Woodlands park finally gets a name

August 03, 2017

What’s in a name? This Woodlands park now has one – Taylor Park.

After a lengthy process and at least five name suggestions, a nameless park in Woodlands between Campbellfield Drive and Rosemary Court will be officially named Taylor Park.

The process of seeking a name for the park, to assist with mapping and emergency services location, began as far back as August, 2016, when council adopted the interim name of ‘Cooper Park’.
Council was told the name had been chosen at the suggestion of the Yarrawonga Historical Society in memory of Private Daniel Cooper who was killed in action on September 20, 1917, while serving at Ypres, Belgium, during WWI.
At the time, then councillor Brian Keenan questioned the name suggestion saying, “I query the name choice, there is Hogans Road running near it and there wasn’t to my knowledge any Coopers in this area…it will be interesting to see what comes out of it”.
Nearby residents were invited to make submissions on the name and after publicised in the Yarrawonga Chronicle, Alan Hyslop, suggested the alternative ‘Tamarisk Reserve’.
“Part of the reserve is a reminder of the original farm ‘Woodlands’ – (including) the copse of tamarisk trees which complemented the sheep yards,” My Hyslop said.
“An appropriate name would be Tamarisk Reserve. The signage could briefly reflect this story and so be informative and not lost to history.”
The suggestions continued when descendants of the original owner of the land contacted the Yarrawonga Chronicle to suggest the park should be named in honour of their late father, William Stevenson.
“My sisters and I have a very strong opinion on what the official name of the reserve should be,” Robyn Murray said.
“We are the daughters of William Stevenson who was the subdivider of his Woodlands farm. As the farm had been in the Stevenson family for many generations we feel that the name of the reserve should be named after the Stevenson family that resided on the land for over 100 years.”
Ms Williams suggested either ‘William Stevenson Reserve’ or ‘Stevenson Park’.
Council undertook a public consultation process to receive feedback on the interim name and after receiving submissions related to the aforementioned alternatives, went to the April, 2017 meeting with a recommendation to adopt the name Cooper Park.
However, in an unexpected move, another alternate name was suggested in a motion moved by Cr Wendy Buck.
This motion, which was carried, called for a new name suggestion, ‘Taylor Park’ to be adopted as an interim name and advertised for further community consultation.
Council also resolved to write to nearby residents advising of the interim choice and seeking feedback.
The name was suggested in honour of Lance Corporal Ernest Taylor was born in Yarrawonga and was the uncle of William Stevenson, the original developer of the Woodlands land.
According to the council report, the name was suggested by Mr Stevenson’s daughter.
The interim name was advertised and two submissions were received. The first from Mr Taylor’s great, great niece in support of the name Taylor Park.
The second submission called for yet another name suggestion ‘Woodlands Reserve’.
However, council determined that Yarrawonga already has a park named Woodlands Park, located in Linthorpe Drive, and the suggestion Woodlands Reserve would be considered a duplicate and not permissible under naming rules.
So, after a list of name suggestions and almost 12 months of debate, the park in Woodlands was named by Moira Shire Council as Taylor Park at the July, 26 meeting.
The name will now be submitted by council to the Office of Geographic Names and all submitters to council are to be advised of the decision and their rights of appeal to the same office.

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