Netball round-up

May 31, 2017

Hannah Keel was strong in the under 17s.

Elise Beamish looks for an option.

Chantelle Dingemans in the under 15s.

Yarrawonga netball

A Grade

The Pigeons have enjoyed their seventh consecutive win against the Bulldogs and as expected they dominated for all four quarters. 
Debutants Tilly Kennedy and Laura Zanin were sensational attacking across the midcourt proving they have potential for good futures at Yarrawonga. 
Jayanna Sharp also stepped up and played the second half of A Grade after putting in a hard effort in four quarters of B. 
Hannah Symes and Annalise Grinter kept control of the backline creating many opportunities and pushing the ball forward.  Abbey Jones was stunning in goals.
Yarra were clear winners for all four quarters finally putting a lid on the round with a win 57-32.
Best: A Jones, L Mulquiney
Goals:  B Cassar 35, A Jones 22

B Grade

B Grade went in confidently against a bottom side Wodonga which showed at quarter time with a lead of 11. 
The Pigeons had winners all over the court and were a headache to the Wodonga coaches who were unable to make any changes to challenge the Pigeons.
Ange Tyrell was on fire in the goal circle and Lauren Mulquiney and Kaitlyn Cummins’ experience kept the Pigeon drive alive with the girls came out on top winning 59-27.
Best: A Tyrell, K Cummins
Goals: A Tyrell 35, K Robilliard 25

C Grade

Once again Wodonga scored the first three goals of the game but experience showed and the Pigeons steadied to respond with a four goal lead at the first break.
Yarrawonga could do no wrong in the second and third quarters and were winner across the court and just kept winning the turnovers.
How could anyone pick best players from a field of seven who could do no wrong?  
In the third the Pigeons scored 21 to Wodonga’s nine and were well in front by 34. 
With brilliant defence work, the defenders kept capitalising on opportunities moving the ball forward and Yarrawonga won by a whopping 47. Final score 73-26.
Best: A Hemphill, C O’Sullivan
Goals:  T Bogle 39, S Kennedy 34

Under 16s

Wodonga took off to a flying start but the young Pigeons settled toward the end of the first to hold a one point lead at the first turn. 
Tilly Kennedy was on fire winning the ball around the centre and driving it to the forward line.  The Pigeons grabbed control of the game and were up by six at the half time break. 
However a defiant Bulldogs served up five goals in a row against the Pigeons in the third. 
The girls needed to recoup and that they did, running it out all game and applying unwanted pressure to Wodonga.  With Indi Frauenfelder and Eliza York both shooting well the Pigeons came out victors 55-50.
Best: E Woodburn, T Kennedy
Goals: E York 27, I Frauenfelder 15, A Chapman 11, I Crawford 2

Rennie netball

This week the Rennie netballers headed to Katunga supporting the ‘Don’t Text and Drive’ initiative to raise awareness and safety while driving. 
The RFNC congratulates the Swans on their support of such a worthy cause.

A Grade

Rennie 39 defeated by Katunga 48.
Awards: Mulwala Bakery – Clancy Bigger, Yarrawonga Hotel – Brylee McCarty and Thyme for coffee – Kaitlyn Ackerly

B Grade

Rennie 28 defeated by Katunga 42.
This was the first time this season B grade had all 9 players which meant the team could rotate players and have fresh legs.
There were some great passages of play within each quarter but the girls were unable to capitalise for a positive result.
A few things to work on to get 100% out of the team. 
Awards: Mulwala Bakery – Nada Nolen, The Naked Tree – Tayla Mollison, and One Zach – Kayla Oughton.

C Grade

Rennie 33 defeated by Katunga 42.
Awards: Yarrawonga Hotel - Kayla Stevenson, Bella Pelle – Roxi Marett, Soul Sisters – Kacey Kindred, and Reback Waste – Tammy Watson.

C Reserve

Rennie 45 defeated Katunga 26.
A great game. All seven girls played out their position for all four quarters.
The goalers were on fire, finding plenty of space and shooting with accuracy.
The defenders and mid-courters worked tirelessly making intercepts and taking rebounds.
Space was to be found all the way down the court and made passages of play easier to work with. Keep up the teamwork and encouragement.
Awards: Yarrawonga Hotel - Zoe Worland, Terminus Hotel – Gayle Levesque, and Balance Spin Studio – Jess Szmidel.

Under 17s

Rennie 50 defeated Katunga 15.
Awards: Bella Femme Ness – Chelsea Beavis, Wingate’s – Maddie McInness, Burn’s Earthworks – Lexie Nolen and Athanaeum – Amy Nieuwenhout.

Under 15s

Rennie 41 defeated Katunga 23.
Great game, all the girls dug deep and worked together as a team. Good solid win.
Awards: Mulwala Bakery–Hayley Bigger, Judd’s Mensland – Nikita-Lee Wallace, Yarra Hot Bread – Anika Walsh.
Under 13s
Rennie 39 defeated Katunga 17.
An excellent team game. All worked so well down the court, using space and coming forward. The score didn’t indicate how hard the girls worked.
Awards: Yarra Fish’n’Chips- Charlotte Bott, Arnold/Hall Family - Lily Levesque, Redback Waste- Marie Hoskings, Courtyard Cafe- Abbey Coghill.

Under 11s

Awards: La Porchetta – Laynee Rhodes, Ricky D’s Pizza – Chelsie Cooper, Arnold/Hall Family – Sophia Shaw and Courtyard Café – Holly Hadley.
The RFNC Ball was held on Saturday at ClubMulwala. 
Those who attended the ball would agree there was plenty of glamour on show and some of the dance moves would prove that Rennie has talent.
Thanks to ClubMulwala for the wonderful venue, decked out in the ‘green and white’, and the generous amount of food and refreshments available throughout the entire evening was faultless.
Players and supporters of the Rennie Football Netball Club enjoyed the entertainment by Scott and Amanda and their band.
Thanks to Lisa Starr who has been a great organiser and coordinator of this event, an enormous task that she undertakes with passion and professionalism. 
A credit to Lisa is the number of attendees, exceeding 200. Thank you and well done.
The sponsor of the week is One Zach. Neil and Aileen McDonald have been great supporters of the Rennie Netball Club over many years. 
The club encourages all players and their families to check out their range of fashion and surf wear at One Zach in Belmore Street Yarrawonga.

Mulwala netball

A Grade

Mulwala 44 defeated by Finley 54
A very slow start to the first quarter cost the girls the game this week against Finley.
Silly errors and loose defence resulted in a 9 goal lead for the Cats at quarter time.
With a couple of positional changes the Lions came out in the second to win the quarter, still trailing Finley by 7 at half time.
A more consistent second half, tighter defence, strong drives and better pass selection into the ring made for a good contest, but unfortunately the Lions could not make up the 9 goal first-quarter deficit, going down by 10 goals in the end.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Nat Ferguson, Mug Award – Cara Wood 

B Grade
Mulwala 29 defeated by Finley 38   
Once again the first quarter proved to be the Lions undoing when the Cats took them by surprise, jumping to a 7 goal lead by quarter time.
Mulwala regrouped and with a couple of positional changes came out to win the second quarter.
The Finley defenders worked well to shut down the Mulwala attacking end and caused difficulty moving the ball through centre court.
A slow third quarter by the Lions blew the margin out to 9 coming into the last.
Strong defence, plenty of turnovers and dynamic leading in the goal circle closed the gap, but unfortunately the Cats’ early lead proved too much to overcome.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Georgia Glass, Mug Award – Tea Glass

C Grade

Mulwala 49 defeated Finley 36
This week the Lions came up against a very strong and experienced side in Finley.
Despite the tough opposition, the girls started strongly and jumped to an early 10 goal lead piling on an incredible 17 goals to the Cats 7 in the first quarter.
Finley bounced back with the remainder of the game goal for goal.
However with input from all 9 players and some great passages of play down the court the Lions held on to bring home a 13 goal win for the day.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Kat Jamieson, Mug Award – Mary Munro

C Res Grade

Mulwala 31 defeated by Finley 32   
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Bethany Robinson, Wingates – Kim James, Mug Award – Tegan Buckley

15 & under

Mulwala 22 defeated Finley 35   
It was a tough week for the Lions as the girls fought hard all day against a strong opposition in Finley.
Defensively the Lions took many intercepts throughout the game, and despite the shooters and mid-court bringing the ball down the court beautifully, Finley were the better side on the day.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Chelsea Kirchen, YMGCR – Macey Hicks, Mulwala Post Office – Abbey Freeman

13 & under

Mulwala 40 defeated Finley 11
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Bella Seamer, YMGCR – Jazz James, Marissa Mink & Mason – Ruby Abikhair

12 & under

Mulwala 1 defeated by Finley 31
With enthusiasm high and a never die attitude, the young Lions took the court ready to do their very best.
The first half saw the Lions working hard to get the ball into their half but heavy traffic and lots of crowding made this a challenge.
Despite the score board not going their way, the young Lions never dropped their heads.
With lots of encouragement both on and off the court, from all nine players, the girls worked hard for four quarters.
They managed to hit the score board in the third quarter, showing each other that if they work together and drive forward for the ball they can be competitive.
Well done on never giving up and trying hard the whole game.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Bellina Walsh, YMGCR – Olivia Quinn, Marissa Mink & Mason – Matilda McDonald.

Tungamah netball

A Grade – Tungamah 59 def Katamatite 30

Tungamah came out strong in the first quarter setting up a comfortable lead to take them through the game.
Molly made her position in goals look easy as she moved within the circle and capitalised on her attempts.
Victoria and Sally found the spaces to move the ball through centre court.
Abbey was persistent in defence and made some great turnovers. The last quarter saw the coaches place all the junior players on court and they did not disappoint. They continued to hold the momentum of the game.
Thank you to all the volunteers who help each week, your efforts are greatly appreciated.
Awards: Wingates Molly Burke, Yarrawonga Myotherapy Kim Di Blasi.

B Grade – Tungamah 31 def Katamatite 24

A great win by the girls which may well prove to be the defining game of the year. 
It was an all round team game and it made coaches Felicity and Chelsea very happy to see what the team had been working on at training was showing on the court.
The girls moved well, midcourt players feeding the shooters who, with confident leads and accurate shooting, established an early lead. 
Defence was consistently strong with many intercepts and rebounds; a great win girls.
Awards: Byramine Homestead Brydee Bond, Thursday Night Club Meal Sophie Lidgerwood.

C Reserve – Tungamah 37 def Katamatite 20

A great game by all girls delivering their first win for the season.
Alysia and Sarah’s defence was fantastic, managing to get the ball into the midcourt who moved it really quickly into the goal ring.
Brinley and Sheryl both shot and rebounded really well; good game girls.
Awards: RSL Sarah Duffy, Wingates Intersport Brinley Kruse.

U/17s – Tungamah 44 def Katamatite 27

The game started off quite frantically and the girls couldn’t quite find the groove they had last week.
With two players down a few positions were altered and the girls were able to hold their lead the whole game.
Olivia Hayes shot, passed and drove beautifully in the ring.
Hannah Keel also played a great game passing creating space and driving at the ball.
A few off passes and missed goals saw Katamatite gain a few turnovers toward the end but Tungamah was still able to sneak away with a 17 goal win.
Awards: Olivia Hayes La Porchetta, Hannah Keel Sports Store.

U/15s – Tungamah 48 def Katamatite 19

Hosting Katamatite, the whole team was available so changes throughout the game were able to be made. 
Ella C, Ella E and Chantelle, all new to the team this year, listened to the coaches and put in play what they are learning in training. 
Great defensive work together with keeping the pressure up from everyone else kept the ball in Tungamah’s attacking zone and goals were scored.
The older girls took the initiative and created space whenever crowding was taking over. 
Calling for the ball and driving forward, the ball quickly flowed to its intended target and made its way down to the ring.  
The second half let the team down slightly and Katamatite had a bit more of the play, but the girls didn’t give up and continued to goal. 
Once again, the girls all showed great sportsmanship both on the court and on the sideline and have made TFNC proud.
Awards: Ella Evans Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club Resort, Ella Costigan Tungamah Club Thursday Night Dinner, Sarah Cummins La Porchetta.


The rapidly increasing skills of each player made a great game to watch with many turn overs from the defence end, flowing down to the attackers.
Each player has been working towards individual skills which are improving each week.
Awards: Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club Resort Maddison Purtell, Crusty Loaf Shylee Brown, Ricky D’s Emily Sheppard.
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