Soccer hits the road

June 28, 2017

Under 12s, Manchester City midfielder Ava Loughnan passes the ball forward.

In a first for the Cobram Junior Soccer Association, this week’s matches were split between Yarrawonga and Finley.

Both towns attracted a huge crowd with many grandparents and other spectators enjoying a change of venue.
It was terrific to see both venues now have permanent metal goals, which is a terrific initiative by the committee.
A large amount of work went into the organisation of the venues.
To list names of individuals is always fraught with danger and for that reason a genuine thank you is extended to the entire soccer community.
 The marking of the grounds, relocating of goals, catering, serving of food, refereeing, coaching and tidying up all required significant effort and for that everyone is to be congratulated.
With soccer on the road it was reported that President Pino spoilt Canteen guru Kylie to a lavish breakfast to celebrate Kylie’s birthday.
Planning has commenced for representative soccer at the end of the season, teams have started to be selected and any queries should be directed to Mick Wane.
Training will continue this week with Cobram on Monday, Finley on Tuesday and Yarrawonga on Wednesday.
It is evident which kids have been training and all are encouraged to attend these sessions.
This week is the final round before the holidays and all matches are being played at Cobram.
Under 6 Mixed: Manchester United 4 (Goals Tom Conway, Award Tom Conway) defeated Chelsea 1 (Goal Donnacha Straight, Award Edward Connell); Juventus 5 (Goals Archie Patterson, Luke O’Brien, Award Archie Patterson) defeated AC Milan 0 (Award Lily Mouat); Inter Milan 5 (Goals Lachlan Pardy, Caleb Crisafulli, Award Caleb Crisafulli) defeated Barcelona 0 (Award Josiah Everingham); Celtic 1 (Goal Judd Clarke,  Award Charlie Wane) drew Manchester City 1 (Fletcher Davies, Award Dominic Siciliano).
Under 8 Boys: Manchester United 2 (Goal Darcey Skehan, Lukas Stewart, Award Darcey Skehan) defeated Chelsea 1 (Goal Cameron Brew, Award Cameron Brew); Barcelona 5 (Goals Jordan Munro, Jackson Tooke, Award Henry Farrow) defeated Inter Milan 4 (Goals Cameron Sneddon, Tom Good, Xander Sullivan, Award Tom Good); AC Milan 5 (Goals Sam Slatterie, Aiden Chandler, Award Andri Mustica) defeated Celtic 4 (Goals Lenny Power, Oscar Dubourg, Luke Kalz, Award Luke Kalz).
Under 10 Girls: Manchester United 3 (Goals Charli Pardo, Laila Pardo, Scarlett Mullavey, Award Laila Pardo) defeated Chelsea 0 (Award Eva Wilson); Juventus 1 (Goal Ella Janssens, Award Bella Pardy) defeated Barcelona 0 (Award Evie Wane).
Under 10 Boys: Manchester United 4 (Goals Kerth Martin, Jaxon Stewart, Ian Drimble, Riley Denny, Award Jackson Houston) defeated Chelsea 0 (Award Archie Skehan); Inter Milan 4 (Goals Riley Robetrts, Nicholas Russon, Kristian Bovalina, Award Connor McIveen) defeated Juventus 2 (Goals Jacob Purdon, Award Ethan Bentley); Barcelona 5 (Goals Jesse Everingham, George Wiles, Logan White, Award Harry Daniel) defeated Celtic 4 (Goals Noah Everingham, Sam Hurlston, Award Noah Everingham).
Under 12 Mixed: Manchester United 5 (Goals Lachlan Bosch, Alex Di Cioccio, Ethan Pike, Marcus Van Maanen, Award Tom Lovel); Manchester City 5 (Goals Liam Kelly, Edward Judd, Logan Stone, Lachlan Kelly, Molly McDonald, Award Logan Stone) defeated Juventus 1 (Goal Jake Kalz, Award Jordan Su); Celtic 4 (Goals Kye Everingham, Jacob Smith, Riley Smith, Award Kye Everingham) defeated Barcelona 2 (Goals Jacob Orro, Award Tobiah Hurd).

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