Modest budget for Mulwala - Davey

June 15, 2017

Federation Council Local Representative Committee member Daryl Davey.

Federation Council’s draft 2016/17 budget as related to Mulwala and district has been described as modest by council’s sole Local Representative Committee member Daryl Davey.

“I’m absolutely over the moon about the $510,000 for Lonsdale Reserve (roads, associated earthworks and drainage),” said Mulwala’s sole councillor for almost the last four years in his near eight-year reign with Corowa  Shire before amalgamation to form Federation Council.
“Hopefully that will finish the project. I can’t wait to see the resumption of work there. I’ve been pushing for quite some time for its completion.
“Melbourne Street is not forgotten. There’s $265,000 in general funds and $480,000 by Roads & Maritime Services is back in the budget after the money was unable to be spent by June this year.”
That funding, for roadworks/kerb and gutter, and angle parking from Havelock to Edwards Street is vital in connection with the proposed All Abilities Adventure Playground in Purtle Park.
But Mr Davey was pleased to see substantial works at APEX Park at the waterslide along the Mulwala Foreshore, in line with the $10 million foreshore masterplan over 10 years.
Mr Davey said he would like to have seen more money for Mulwala and district. “You always would like to have more money spent. But you can’t just look forward. You have to look back too,” he said.
“There was record expenditure of $5.1 million spent on Mulwala last year, which included Industrial Estate expansion, Romney Street roadworks, other urban roads and footpaths,” he said.   
“There are some good things for people in the 2017/18 budget, in outlying areas like Bull Plain Road; there are other roads as well.
“I understand, and people have to understand, it’s all about priorities. Roads carrying grain to silos and markets, and getting kids on buses on safe roads must take priority.
“Through Mike Eden’s (Federation Council Administrator) Stronger Community Grants he is spending more money in the budget on maintenance of roads and those priorities have been emphasised by him and it’s in line with community expectations.”
Mr Davey was a driving force in council to get Mulwala’s streetscape project in Melbourne Street which led to today’s impressive looking streetscape stage from Bayly Street to Inglis Street. “Bayly Street to Inglis Street looks terrific and is so popular with Mulwala and Yarrawonga residents, and tourists,” he said.
Disappointment was expressed by Mr Davey at the amount of $40,000 proposed in 2017/18 for allocation to Yarrawonga/Mulwala Tourism.
“This is the same amount as last year,” he said. “Yarrawonga/Mulwala Tourism promotes and runs tourism events really well and promotes Mulwala and Yarrawonga to a huge audience, bringing spending to our towns and accommodation.
“Hopefully Mulwala will receive a fair share of the $750,000 proposed for footpath renewal throughout Federation Council area.”
An amount of $15,000 is earmarked for a sprinkler system for Mulwala Cemetery. An amount of $380,000 will be put into a Mulwala Water Reserve ($425,000 in 2018/19) towards replacement cost of an estimated $7.5 million new water treatment plant.
“That is something we have to put money away for (as was the case with the $9 million Mulwala Sewerage Treatment Plant). We will be pursuing grant funding,” Mr Davey said.
Mr Davey urges ratepayers and residents to study the draft budget papers. “As I’ve said, I always want more money for things but there’s only so much money,” he said.
“However, if you feel strongly about certain work - like a rural road, footpath, whatever, put in a submission with your justification by the due date for submissions (ie. June 23).
Mr Davey agrees with the thoughts of locals about the approximate 500 metre dirt road or track to Mulwala Ski Park, some 8kms out the Barooga Road - as raised at the recent draft budget information session in Mulwala - which hosts world class events involving many countries.
“If there’s not something in the draft budget you believe should be, put your submissions in and it will be considered,” Mr Davey urges people.   

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