Gail Law seeks unity in council

July 26, 2017

Gail Law is keen to serve a third term on council.

The new Federation Council has in its logo “creating opportunity, celebrating community” and Gail Law believes the most important part of this theme is unity.

The retired businesswoman, who served two terms with the previous Corowa Shire, is seeking re-election and said joining the two former shires into the one great Federation Council needs everyone to work together for the benefit of all communities within the council.
“I realise that, if elected, I will only be one vote of nine and I will deliberate carefully on whatever the current debate may be and make, what I believe to be, the best decision for the entire council,” Mrs Law said.
“I will then own that decision and stick with it.
“I believe it is important to have a woman on council, to put forward a female point of view.
“I may not know much about trucks and tractors, but I do know about caring and sharing and the concept of unity.
“If we are to have a genuinely cohesive council, we will all need to work together and not come onto council with hidden agendas.
“I am always available to talk to about any concerns you may have.”
Mrs Law said being controversial and grabbing at headlines is something she is not interested in.
“I want to see what is best for all the communities and that it is being done in an orderly manner,” she said.
“That the needs of the youth and children are catered for, in the fields of education, sport, entertainment or any other activities that will help guide them to a positive future, for they are the future.”
For more than 40 years Mrs Law has been in business in Corowa, the past 20 as owner of Gail Goodall’s Arcade Jewellers.
“I have served the people of Corowa and surrounds including Oaklands, Urana, Rand, Howlong and Mulwala and I have made many friends in these areas,” she said.
“I have no intentions of letting these people down by neglecting the needs of their communities in council.”
Having served as the last chairman of the Corowa Hospital, Mrs Law said she realised the need for good medical services.
“I want to see these services, especially for the aged, continue and grow as our aged community grows,” she said.
“The hospital, medical and allied health services are extremely important to all people in all areas of the council, especially in Urana, Oaklands and Howlong.
“These smaller communities need and deserve to have the same services as the larger communities.”
Mrs Law said one of the major concerns facing Federation Council was the renewal of infrastructure, which now covers an area of 5685sqkm, with a large percentage of rates to be spent on the transport and road systems.
“Good work has begun and must continue,” she said.
“As our largest industry is manufacturing, well-maintained roads are surely the key to attracting more industry to the Federation Council area.
“Those in the manufacturing and farming communities need reliable roads to transport their goods to market, whether it is by road or by the rail link from Oaklands.”
Mrs Law offers her support to the tourism and retail sectors of the community.
“They go hand-in-hand with a healthy river system which is paramount, whether it is Howlong, Corowa or Mulwala relying on the Murray River or Urana’s reliance on a supply of water for their Urana Lake and other community water supplies,” she said.
“In this council water is the life blood of the communities, so I see the need to protect the water in the large arterial basin around Oaklands, as well as the water tables in other areas to ensure it is not polluted and remains a safety mechanism if needed to assist with the future drought proofing our area.”
Mrs Law said her emphasis was that “unity is the keyword to our future and working together as one council and not a group of individuals from differing parochial communities”.
“I want to see our future in Federation Council continue as the wonderful rural area it is, for the lifestyle we all love and wish to maintain for many years to come,” she said.

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