Netball round-up

June 15, 2017

Tilly Kennedy proved to be a handy inclusion for A Grade.

Abbey Jones.

Georgia Glass gets the ball away.

Britney Hanley in action for Mulwala B Grade.

Mulwala netball

A Grade
Mulwala 31 defeated by Tongala 58
Another slow start by the Lions allowed Tongala to capitalise and go into the quarter time break with a handy 10 goal lead.
The Lions answered the challenge, working hard in defence to create turnovers and bring the ball down the court.
Steph and Jordy found some accuracy and the girls held the quarter, with 10 goals apiece.
Tonny pulled away in the third quarter outscoring the Lions 17 to 6.
The game, however, did not reflect the scoreboard, with both teams working hard for every possession.
The Lions showed some flair with exceptional passages of play and finished the game with a strong last quarter.
As the girls continue to experience senior netball, they are improving week by week and remaining competitive against the top four teams.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Nat Ferguson, Meal Voucher – Steph Hammond, Mug Award – Cara Wood.

B Grade
Mulwala 48 defeated Tongala 36    
The Lions were set for another tough match with Tongala just above them in 4th place on the ladder.
Mulwala started strongly with Chloe and Tayla working well in goals, creating space and finding accuracy.
Amy and Brit held the defence end together strongly for the entire game, capitalising on the early inaccuracy from the Tonny goalers.
The Lions led by 3 at quarter time, but were shocked by a desperate Tongala in the second as they piled on the goals, creating a six goal turn-around, and taking the lead by three at half time.
Once again the Lions responded with determination and desperation, driving hard through the mid-court to beat Tongala’s zone defence.
Jade was on fire in goals, barely missing as the Lions piled on 16 goals to Tonny’s 8, creating a safe buffer leading into the last quarter.
The Lions finished strongly, winning the last quarter as well, and coming away with a convincing 12 goal win.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Tea Glass, Mug/Dinner Voucher – Amy Sherlock.

C Grade
Mulwala 34 defeated by Tongala 48
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Mary Munro, Mug/Dinner Voucher – Ash McKee.
C Res Grade
Mulwala 44 defeated Tongala 30    
The girls started off slowly having four new faces in the team, but coming into the second quarter the Lions started to gel well together.
The girls were unstoppable, moving the ball swiftly down the court with brilliant passes into Sally in GS who didn’t miss a shot.
The defensive pressure all the way down the court was fantastic and was a pleasure to watch.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Sally Lucas, Judds Mensland – Kim Thomson, B.E.Wear – Montanah Moon, Mug Award – Aubrey Rodriguez.

17 & under
Mulwala 22 defeated by Tongala 30
A very close match found a half time score of 15 to 19 Tongala’s way.
Maddi worked overtime in defence putting her hands over every single ball resulting in a large number of turnovers.
An extremely strong third quarter allowed the Lions to take the lead and with excellent shooting accuracy, strong holds and defensive pressure, the Lions were able to turn intercepts into goals. Emme’s encouragement was heard all down the court as she too pulled in lots of loose balls.
Going into the last quarter the Lions led by two.
 Tongala responded with fresh legs in the mid court and unfortunately they were able to pull away and convert all scoring opportunities, resulting in an 8 goal loss for the Lions.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Maddi Cooksey, YMGCR – Delaynee Moon, Mulwala Post Office – Emme Shand.

15 & under
Mulwala 8 defeated by Tongala 38    
The Lions took to the court with plenty of energy and confidence against 3rd placed Tongala.
They had a strong start, however Tongala’s accuracy within the ring was unstoppable.
The defence end fought hard all game, working overtime for rebounds and the goaler’s accuracy fell short, being outclassed by tall defence, making it hard to convert all scoring opportunities.
As always, the young Lions fought hard as a team, giving their best effort and playing as a team.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Cheyenne Nixon, YMGCR – Olivia Psaltiras, Mulwala Post Office – Jorja Chung.

13 & under
Mulwala 12 defeated by Tongala 42
Another tough one for the young Lions, up against ladder leaders Tongala.
The girls never gave up and put some set plays into practice, bringing the ball down with a bit more structure. They all gave 100%. Looking forward to next week for a more even match.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Abbey Matthews, YMGCR– Piper Chibnall, Meal Voucher – Jazzy James.
12 & under
Mulwala 0 defeated by Tongala 30
This week saw the young Lions fighting hard to compete against a very well-polished Tongala side, with the defenders working overtime for the entire game.
Spirits were high and the girls were eager to put into practice some of the plays they’ve been learning at training.
The defensive throw-ins were beginning to progress with ease, and the girls should be so pleased with how quickly they’re improving.
Unfortunately the Lions did not hit the score board before the mercy rule was implemented.
During the fourth quarter the girl’s spirits lifted and they painted a smile on their faces. With this new found positivity, the girls went out and had some fun.
The shooters managed to find the goal ring on numerous occasions, showing Tongala that they will be a force to be reckoned with in the future. Great work Mul, keep fighting hard.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Reese Sanderson, YMGCR – Anna Zanin, Meal Voucher – Emmy Gittins.

Yarrawonga netball

A Grade
Yarrawonga 42 defeated by Lavington 43
In a tough game of netball and with Yarrawonga missing a few players through injury or other commitments, the Pigeons went down by just one goal to finals contenders Lavington.
Yarrawonga started well in the first, keeping pace with Lavington, and supporters were thrilled to see under 16s coach and former A grade netballer Kait Cummins on the court.
The score was neck and neck in the second, with both teams unable to break away. Under 16s player Tilly Kennedy and Indi Frauenfelder were in the mix and enjoying senior netball.
In the third quarter Yarrawonga hit the lead, with Hannah Symes proving vital in turning the ball over and driving down the court.
Yarrawonga fought hard to maintain a slim lead in the fourth quarter but unfortunately a couple of quick goals at the end saw Lavington one up on the scoreboard at the final whistle.
Best: Hannah Symes and Caitlin O’Dwyer.

B Grade
Yarrawonga 37 drew with Lavington 37.
Another tight match in B Grade with the Yarrawonga girls battling hard all day against the Lavington Panthers.
Lavington were on top in the first quarter but in the second Yarra fought back to get the goals on the scoreboard and be in with a chance.
The third quarter saw Lavington burst out of the gates and stretch out to a seven goal lead. If it wasn’t for the hard work of Malory Nankervis and Jayanna Sharp the deficit would have been greater.
Inspired by their defenders, the Pigeons kicked into action in the final quarter and the spectators were on their edge of the seats as the lead narrowed to see the scores even with two minutes to go.
In the end it was the persistent, never-say-die attitude of the B Grade Pigeons which saw them fight back to draw the match.
Best: Malory Nankervis, Chloe Whinray and special mention to Kate Robilliard.

C Grade
Yarrawonga 32 defeated by Lavington 43.
The C Grade Pigeons sitting in third knew they had a battle on their hands against the first-placed Panthers on Saturday.
The Pigeon faithful were pleased to see Katrina Kennedy return to the court in what was an even first quarter.
In the second, Abbey Chapman from the under 16s gave her best in goal attack and at half time the Pigeons were down by just 4 goals.
The second half saw Lavington maintain their lead in the third quarter before the Yarra girls had a series of turnovers and rebounds go against them and the gap widened to 11 for the final margin.
Best: Bree Bailey, Katrina Kennedy.

Under 16s
Yarrawonga 36 defeated by Lavington 39.
The third-placed Yarrawonga Under 16s were taking nothing for granted when they hit the court against the fifth-placed Lavington Panthers on Saturday.
The first quarter was a battle of wills with Lavington pulling away early for a three goal lead before the Pigeons fought back to narrow the margin to one.
With good shooting accuracy from both teams there was little on offer for the defensive ends and at half time Yarrawonga were still trailing by just one goal.
The intensity level was high from both teams and although chasing for most of the match the Yarrawonga girls kept up the fight and exhibited some great skills across the court.
Best: Ellie Robilliard, Tilly Kennedy.

Rennie netball

After three straight rounds away from home, it was great to be playing at the Rennie Recreation Reserve again.  
With every week the club is seeing progress with the new netball clubrooms and there is certainly much excitement and anticipation.
The Rennie netballers welcomed Dookie United this week, and as always the matches were well-contested and friendly.

A Grade
Rennie 47 defeated by Dookie 57
A new team line up again saw the Rennie girls take a while to adjust to the game.
16-year old Chelsea Beavis played a stand out game in GK, showing strength and drive.
Kaitlyn Ackerly was versatile at both ends of the court and led by experience.
The team’s last quarter was their best, showing they have fight to the end.
The girl’s did their best to take home the win for coach Paula Mifka’s 100th game, but Dookie was too good on the day.
Awards: Yarrawonga Hotel: Chelsea Baevis, Bella Femme Ness – Tayla Mollison, Wingate’s – Kaitlyn Ackerly.

B Grade
Rennie 38 defeated Dookie 27
A Stellar game from Rennie B grade. Each and every player played their positions 100% winning the contested ball creating and driving into space, and strong passes in and around the ring.
An even better second half saw the girls walk away with a satisfied win, defeating Dookie by 11 goals.
Awards: Burkes Hotel - Ebony Williams. Terminus Hotel - Rachael Guppy, Bella Pelle - Petra Williamson, Mint Boutique - Tayla Mollison, and Mulwala Bakery - Karen Kaine

C Grade
Rennie 44 defeated by Dookie 50
Missing some key personnel meant it was always going to be an interesting game against Dookie.
A slow start from the girls made it a tough task to gain any run in on the lead taken by the opposition.
Defenders worked hard all game trying their hardest to gain intercepts and rebounds off very accurate shooting.
The fourth quarter was the best played by the girls who managed to come within three goals of Dookie halfway through the quarter and only lost by a margin of 6 goals.
Awards: Mulwala Bakery – Tammy Watson, Yarrawonga Hotel – Kacey Kindred, Thyme For Coffee – Sarah Dowling and Redback Waste -Roxi Marret
C Reserve
Rennie 52 defeated Dookie 20
Space and quick ball movement allowed Rennie’s attacking and shooting end to flourish from the beginning. Defenders worked overtime taking repetitive rebounds and intercepts.
The third quarter was incredible being Rennie’s best quarter for the season so far.
It was a great solid game from all 8 girls who took the court although thoughts are with Jess and hope she makes a speedy recovery.
Awards: Mulwala Bakery – Jess Szmidel, The Naked Tree – Laura Nunn, Allure Hair – Eden Mackinnon and Athanaeum – Tayah McCarthy

Under 17s
Rennie 35 defeated Dookie 26
The Under 17s had a good win after a tight first half. The girls managed some good passages of play after half time consisting of clean strong passes to players, finding space which was great to watch.
Good to see Coach Mifka experimenting with players and their positions.
Awards: One Zach – Tomi-Rose Chibnall, Lake Mulwala Hotel – Chelsea Beavis, Balance Spin Studio – Lani Crawford and Burn’s Earthworks – Lexie Nolen
Under 15s
Rennie 40 defeated Dookie 8
Great game, good see everyone’s confidence back.
The tight defence and drive through the mid court was a credit to the girls and the shooters were awesome.
Awards: Mulwala Bakery – Suzy Levesque, Judd’s Mensland – Emily Coghill, Yarra Fish’n’Chips – Phoebe Thorpe and McDonald’s – Hayley Bigger

Under 13s
Rennie 35 defeated Dookie 2
A terrific team effort with all girls working the ball into the space very well.
The level of passing has improved and the girls really understand how each other plays.
Keep up the good work.
Awards: Ricky D’s- Charlotte Bott, Arnold/Hall Family- Abbey Coghill, Redback Waste- Aleesha Laversa and Courtyard Cafe- Jacinta Beavis.
The Terminus Hotel is sponsor of the week.  Thanks to Rachel Young for her ongoing support of the Rennie Netball Club.  The Terminus Hotel offers an excellent pub menu and a selection of Chef’s Specials.
Rennie Netball club encourages all members to make sure they support those who support the club.

Tungamah netball

A Grade
Tungamah 31 defeated by Shepp East 45.
It was a tough game against Shepparton East on Saturday.
Shepp were just ahead at quarter time but extended their lead to 14 goals by the end of the game.
The Tungamah girls fought hard all day.
Dan moved well down the court finding the desired spaces. Molly took to the court at half time and stood up to the challenge.
Awards: ClubMulwala Danielle O’Shea, Byramine Homestead Molly Burke.

B Grade
Tungamah 21 defeated by Shepp East 44.
A beautiful sunny day saw Tungamah take on second-placed Shepp East.
At the end of the first quarter Tungamah was down by 4 but still in the game.
Unfortunately Shepp East increased their pressure, took advantage of turn overs and increased their lead at every quarter to run out winners by 23.
Well done to young guns Olivia Giggins and Ella Costigan playing their first senior game and handling the pressure well.
Awards: Yarrawonga Myotherapy Mariah Duffy, ClubMulwala Brodie Gissing.

C Grade
Tungamah 31 defeated by Shepp East 52.
A great team performance saw Tungamah play a fantastic game and keep with Shepp East for the first half with only seven goals the difference at half time. 
A tightly contested third quarter was the difference on the scoreboard, but the Bears fought it out to the end.
Remi and Sarah moved beautifully in the goals, Hayley, Hannah and Sally running the ball cleanly through the mid court and Elisha and Alysia defending hard and making the Shepp East goalies work the ring. 
Big thanks to Erica to playing both attack and defence in the second half.
Awards:  Hannah Kavanagh ClubMulwala, Erica Montgomery TFNC Meal Voucher.
C Reserve
Tungamah 20 defeated by Shepp East 47.
A hard and fast game with a few injuries throughout saw the girls go down to Shepp East.
The mid court worked well and put pressure on the ball the whole way down the court and the defence end worked endlessly for rebounds and showed some great pressure in the ring.
The shooters again showed their skills and accuracy.
Good effort girls and wishing a speedy recovery for Britt and Dan.
Awards: Larissa Pardo Tungamah Meal, Sarah Duffy Tungamah Meal, Bridget Saunders Bryamine Homestead,

Under 17s
An amazing game with the pressure was on right from the start.
The Tungamah girls wanted the win and fought and fought until the end.
At three quarter time scores were level and the crowd was building.
When the final whistle blew Tungamah was up by one goal.
Every week the girls just go to another level, the competitors should be worried.
Awards: One Zach Caity Whitelock, Golf Club Adele Prescott.

Under 15s
Tungamah 27 defeated Shepp East 18.
For the second time this season the girls played Shepp East but this time came up against a team who had improved greatly. 
It was hard going from the moment the whistle blew. 
The midcourt attacked and drove the ball down court but the passing sometimes let Tungamah down. 
The shooters tried hard all day against impressive defenders. 
Working hard against tall opponents the defenders were able to rebound and create turnovers bringing the ball back into play. 
Tungamah lead all day and came away with a well fought win against a much more physical side. 
Awards: Chloe Charnstrom One Zach, Ella Costigan Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club Resort.

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