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August 02, 2017

Opp Shop feedback

It was refreshing to read that feedback received by the Yarrawonga Community Opportunity Shop could lead to a change on the blanket policy of items not being able to be swapped.
I fully understand that general swapping of goods would be chaotic.
I suggest that the Opp Shop maintain the no swap policy however the volunteers can discretely advise customers if a special request, as was the case of my elderly friend (donation of his whole house lot) for a small bar fridge he required at Warrina, would be passed on to the manager for consideration who would advise by phone of the decision.
The volunteers do a great service to our community appreciated by the many they support.

Sue Bigger.

Re: Moira Shire Plebiscite – Green or Grey Route

The green route is by far the better route for all people of Yarrawonga and surrounding districts.
It offers the farming community and business community to operate their machines and large trucks out of the way of the Belmore Street shoppers.
We do not want to be in your way. We want you to do your business in Belmore Street in a quiet friendly way, but we farming people must be allowed to truck our grain, livestock, milk, sowing and harvesting machinery in an efficient way.
I note that VicRoads are saying that Irvine Parade is the preferred truck route. That will not be the case.
VicRoads cannot design Irvine Parade to take the bigger trucks that are to be licensed by VicRoads very shortly.
That means that large trucks will still be coming down Belmore Street forever if the grey route is chosen. This is totally stupid.
The green route is the best way forward for all of us for the next 100 years.

Malcolm Browning
Secretary Yarrawonga National Party Branch

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