Netball round-up

July 05, 2017

Amy Griffin waits for the pass.

Adele Prescott in under 17s netball action.

Elise Beamish in B grade for Mulwala.

Lauren Pitches in A grade action.

A Grade
Tungamah 42 defeated by Katunga 60.
Katunga showed Tungamah why they deserved to be second on the ladder with quick smooth passing of the ball down the court and strong positioning within the goals.
Tungamah gave it their all.
Abbey’s great performance saw some turnovers in defence but Tungamah was unable to capitalise. Katunga was too good on the day.
Awards: Thursday Night Meal Abbey, Yarrawonga Myotherapy Sally.

B Grade
Tungamah 23 defeated by Katunga 55.
The game started out very evenly and stayed that way until half time. 
The Tungamah shooters were strong in the first half, but struggled to get past tough defence in the second. 
The defenders worked hard all day with Brodie in particular showing great restraint and composure against spirited opposition. 
Midcourt players moved well with Sarah displaying some very athletic intercepts.
There were lots of positives from the game, the girls just need to extend them to all four quarters. 
Enjoy the bye and look forward to playing Rennie.  
Awards: ClubMulwala Brodie Gissing, Yarrawonga Myotherapy Sarah Jones

C Reserve
Tungamah 30 defeated by Katunga 31.
It was a contest that came down to the wire with scores level until the final 20 seconds of play.
Unfortunately for Tungamah the opposition came out on top. Strong, coordinated defending and excellent team work is to be commended, well done girls.
Awards: RSL Bridget Saunders, Byramine Homestead Sally Eales.

Under 17
Tungamah 48 defeated Katunga 31.
After having three stressful games in a row, the girls were hoping they could comfortably beat Katunga like they did the last time they met.
However, the Katunga girls weren’t going to go down without a fight and had strong defensive pressure throughout the first half.
Luckily, after a few tweaks, Tungamah found their groove and the play flowed nicely.
Adele Prescott was great in the goals and led the team well with her talking on the court.
Hannah Keel killed it in the mid court, giving coaches a little glimpse once again of the aggression they have been wanting to see.
Liv Hayes worked hard to get the goals in and coach Brydee was pleased to see Liv had been practising.
Enjoy the week off and rest up for the big top of the ladder clash in two weeks time.
Awards: One Zach Hannah Keel, La Porchetta Adele Prescott, Auction Player Olivia Hayes.

Under 15
Tungamah 53 defeated Katunga 19.
In freezing but sunny conditions, the Tungamah girls didn’t disappoint with a great win over Katunga. 
Some brilliant passages of play with the ball flowing fast down midcourt through each third to the shooters, who had a great day with goals. 
Attacking the ball and driving forward, the midcourt girls talked and read each other beautifully for the ball to travel between them, as well as intercepting the ball when Katunga had play. 
The defenders kept the pressure on, showing aggression at the ball to bring it back down to Tungamah’s goal end; great game girls.
Awards: Erica Montgomery La Porchetta, Chloe Charnstrom YMGCR, Olivia Giggins Wingates.

Mulwala netball

A Grade
Mulwala 28 defeated by Barooga 50
The Lions started well this week despite an ankle injury during the warm-up, resulting in a new look side and Rorri delighted to be running the centre for the first half.
Both sides battled hard with numerous turnovers and the Lions trailed by 3 going into the first break.
A stronger second quarter saw the Lions score more goals, but the Hawks too found their accuracy, building a nine goal lead by half time.
To their credit the girls never gave up, with the third quarter their best, only losing the quarter by 2 goals.
Unfortunately the Hawks ran away in the last quarter, however the Lions need to focus on the positives and continue to learn and build their confidence and strength as a team.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Lauren Pitches, Mug Award – Hayley Fry, Dinner Voucher – Jordy McCarthy

B Grade
Mulwala 41 defeated Barooga 25    
The Lions had another convincing win this week, despite an ankle injury to Georgia early on in the game.
Versatility is the strength of this side and Jade, Tayla and Tea were able to try a number of goaling combinations with great success.
Amy, Elise, Georgia and Tea were instrumental in the centre court, driving hard and applying excellent defensive pressure.
Once again, Brit and Amy were staunch in defence, working their feet to gain the front position and managing to get almost every rebound.
A great team effort girls – enjoy the week off.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Amy Nunn, Mug/Dinner Award – Amy Sherlock
C Grade
Mulwala 45 defeated Barooga 9
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Sophie Collison, Mug/Dinner Award – Nic Christophersen

C Reserve
Mulwala 56 defeated by Barooga 35
C Reserve had a good win on Saturday with everyone playing their part and combining well with multiple changes.
Tayla was a standout for the game, getting many turnovers, feeding the ball into the ring well and moving fantastically down the court.
Sally was on point, shooting with accuracy and working well with both Maddy and Kim in the ring.
The defensive pressure was awesome with Montanah working hard to overcome a difficult opponent. Eb, Aubrey and Nat got plenty of turnovers with great hands and defensive pressure.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Ebony Kane, Mug/Dinner Award – Tayla McNamara
17 & under
Mulwala 52 defeated Barooga 23
After a strong and loud warm up the girls were on the hunt for a percentage boosting win. From the get-go the goalers combined incredibly, working in partnership with the midcourters to ensure maximum scoring opportunities.
The defenders applied plenty of defensive pressure and with strong rebounds were able to shut down the Hawks’ goalers.
An extremely impressive win and great game by all 9 girls.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Delaynee Moon, YMGCR – Tess McNamara, Mulwala Post Office – Emme Shand

15 & under
Mulwala 35 defeated by Barooga 11
The girls had an impressive win this week against Barooga. The ball moved smoothly through the mid-court to the goalers who once again showed great accuracy while the defenders gained many interceptions at the other end.
All girls impressed on the court this week producing a strong team effort from everyone.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Zali Peters, YMGCR – Cheyenne Nixon, Mulwala Post Office –Darcy Barton

13 & under
Mulwala 24 defeated by Barooga 27
With Abbey out due to injury and Bella on holidays the team had to call on Emmy and Chloe from the 12s to fill some key positions.
The girls got off to a slow start and were even at half time. However, only managing to shoot 3 goals in the third put the team under the pump, going into the final quarter 7 goals down.
The girls rallied with the two Chloe’s on song in goals and being fed by some brilliant passes from Jazz and Emmy.
The Lions slowly clawed their way back with some outstanding defence work by Freya, Lauren and Piper, sending the ball back Mulwala’s way to draw even with a few minutes to go.
Unfortunately time was not on the Lions’ side with the girls going down by 3 at the final siren. Thanks to Emmy and Chloe for stepping up and helping out this week
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Freya Fletcher, YMGCR– Piper Chibnall, McDonalds – Lauren Heffer

12 & under
Mulwala 12 defeated by Barooga 36
The young Lions took to the court with new found enthusiasm and were eager to put into practice what they’ve been working on at training.
The Lions were on fire from the very first whistle, and as a result scored the first 2 goals of the game. Barooga were rattled and had to work hard to gain possession of the ball.
The second quarter saw the young Lions build on their score, gaining another 3 goals.
With their new found form the third quarter was their best, all girls giving 110% and scoring 6 goals, going goal for goal with Barooga.
The final quarter saw the Lions drop and Barooga capitalised on this. This was by far the best game for our young Lions.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Chloe Burgess, YMGCR – Leni Miller, McDonalds – Reese Sanderson

Rennie netball

The ‘Hopperettes’ took to the court in Katamatite walking away with a clean sweep of the day’s matches.
Each grade is seeing results on their hard work at training and positive teamwork.

A Grade
Rennie 59 defeated Katamatite 42
Working hard over the last two weeks on creating space and respecting each teammates role, saw the girls take out a well-deserved win.
Chelsea Beavis had a ‘blinder’ in GK and dominated in defence.
With Jedda and Eliza in the midcourt, they ensured the passages of play remained settled down the court with safe decisions to keep possession of the ball.
The goalies rewarded the team’s hard work with a high conversion rate.
A bright future is ahead with these very young girls starting to flourish.
Awards: Terminus Hotel – Chelsea Beavis, Mulwala Bakery – Jedda Nolen, BellaFemme Ness – Kaitlyn Ackerly and Wingate’s – Eliza Strawhorn.
The Balance Spin Studio is sponsor of the week.  The club thanks Bronson Schofield for his support of the Rennie Netball Club. Bronson operates the studio through the Melbourne Street Complex in Mulwala.
Rennie Netball Club encourages all members to support those who support the club.

B Grade
Rennie 45 defeated Katamatite 31
A shaky start to the B grade game saw the girls down by three at half time.
With a few position changes the girls bounced back with confidence and showed great determination to win the third and fourth quarters and take the game, winning by 14 goals. Awards: Yarrawonga Hotel – Hannah Douglass, Bella Pelle – Nada Nolen, Balance Spin Studio – Brooke McDougall and Mint Boutique – Kayla Oughton.

C Grade
Rennie 57 defeated Katamatite 28
Awards: Mulwala Bakery – Sarah Dowling, The Naked Tree – Kacey Kindred, Soul Sisters – Tammy Watson and Redback Waste – Kristy-Rose McDougall.
C Reserve
Rennie 55 defeated Katamatite 25
It was always going to be an interesting game with Rennie missing all their defenders through illness or injury. With the assistance of Catherine and Mya from the under 17s the girls managed to fill the gaps.
It was a clean and friendly game that felt relatively even for all those on court, although the scores didn’t reflect it and Rennie came away with a solid win.
The team now has a much-needed bye and hopefully their momentum continues when they take on Tungamah after the break.
Awards: Mulwala Bakery – Amy Starr, Yarrawonga Hotel – Gayle Levesque, Athenaeum – Eden Mackinnon, Thyme for Coffee – Laura Nunn and RedBack Waste - Zoe Worland.

Under 17s
Rennie 68 defeated Katamatite 21
Well done girls on a great team effort with the win over Katamatite.
Every player stepped up and worked hard for four quarters. Set plays worked, with communication at a premium.
Everyone was enjoying their netball as the team worked hard to deliver the ball up and down the court. Special mention must be made of Brylee McCarty for shooting almost 80% of the goals.
Awards: One Zach – Brylee McCarty, Allure Hair – Chelsea Beavis, Allure Hair – Maddie McInness, Mulwala Bakery – Lani Crawford, Judd’s Mensland – Catherine Shaw, Judd’s Mensland – Amy Nieuwenhout, Mulwala Pharmacy – Mya Bye, Mulwala Pharmacy – Brianna Laversa and Athenaeum – Tomi Chibnall.

Under 13s
Rennie 29 defeated Katamatite 19
Awards: Yarra Fish’N’Chips – Charlotte Bott, Arnold/Hall Family – Jacinta Beavis, Redback Waste – Lily Levesque and Courtyard Café – Marnie Hoskings.

Under 15s
Rennie 35 defeated Katamatite 13
Great team work resulted in a great win. Took the girls a bit to get going with their game plan, but once the girls settled they came away with a convincing win. Well done.
Awards: Burn’s Earthworks – Anika Walsh, Ricky D’s Pizza – Charlie Hargreaves and Mulwala Pharmacy – Suzy Levesque.

Yarrawonga netball

A Grade
Yarrawonga 57 defeated Wangaratta 50.
It was always going be tough for the Pigeons this week against Wangaratta Magpies, but with Anna Grinter back from injury and teaming up with Hannah Symes in defence, the two dominated, driving the ball down the court at every opportunity.  
Yarrawonga were in the lead at the end of the first and then had a very aggressive second quarter, improving their lead to nine at half time.
In the third Ebony Woodburn stepped on court for the first time in A Grade and held herself well.   
Wangaratta came back fighting after their half time break to outscore the Pigeons 16-13 reducing Yarra’s lead to six.  
It was an extremely tight last quarter.  Even after playing a full four quarters in B Grade, Kaitlyn Cummins stepped up, settled the girls and the Pigeons retained their lead to win by seven.  
Being the only netball win for the day it was a very pleasing result.
Goals: B Cassar 39, A Jones 18. Best: H Symes, K Cummins.

B Grade
Yarrawonga 44 defeated by Wangaratta 55.
With Yarra fourth and the Maggies seventh it was a great contest in B Grade.  
Indi Frauenfelder’s experience over the season was showing with a great performance at GA.  Abbey Chapman also had a crack at GA in the third.  
But it was an inspiring Kaitlyn Cummins who displayed a sensational game across the court.  
After a tight first half and Yarrawonga was up by one at the half time mark.
Wangaratta’s leading across the middle dominated in the third and Magpies had a nine goal lead at the final break.  
Tayla Bogle and Maddi Kennedy put in a superb effort to try and keep Yarrawonga in the game but it was to no avail when Wang stepped on the gas in the last pulling away to win by 11.    
Goals:  K Robilliard 21, I Frauenfelder 12, T Bogle 7, A Chapman 4. Best: K Cummins, J Sharp.

C Grade
Yarrawonga 48 defeated by Wangaratta 57.
A close game was expected with Yarrawonga third and Wangaratta fourth on the C Grade ladder and the Pigeons had a pleasing lead of eight goals at the end of the first quarter.  
However Wangaratta came back fighting and Paris Bonat worked hard in defence but the Magpies came within a goal at half time.  
Wangaratta capitalised on their turnovers and rebounds in the third quarter to pile on a nine goal lead by the start of the fourth.  
Steph Kennedy was terrific at getting the ball into the ring and although Yarra’s ‘never say die attitude’ kept each side’s goals for the quarter even, it was clear the third quarter let the Pigeons down.
Goals: E Soutter 34, T Bogle 13, S Kennedy 1. Best:  P Bonat, S Kennedy.

Under 16
Yarrawonga 35 defeated by Wangaratta 62.
It was an exciting start for the third placed Pigeons scoring the first three goals of the game.  
Top contenders Wangaratta were quick to fight back but Yarrawonga held on to have a two goal advantage going into the second.
It was unfortunate to see Tilly Kennedy go down with a rolled ankle.
The Magpies gained several turnovers and rebounds in the second putting themselves in the lead by eight at half time.   
This rattled the young Pigeon group whose faulty passing and loss of rebounds enabled Wang to outscore and push their lead out to 19 going into the last.  
The Pigeons although finally out done by 27 goals maintained their game giving it all they could right to the end.  
Goals:  E York 17, I Frauenfelder 17, A Chapman 1. Best: I Frauenfelder, L Zanin. 

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