Under 16s win against the odds

May 24, 2017

Seventeen scoring shots to 14 on a perfect Sunday afternoon at JC Lowe Oval would not normally see a team three goals up in a game with only a few minutes to go.

However, the more accurate Pigeons managed to steal a victory in what was a rather lacklustre performance across the board against Wodonga Raiders.

There were some exceptions, Sam Mickelson’s final three quarters outstanding at centre half back and Austin Frauenfelder’s last half at full back was match saving.

Other good performers were harder to find.

Zac Webster, after a delayed start to the year through injury, slotted straight back into his defensive role taking a number of marks and using the ball well at times.

Zac Burns, Kyle Abikhair and Josh Spain also provided solid support to the back half.

Elsewhere the side was a spluttering engine in a game littered with mistakes.

A number of the side’s more experienced players in Tylar Hemphill, Jordyn Studd and Hayden Cartwright continued to try their utmost, maintaining their effort throughout the day.

It was through those sustained efforts the side was able to make the best of the scrappy affair and get a win.

In particular both Tylar and Jordyn’s repeated efforts and focus on winning disputed ball turned the game toward the Pigeons.

It was a game in which mistake capitalisation was paramount with the Pigeon’s taking their chances early in the last quarter.

While the win will not go down as a masterpiece, any win can only result in 4 points regardless of the quality of such.

And with ladder position vital in an even competition every 4 points counts.  

The side returns to the JC Lowe Oval on Sunday to take on Wodonga.

Goals: R. O’Kane 2, J. Studd 2, H. Cartwright 2,

Best Players: S. Mickelson, J. Studd, T Hemphill, K. Abikhair, Z. Webster, J. Spain

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