Edie donates piggy bank to YARC

May 31, 2017

Edie presents her filled piggy bank to YARC Treasurer Dario Prighel.

Not all donations have to be huge to be special, and this particular one was quite special indeed for the Yarrawonga Aquatic and Recreation Club (YARC).

Four year old Edie Thomson decided to donate the money in her piggy bank to YARC when she found out the group was trying to build an indoor aquatic centre in Yarrawonga.

“I love swimming and my mum takes me to Wangaratta to learn to swim,” Edie said.

“I can float like a starfish and dive down and get toys from the bottom of the pool.

“There are some coins and some notes in my piggy bank and that might help to build an indoor pool in Yarrawonga.”

Edie’s mum Carly said both her and her husband Dan were paid up members of YARC already.

“Our little tadpole goes over to Wangaratta for swimming while our older son Noah is at school so when she heard her father and I talking about a possible indoor pool for Yarrawonga she became very excited and wanted to help,” Carly said.

“Noah used to also swim in Wangaratta but can’t really do that anymore because after school he now has basketball and football and it just isn’t feasible for us to drive all that way for a second time, which is a shame because he loved it.

“He would absolutely participate in swimming lessons all year round if there was an indoor pool here in Yarrawonga.

“It really is a non negotiable skill for our children.

“You have to be a strong swimmer living here in Yarrawonga, right next to Lake Mulwala and the Murray River.”

Treasurer of YARC Dario Prighel said he was thrilled with Edie’s kind donation.

“We have really only had adult memberships available so far but Edie will be our first honourary junior member,” Dario said.

“We are going to be doing a membership drive in coming weeks, starting with a street stall on the weekend for people to register.

“Memberships are only $10 and this shows we are fair dinkum in our purpose.

“Looking forward we need more members, ideally we want between 800 to 1,000 as this number will send a message to Moira Shire plus state and federal politicians that the community is serious in its desire for this centre.

“We are currently sitting at almost 600.

According to Dario, YARC Inc don’t mind “doing all the work” in terms of getting this project off the ground “but we need Moira Shire’s support especially when we begin applying for any future funding”.

“The population of Yarrawonga is growing exponentially however the infrastructure and facilities for the people to utilise are not keeping up,” he said.

“We need to begin planning now for facilities to meet the ever-growing demands.

“If council give an indication they would support this project I am certain there would be donors and grant money coming on the back of this.

“We will be putting a submission into Moira Shire’s proposed 2017/18 budget.

“For people who already have membership forms and are intending to join, now is the time to do so, just drop your completed form into the Yarrawonga Newsagent.”

Dario said all members will be kept informed on the progress of the project and to become a member visit or email [email protected]

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