judds Mensland – Brooke Matthews

17 & under

Mulwala 61 defeated Rumbalara 19
After having a week off the girls came out on the hunt for a win.
Hollie and Delyanee worked overtime in attack, coming together as a strong goaling combination using their holds, front cuts and accurate shooting ability to their advantage.
Abbey Hicks showcased her high level of fitness, running circles around her opposition and feeding accurately into the ring.
The Lions played their own game, ignoring all physicality.
Defensive pressure all over the court provided each girl with multiple intercepts resulting in a well-deserved win.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Hollie McNamara, YMGCR – Delaynee Moon, BrewIt – Abbey Hicks

15 & under

Mulwala 43 defeated Rumbalara 13
The Lions came out with a fire in their stomachs and eager to finish with another win. They held their heads high and played their own game.
The accuracy of all three shooters, combined with plenty of turnovers across the court, ensured a strong win.
Excellent team work with heaps of positive talk kept team morale high. Very proud of how Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Chelsea Kirchen, YMGCR – Paige Benjamin, BrewIt – Cheyenne Nixon

13 & under

Mulwala 40 defeated Rumbalara 11
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Freya Fletcher, YMGCR – Abbey Matthews , McDonalds – Lauren Heffer.

12 & under

Mulwala 2 defeated by Rumbalara 32
This was the toughest game that the young Lions have faced so far this season, but the girls walked away from it learning lots and maintaining their positive attitude.
With speed, mastered passages of play and lots of talk, Rumba took the Lions by surprise, rattling them from the start.
After quarter time the Lions went out more settled and knew that they just had to play their game and work on keeping to their space on the court.
Rumba kept converting goals at every opportunity, resulting in the mercy rule being implemented.
With some practice of plays down the court, the girls will be sure to have a different result next time they meet Rumba.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Reese Sanderson, YMGCR – Bria Seamer, McDonalds – Emmy Gittins.
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