Pigeons perform well against Saints

July 26, 2017

Brad O’Connor kicked a handy five goals.

The Pigeons put on another superb performance to come out winners against the Saints 16.17 113 – 6.5 41 on Saturday.

Well-drilled and disciplined, the Pigeons put together four quarters of good hard footy starting with good old-fashioned hard work in the first followed by perseverance in the second resulting in 11 Pigeon goals to Myrtleford’s 2.
Brad O’Connor’s excellent leading and quality marks saw him kick five goals two behinds to be a reliable option all day.  
Just as they have all season, the defence line kept scoring to a minimum.  
When looking at the stats they have allowed a total of 781 points scored against the team compared to 1633 points scored for the Pigeons.  
This type of defensive football will be huge factor in how far the Pigeons can go this season.  
Across the back Logan Morey had winning on his mind blocking out any pain from a fracture to his arm five minutes into the game.
The Pigeons were once again well served by all players on Saturday including O’Connor and Oswald proving a revelation up forward.
Brayden Coburn and Mark Whiley in the middle are proving to be quality operators in the absence of Bonat, Cooper, Gorman, Connor Hargreaves and Nick Lawless.  
With four games to go the Pigeons will be playing sides which have ambitions of playing finals.  
This will be the most exciting time of the season, best vs the best.   Let’s get on board and witness how far the Pigeon unit can go.
Goals: B O’Connor 5, S Oswald 3, M Whiley 2, J Koopman 2, B Schofield 1, M Hargreaves 1, B Symes 1, B Coburn 1.
Best:  B Coburn, M Whiley, B O’Connor, J Daniel, T Walliss, B Schofield.
Chronicle Award: 5. Braydon Coburn, 4. Brad O’Connor, 3. Scott Oswald, 2. Brandon Symes, 1. Jordan Daniel.
On a picture perfect day a formidable Pigeon reserves accounted for Myrtleford by 73 points.  Finishing third on the ladder, a double chance is top priority for these boys.
Strong all over the ground, this Pigeon outfit have been a real team and deserve credit for their performances.  
In the ruck Riley Welsh and David O’Dwyer are causing headaches for their opposition.
Reid Clarke and James Elliott in the back line along with Jarryd Whinray and Luke Congram up forward are providing added strength to a positive and confident team.  
Score 15.12 102 to Saints 4.5 29.
After the split round next weekend these boys will take on second-placed Albury at Tigerland and it’s expected to an exceptional one at that.  
Goals: M Grinter 3, J Whinray 2, L Congram 2, D Arnold 2, R Mulquiney 2, T Schofield 1, M Bourke 1, T Cooper 1, D O’Dwyer 1.
Best: J Gallagher, R Mulquiney, M Grinter, T Cooper, R Clarke, D O’Dwyer.

Under 18s
In another dominant performance, the Yarrawonga Pigeons have trounced their opposition, the Myrtleford Saints.
Yarrawonga’s dominant midfielders in Bailey Frauenfelder, Ely Smith, Jake MaConachie, Matt Casey and Joe Gorman set the scene for the day with great ruckwork and flawless clearances.
Up forward, Ronan Pritchard, Tim Lawrence and Max Tempany made the most of the many inside fifties for the day.
The young Pigeons had winners all over the ground with Jack Sexton, Lewis Taylor, Will Woodburn and Macauley Lonergan providing terrific run and carry.
Down back, Kayden Sharp, Zac Smith, Ned Mullins and Marcus Evans were resolute all day, giving the opposition nothing.
Thank you to Jake Willett, Brandon Carlin and Cam Magher who all played well for Myrtleford as they were lacking numbers.
Yarrawonga 23.21.159 defeated Myrtleford 0.0.0.

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