Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club Resort Club Championship

May 31, 2017

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Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club Resort’s little master Jay-Ar Martin has shot a fine three under 69 to take out the Men’s Club Championship for the second year running with a resounding 5 shot win over Troy Robertson.
Robertson started the final round one shot ahead of Martin but by the 6th hole Martin had reversed that to take a one-shot lead.
Then a birdie to Martin and a Bogey to Robertson saw the lead stretch out to three.
An excellent eagle on the par 5, 9th hole saw Martin shoot to a five-shot lead.
Both players pared the difficult 10th hole and when Martin bogeyed 11 and 12 there was still a chance of a tight finish.
Robertson looked to be closing in when he fired his third shot into the par 5, 13th hole to four feet.
With Martin needing to hole a twelve-footer to save par it looked like a two-shot swing was possible but the little master showed his class knocking the putt into the centre of the hole and when Robertson’s putt slipped by it seemed like the Championship was firmly in Martins hands.
Then a bogey from Robertson on the par 3, 14th and it was just a matter of how far Martin.
Both players played the final holes well with a birdie on the hard par 4, 17th hole but a birdie on the last for Martin and it was all over and in the end a solid 5 shot win.

YMGCR Results
Tuesday 23rd May 2017 – Stableford
Murray (68 Players) – A Grade 6 Balls Gary Van Harten (17) 42 pts, 4 Balls Jim Conway (16) 41 pts, 2 Balls Len Quinlivian (6) 40pts, B Grade 6 Balls Robert Glare (22) 38pts, 4 Balls Davis Coward (27) 37pts c/b, 2 Balls Terence Mockett (26) 37pts c/b, Balls to 31 pts or better, NTP 2nd hole Robert Woodgate.
Lake (89 Players) – A Grade 6 Balls Bob Kruger (8) 37pts c/b, 4 balls Shane Casley (3) 37pts, 2 Balls Peter Boyd (10) 36pts, B Grade 6 Balls Alan Ogden (17) 39pts, 4 Balls John Clarke (19) 38pts, 2 Balls Robert Martin (21) 37pts c/b, C Grade 6 Balls Bill Kedgley (25) 42pts, 4 Balls (W bob R.) Mitchell (24) 40pts, 2 Balls Graham Bott (24) 39pts, Balls to 31 pts or better, NTP 7th hole Neil Hocking.
Thursday 25th May 2017 – Stableford
Murray (64 players) – A Grade 6 Balls Phil Clarnette (4) 40pts, 4 Balls Phil Wilson (12) 38pts c/b, 2 Balls Bruce Jolley (16) 38pts, B Grade 6 balls Bill Kedgley (24) 41pts c/b, 4 Balls Barry Cocks (26) 41pts, 2 Balls Thomas Whitehead (23) 37pts, Balls to 30pts, NTP 10th hole Peter Smith.
Lake (63 Players) – A Grade 6 balls Tom Crozier )14) 43pts, 4 Balls Keith Holt (12) 42pts, 2 Balls Tony Forristal (17) 39pts, B Grade 6 Balls John Duncan (35) 39pts, 4 Balls Lance Collins (19) 38pts c/b, 2 Balls Ross Keane (19) 38pts, Balls to 30pts or better, NTP 14th hole John Lovell.
Saturday 27th May 2017 – Stableford
Murray (106 Players) – A Grade Winner Graham Fawcett (13) 36pts, Runner-up David Crossley (6) 35pts, B Grade Winner Geoffrey Dolphin (25) 38pts c/b, Runner-up Jeffrey Ramsdale (18) 38pts, Balls to 31pts or better, NTP 2nd hole Keith Allen, Great Score 5th hole David Crossley (eagle)
3rd Round of Club Championships – Murray (17 Players) – Winner Baxter Droop (10) 68, Runner-up Darren Edwards (1) 72, Balls to 78 or better, Great Score 9th hole Darren Edwards (eagle)
Sunday 28th May 2017 – Stableford
Murray (19 Players) – 6 Balls Christopher Whitelock (30) 40pts, 4 Balls Adam McDonald (6) 38pts, 2 Balls Ian Sahlstrom (22) 36pts c/b, Balls to 32pts or better.
Final Round of Club Championships – Lake (30 Players) – Winner Jay-Ar Martin (-2) 71, Runner-up Benjamin Casley (12) 72 c/b, Balls to 76 pts or better, Great score 9th hole Jay-Ar Martin (eagle).

YMGCR 9 Holes Ladies
Monday, May 22 – Stableford with 39 players  -  Executive Nine – Section 1 Winner:  Maris Cook  19 points,  Runner Up:  Chris Moloney  17 points. Section 2 Winner:  Lyn Mulquiney  23 points,  Runner Up:  Olive Ryan  20 points. Section 3 Winner:  Marg Best  15 points c/b,  Runner Up:  Sylvia Beveridge  15 points c/b. Section 4 Winner:  Jean Curtis  14 points,  Runner Up:  Marj Evans  13 points. NTP:  Olive Ryan
Wednesday, May 24 – Par with 53 player – A Grade Winner:  Alison Duncan  +1 c/b,  Runner Up:  Marg Walker  +1 c/b. B Grade Winner:  Dot Fisher  +3,  Runner Up:  Jenny Powell  +1. C Grade Winner:  Carol Cox  +1,  Runner Up:  Nancy Wright  0. D Grade Winner:  Joy Tennant  -3,  Runner Up:  Lorraine Duffy  -2. NTP:  Marg Walker

YMGCR 18 Holes Ladies
Wednesday, May 24 – 3rd Round – Club Championships - Stroke with 62 players  -  Lake Course.
Initially, a very light drizzle greeted the ladies who played the 3rd Round of the Club Championships. The weather cleared to a cloudy day, with a cold breeze – much better than Friday, May 19.
A Grade Winner:  Judy Langford (5)  71 Nett,  Runner Up:  Ros Gray (16)  74 nett. B Grade Winner:  Anna Castles (19)  75 nett c/b,  Runner Up:  Wendy Dickson (20)  75 nett. C Grade Winner:  Jan Hemphill (28)  75 nett,  Runner Up:  Edith Mason (29) 77 nett c/b. D Grade Winner:  Kaye Forge (36)  77 nett c/b,  Runner Up:  Elaine Bellis (41)  77 nett. NTP:  2nd Hole  -  Georgia Macklan
Wednesday, May 24  -  Championship Dinner  -  Willow Room
A very happy atmosphere – aided by bottles of Buller’s Wine, ‘Y’ Brand, plus delicious platters of a variety of cheeses, biscuits, cabana, plum paste & fruits all set the scene for an enjoyable  main courseand dessert.
Presentations made by Life member - Alice Reid, President - Mary Hockley, Captain - Karen Droop and Vice Captain - Julie Kirchen.
Foursomes Championship: Nett Winners:  Liz Jarrad & Glenda Moraitis  106 ¾,  Runners Up:  Georgia Maklan & Wendy Hennessey  107 ¼
Gross Winners:  Georgia Maklan & Wendy Hennessey 120,  Runners Up:  Aileen Buckley & Judy Kruger  127
Veterans 60-69: Nett Winner:  Anna Castles  155 nett  c/b Robyn Moore. Gross Winner:  Judy Kruger  169 gross.
Super Veterans (70+): Nett Winner:  Kaye Reeves  154 nett. Gross Winner:  Karen Droop  173 gross
A Grade – Donated by Dee Payne – Winner:  Judy Langford 148 nett,  Runner Up:  Georgia Macklan  149 nett
B Grade – Donated by the Collins Family – Winner:  Kaye Reeves  154 nett,  Runner Up:  Anna Castles  155 nett
C Grade – Donated by Irene Cocks – Winner:  Edith Mason  152 nett,  Runner Up:  Cathy Spinks  157 nett
D Grade – Donated by Julie Kirchen – Winner:  Val Hyslop  155 nett,  Runner Up:  Elaine Bellis  157 nett
Palframan Trophy: Winner:  Heather Giblett  144 nett,  Runner Up:  Judy Langford  148 nett
A Grade Winner & Club Champion:   Judy Langford  158 gross,  Runner Up: Georgia Macklan  159 gross
B Grade Champion:  Heather Giblett  193 gross (play off) – Runner Up – Donated by Bill Hidson:  Anna Castles  193 gross
C Grade Champion:  Edith Mason  210 gross,  Runner Up:  Jan Hemphill  214 gross
D Grade Champion:  Mary Hockley  226 gross,  Runner Up:  Helen Slattery  227 gross
Saturday, May 27 – Stableford with 56 players  -  Lake Course. A Grade Winner:  Wendy Dickson (20)  37 points,  Runner Up:  Dee Payne (15)  36 points c/b. B Grade Winner:  Kaye Skase (28)  34 c/b,  Runner Up:  Rhonice Ferguson (27)  34 points c/b. NTP:  2nd Hole – Kath Barnes.

Yarrawonga Golf Mens Nine Holers
May 23 – Par. Red – winner Bill Lowrie (12) square c/b, runner-up Norm Prior (8) square c/b. NTPs – 2nd John Haigh, 7th Peter Rosenboom. Blue – winner Frank Reece (18) 2up, runner-up Brian olongy (18) 1up. NTPs – 2nd Brian Sanders, 6th Ron Hocking.
May 25 – Stableford. Blue – winner Ian Evans (17) 23pts, runner-up Bill Hidson (6) 19pts. NTPs – 4th Bill Hidson, 8th Corny Boers. Red – winner Charlie Hope (10) 21pts, runner-up Don Ferguson (11) 18pts. NTPs – 2nd Ken Williams, 7th Phil Gregory.
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