Eden calls for new blood

July 26, 2017

Federation Council Administrator Mike Eden says council is looking for capable people with passion and commitment to nominate as candidates in the upcoming local council elections.

Federation Council Administrator Mike Eden would like to see some “new blood” on council as nominations for candidates open on Monday, July 31.

Mr Eden said holding elections was the next big milestone for Federation Council and the community.
“The important issue that I think people should understand is that the last election was uncontested and so with this one they will have to vote and there will be a really big field of candidates,” he said.
“We have the old-timers who were on the previous council and some old people coming back, as well as some new blood.
“It would be great to see some young people with new ideas.
“At the end of the day it is up to the community to decide who is the right person for the job.”
Mr Eden said potential candidates did not need a lot of spare time to commit to the role.
“If you have some time and you are community-minded, it’s a good thing to do to get involved with councils,” he said.
“We are hoping that council meetings will be after hours, which will allow younger people to go to meetings if they become councillors.
“It’s a positive thing for the community and yourself.”
Mr Eden believes a positive business plan has been put in place during the time council has run in administration.
“We have already accomplished a lot, and we’re proud of what we’ve achieved, but there’s still a way to go to meet the challenges of our new community and steer it in the direction our residents want to go,” he said.
“The new council will be able to focus on strategy, what we don’t want are people looking at where there is a pothole to be fixed because that’s up to the staff, so what we want is councillors to look at a strategic plan for the Federation Council to move forward.
“They have been left a business that is in great shape and is very positive for the future.”
Council launched its Prospective Councillor Guide after Tuesday’s council meeting, which gives potential candidates a guide to everything they may wish to know about nominating.
For more details about local council election nomination and registration details, voting and key dates visit
The Prospective Councillor Guide is also available on council’s website.

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