Netball round-up

August 02, 2017

Kayla Oughton gets the pass away.

Nat Ferguson in complete control of the ball.

Chloe Bogle moves the ball forward.

Mulwala netball

A Grade
Mulwala 7 defeated by Moama 56
A very lacklustre Lions side was totally outclassed this week by highly skilled and determined ladder leaders Moama.
Consistent skill errors and poor decision making resulted in a match completely dominated by the Magpies, who were simply too good all over the court.
Awards went to Cara, Nat and Hayley, who continued to work hard despite the scoreboard and maintained their positive talk and encouragement.
Awards:  Foodworks Top Lion – Cara Wood, One Zach – Nat Ferguson, Mug and Meal Deal – Hayley Fry.

B Grade
Mulwala 29 defeated Moama 24    
The Lions started well with Amy Sherlock and Brit causing all sorts of problems for the Moama goalers, turning the ball over and rocketing it back down into attack.
Amy Nunn drove brilliantly through the centre court, creating space and feeding the goalers well.
The Lions led by 2 at quarter time.
Moama attacked the second quarter with greater intensity and both teams scored goal for goal, resulting in the Lions maintaining their 2 goal lead going into the second half.
Excellent defensive pressure and turnovers from Amy, Brit and Georgia were instrumental in building the lead, until Tea suddenly took a tumble and had to come off.
Elise swapped into goals and Abbey Hicks stepped up from 17s to fill the gap with confidence.
In the last quarter Georgia had trouble breathing, so Tea returned and the Lions surged ahead to win by 5 goals.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Amy Sherlock, Mug/Meal Voucher – Tea Glass, Wingates – Amy Nunn

C Grade
Mulwala 35 defeated Moama 29
This week the girls came up against a very strong Moama side.
With the ladder very tight, both teams were hunting a win in order to remain in the top six.
All 8 players gave their all for the entire game and through sheer determination the Lions came away winners on the day. Well done to all on a hard fought win.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Georgia Hope, Mulwala Pharmacy – Sami Till, Mug & Meal Deal – Ash McKee.

C Reserve Grade
Mulwala 29 defeated by Moama 40
No report
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Tara Green, Mug/Meal Deal – Nat Wood, Wingates – Montannah Moon.

17 & under
Mulwala 25 defeated by Moama 37
A strong and physical game found the girls a bit rattled from the first whistle.
Moama came out firing, forcing Maddi and Emme to get their hand over every ball in the defensive end and put in maximum effort trying to keep their players out of the game.
 A lot of loose balls found Abbey fighting hard for intercepts pulling them in every chance she was given.
All 8 girls fought hard defensively, but unfortunately Moama were too strong as they pulled away with a 12 goal win.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Abbey Hicks, YMGCR – Maddi Cooksey, Mulwala Post Office – Emme Shand.

15 & under
Mulwala 12 defeated by Moama 33
The Lions had a very tough game this week against a quality Moama side.
The girls struggled with passes and confidence, and while there were plenty of intercepts, they just didn’t seem to be able to beat Moama’s defence.
Mulwala put up a good fight but with too many errors.
Moama came out on top leaving the Lions ready to start a new week and fight for a win against Numurkah.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Danielle Harris, YMGCR – Abbey Freeman, Mulwala Post Office – Darcy Barton

13 & under
Mulwala 15 defeated by Moama 34
Everyone was happy with the girls’ performance this week, although they weren’t able to come home with a win, the score did not reflect the game.
The defence end implemented the set plays we have been working on and they worked a treat. Well done Freya, Bella, Piper and Abbey - the homework paid off.
Chloe was leading strongly out of the ring while Lauren was driving hard and using her speed to attack the ring.
Jazz and Emmy worked hard to bring the ball down and get it to the shooters but unfortunately the wind was a factor and the Lions did not have a high conversion rate.
Some great passages of play - everyone should be super proud of their efforts this week.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Bella Seamer, YMGCR– Abbey Matthews, McDonalds / BrewIt – Lauren Heffer.

12 & under
Mulwala 3 defeated by Moama 33
The youngest Lions took to the court eager to show Moama how much they have improved over the season.
Mulwala’s first two goaling opportunities were converted with a long shot from both Leni and Bria, both girls relishing in their achievements.
Chloe stepped into the goals and had success in finding the ring too.
All girls worked hard to bring the ball down the court, with Bellina and Matilda feeding the ball well into the goalers.
Emmy worked overtime in the center, applying great pressure throughout the midcourt and getting a lot of tips to the ball, whilst Mikayla, Reese and Olivia worked well together in defence.
The girls nailed the defensive throw-ins and this helped the ball move smoothly down the court.
The score does not reflect the vast improvement in all 9 girls’ game. Keep up the great work.
Awards:  Foodworks Top Lion – Bria Seamer, YMGCR – Leni Miller, McDonalds/BrewIt – Olivia Quinn.

Tungamah netball

A Grade
Tungamah 54 def Katandra 23.
It was just what the coaches had asked for on Saturday, “go and give it everything you’ve got”.
That was exactly what the girls did. Everyone played 100 percent.
Tungamah had control of the game with good drives and accurate passes.
An awesome game to watch. Well done girls.
Scores- Tungamah 54 defeated Katandra 23.
Awards- Clubmulwala -Danielle, Burramine Homestead- Victoria.

B Grade
Tungamah 31 def by Katandra 33.
Defenders Kait and Alyssa continued to produce their usual tight defensive line, being pushed to work very hard for every gain in the Katandra ring. 
With only two of the team being over the age of 18, the youngsters showed tenacity in trying to change the direction of the ball. 
The experienced players of Tegan and Brydee led the way with some great goals and clever play - culminating with Tegan’s goal produced by the throw-in ball being tapped off the goal post back to herself and then sliding seamlessly through the ring.
The excitement mounted in the fourth quarter as the earlier 6 goal gap grew closer to Katandra’s continually higher score. 

Rennie netball

Rennie’s third home game in a row welcomed the Eagles. The beautiful sunshine promised a bright day, however the wind certainly may have played a part in some of the low scoring games.

A Grade
Rennie 38 defeated Shepparton East 37
A calm start was the goal this week, and doing so, set the girls up for a very close win.
Strong defence by Chelsea Beavis and Lisa Handreck gave plenty of opportunities in attack.
Meanwhile, Eliza Strawhorn worked the ball down the court well into the shooters.
A big game next week against Dookie, whom the team has one win and one loss against.
Awards: Burke’s Hotel – Eliza Strawhorn, Bella Femme Ness – Lisa Handreck, Thyme for coffee – Chelsea Beavis and Lake Mulwala Hotel – Paula Mifka.
Judd’s Mensland is the sponsor of the week.  The club thanks Michelle Clarke and her team for their support of the Rennie Netball Club.
Rennie Netball club encourages all members to make sure they we support those who support the club.

B Grade
Rennie 21 defeated by Shepparton East 27
This time it was the wind playing havoc with the goal shooters with plenty of scoring shots and a nail bitting game to watch.
Defence worked over time with opportunities of rebounds and clear passages of play around the court.
Midcourt did a sensational job in creating space and leading to the ball.
Awards: Yarrawonga Hotel– Kayla Oughton, Bella Pelle – Petra Williamson, The Naked Tree - Rachael Guppy and Lake Mulwala Hotel – Hannah Douglass.

C Grade
Rennie 40 defeated Shepparton East 34
With all 10 players available it was a full strength Rennie line up ready to take the court.
Accurate shooting from Kayla and Kristy had the girls at a solid lead at quarter time.
The defenders worked overtime - grabbing rebounds and intercepts and using channels to feed the ball to the shooters.
Positional changes were made which allowed for the girls to really capitalise on an extensive lead. All girls should be proud of their efforts on the court.
Awards: Yarrawonga Hotel – Mikaila Hemphill, Mulwala Bakery - Kayla Stevenson, Judd’s Mensland – Tammy Watson and Redback Waste – Roxi Marett.

C Reserve
Rennie 33 defeated by Shepparton East 36
On a day that was not pleasant for playing netball, the girls struggled to play to the windy conditions.
Inaccurate passing ended up being quite costly in the attacking end, where the defenders worked overtime to try and suppress close to goal accurate shooting in the first half.
The second half showed signs of improvement, however wayward passes were still present. The girls must remember to adapt to the conditions and play to the team’s individual strengths.
Awards: Mulwala Bakery – Emma Chessells, Terminus Hotel – Laura Nunn, Allure Hair – Amy Bye and Athenaeum – Tayah McCarthy.

Under 17s
Rennie 30 defeated Shepparton East 24
This was always going to be a tough game against second placed Shepp East.
While the play never reached the heights of a great game, the girls worked hard to get the win and gain confidence as they head towards the business end of the season.
A good win for the 17s under very trying conditions.
Awards: One Zach – Emerson Lee, Wingate’s – Chelsea Beavis, Balance Spin Studio – Lexie Nolen and Burn’s Earthworks - Maddy McInness

Under 15s
Rennie 17 defeated by Shepparton East 19
The girls played a consistent first half, to be even at half time. 
Some poor decisions with passes in the third quarter let the opposition have a lead at three quarter time.
The girls dug deep in the last quarter but it just wasn’t enough to get them over the line.
Awards: Mulwala Bakery – Charlie Hargreaves, Judd’s Mensland – Alainah Bye and Yarra Hot Bread – Hayley Bigger.

Awards: Kait Megarrity and Tegan Powell.

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