Mulwala netball

June 21, 2017

A Grade

Mulwala 57 defeated Nathalia 51

A great team effort by the Lions against Nathalia – the girls knew they were in with a chance and were determined from the outset to play hard and try to come away with the win.

Scores were fairly even in the first quarter and play was absolutely frantic in the attack end as the ball rocketed down into Steph and Jordy, who were combining well and converting most scoring opportunities.

Hayley picked up the pace in the second, applying greater pressure against the dominant Nathalia GS and was able to force a number of turnovers, providing the Lions with a slight lead at half time.

The girls continued with strong drives and excellent defensive pressure, capitalising on every loose ball and pulling away to lead by 10 goals during the last quarter.

The Purps surged in the last few minutes closing the gap to 6, but the Lions held on to come away with a well fought win.

Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Steph Hammond, Meal Voucher – Maddi Gissing, Mug Award – Hayley Fry.

B Grade

Mulwala 52 defeated Nathalia 44

After an intense first half of netball the scores were still level, with both teams working hard and bringing the ball down the court well.

The Lions, however, blasted out of the blocks in the third quarter to pull away from Nathalia, using their speed and determination to get to every loose ball.

Georgia was incredible in WD, giving the illusion of space but driving back to take numerous intercepts, providing inspiration for the rest of the team.

Brit and Amy worked alongside with strong defensive pressure and driving the ball down into attack with great speed.

Elise found her mojo in WA and was well supported by Amy as they hit the goal ring, allowing Jade and Tea to finish off with great accuracy.

An awesome display of team work, fitness and determination as the Lions came away with another well-deserved win.

Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Georgia Glass, Dinner Voucher – Elise Beamish, Mug Award – Jade Robinson.

C Grade

Mulwala 46 defeated Nathalia 24

What a fantastic game played by every player. The Lions put in 100% for all four quarters with the defenders pushing the ball down the court and Sophie and Ash converting with great accuracy in goals.

The midcourt were sensational, taking many intercepts throughout the game – a great team effort by all.

Well done, let’s bring the same energy and determination next week when we face up against Deni.

Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Brianna Magro, Mug/Dinner Voucher – Sami Till

C Res Grade

Mulwala 44 defeated Nathalia 30

17 & under

Mulwala 42 defeated Nathalia 20

The Lions produced a really strong and consistent effort against Nathalia this week.

Heidi and Jess were impenetrable in defence, splitting the ring beautifully and cutting off plenty of balls to the accurate Nathalia goalers.

Despite early pressure from the Purps, the Lions managed to slowly build their lead through consistent hard work and team play.

Lilly and Dee combined well in goals, causing all sorts of issues for the Nathalia defenders, rarely missing a scoring opportunity. Overall, a great team effort – well done girls.

Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Heidi Magro, YMGCR – Jess Barton, Mulwala Post Office – Lilly Gallagher

15 & under

Mulwala 22 defeated Nathalia 21

This week the Lions were determined to bring home a win and it definitely showed on the court.

Every girl stepped up and exceeded expectations. They ran some newly learned plays that worked every time.

Goaling accuracy along with multiple rebounds from the defenders and strong driving through the midcourt saw the ball flow flawlessly down the court.

Nathalia put up a tough fight, forcing the Lions to work extremely hard. Fortunately Mulwala were able to hold on for a nail-biting one goal victory

Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Danielle Harris, YMGCR – Olivia Psaltiras, Mulwala Post Office – Macey Hicks

13 & under

Mulwala 37 defeated Nathalia 16

12 & under

Mulwala 0 defeated by Nathalia 30

Facing a very tall side, the young Lions had their work cut out for them.

After a quick succession of goals by the Purps, the Lions looked lost.

However, after a quick rev up at quarter time, the girls went out with a new found ferocity.

With more scoring opportunities they showed Nathalia they will be a forced to be reckoned with in the future.

The young Lions found their groove in the second half.

Unfortunately the mercy rule had been implemented and scoring has stopped, but the Lions did not stop their fight to be in the game.

With some sound defensive throw-ins, resulting in goals, the young Lions were very pleased with themselves. Some great movement in the goal ring showed our fabulous potential.

The support from the sideline was overwhelming and this helped the girls keep up their positive attitudes, right to the final whistle. Congratulations on a sensational game girls, despite the score board.

Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Leni Miller, YMGCR – Emmy Gittins, Meal Voucher – Mikayla Demaio.

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