Water Weed Wipeout app launched

June 15, 2017

Kerryn Molloy from the MDBA shows students from Yarrawonga College P-12, with teacher’s assistant Mez Poll, how to work the new Water Weed Wipeout app.

MDBA Director of Education Will Inveen and Professor Barry Hart with students from Yarrawonga College P-12 at the launch of the Water Weed Wipeout app.

Jackie Chessum (year 6) and Alex Perez (year 3) hold a globe detailing where the Murray Darling Basin is in relation to the earth.

Think you’ve got what it takes to manage a lake and battle a nasty weed?

Well now you can with a new app to help people better understand weed management in Lake Mulwala and the continued fight against the Egeria weed.
Launched on Tuesday at the Mulwala Water Ski Club, the Water Weed Wipeout app has been developed by the Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) and Goulburn Murray Water (GMW).
MDB Authority Member, Professor Barry Hart, said the release of the Water Weed Wipeout app was another fantastic example of cross-agency collaboration.
“GMW and the MDBA have worked together to help the community better understand the management techniques used to help control the invasive Egeria weed,” Professor Hart said.
“Through the use of digital technology the MDBA has designed a fun and interactive way to increase awareness of the weed and control methods used.
“The app links in and aligns with the Australian schooling curriculum and complements the current MDBA education products available to teachers and the general public.  
“One of the management techniques at Lake Mulwala used to control the weed is to lower the lake during winter; this is the most effective way to kill off the weed through exposing it to frost.
“The app allows users to manage water levels at Lake Mulwala to control the weed.
“The reward in the app is a healthy lake for fishing and boating, tourism, agriculture and the environment.
“The app is based on science, and accurately depicts the length of time and lower water levels needed to kill off the weed.”
Professer Hart said Egeria had escaped from home aquariums and found its way into Lake Mulwala.
“Like most weeds, it can’t be eradicated entirely, but it can be successfully managed,” he said.
“It is a submersed weed that is highly invasive and can displace native submersed vegetation found there.
“When the weed is abundant it impacts on the lakes’ usage, making it harder to swim, launch boats and water ski.”
Jay Whittaker from GMW said the Yarrawonga Mulwala community was “very resilient”.
“They have a great understanding of why we need to draw down the lake and really do use it to their advantage,” Mr Whittaker said.
Noel Wright from Yarrawonga Mulwala Tourism said the app was a wonderful concept to help the younger generation become involved in wanting to maintain the environment of Lake Mulwala.
“It is all about keeping the lake healthy,” Mr Wright said.
“The lake is the best asset we have and if we want to look after the towns we must look after the lake.
“Us oldies will be gone one day and it will be left up to the younger generations to keep Lake Mulwala beautiful and this app is a fantastic beginning.
“If we look after the environment it will flow onto looking after the community and the economy.”
Water Weed Wipeout is available free of charge on the App Store and Google Play for Apple and Android phones and tablet devices.

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