Tungamah netball

August 09, 2017

Brodie Gissing.

Ella Rose Costigan.

A Grade

Tungamah 40 defeated by Shepp East 55
After Shepp East went down to Rennie last week the A-Grade team were not going to let that happen again. They came out strong and swiftly advanced the ball into their attack, capitalising on their efforts.
Tungamah struggled to reduce Shepp East’s lead but they continued to fight until the end. Victoria and Adele consistently made strong leads through the whole game, opening the court up and providing options.
 Thanks to Hannah for her support and we wish Abbey a speedy recovery from her injury.
Awards: Victoria Bruce; Thursday night meal, Adele Prescott; ClubMulwala.

B Grade

Shepp East 50 def Tungamah 18
A cold day i Shepp East saw B-Grade keep pace with the opposition in the first quarter.  However, the next three quarters saw Shepp East in control, seemingly passing and goaling at will, and capitalising on passing errors and some sloppy footwork.  On a positive note, captain Brodie Gissing embraced her position change to GA in the last quarter with grace and elegance, resulting in a beautiful goal.
Awards:  Byramine Homestead; Brodie Gissing. Thurs night club meal; Isobel Connell.

C Reserve

Tungamah 14 def by Shepp East 37
The girls had a great game, full of laughter and smiles. Lots of interesting moves, such as running with the ball tucked under an arm, that kept the crowd entertained. The defenders worked well together all game and used their rebounds wisely. The mid court did well and never gave up throughout the game. The shooters also gave the crowd a bit of entertainment and when a goal was shot there was lots of encouragement from everyone.
Awards:  Byramine Homestead: Sarah Duffy, TFNC Award: Jess Haebich. Auction Player: Caity Whitelock.

Under 17s

Tungamah 43 def Shepp East 35
The first time Under 17 played Shepp East they lost, the second time they had won by only 1 goal in the final moments of the game. So the girls knew that this match was going to be a tough contest.
Fortunately the girls showed that they wanted this win more than the Shepp East team. The defenders worked so hard all game to make sure that any missed goal was their possession. The mid-courters did some great drives and used the space really well and the shooters didn’t let the pressure get to them and made sure that they had a steady lead for most of the game. Even when the margin did get a bit close the girls worked even harder and put the pressure on Shepp East.  Well done girls.

Under 15s

Tungamah 40 def Shep East 14
Once again the junior girls did our club proud.  On one of the coldest mornings yet this season the girls knew this was going to be a tough one as it was first playing second. 
Shepp East at the first whistle, got the ball down to their shooters quickly and scored.  Tungamah then scored seconds later and it was goal for goal for the next couple of minutes.  After that, Tungamah took control and crept further away. 
By the end of the first half, scores were 20/6 Tungamah’s way. 
The girls kept Shepp East goalless in the third. 
Throughout the whole game, every girl played their best.  Fabulous intercepts, had the ball turned over and moved quickly down to the shooters. 
Mid-court read each other well, driving forward and talking.  Shooters didn’t miss many and utilised the goal circle to set themselves up for goal.  Defence worked hard, especially in the last quarter, causing turnovers and stopping play which slowed down Shepp East when the ball was in their hands. 
Each player was worthy of an award today, and each girl should be proud of themselves.  A great game for all watching today.  Good luck to Erica Montgomery in her travels to China.  The team will miss you, but wish you well.  Awards: Sarah Cummins;Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club. Erica Montgomery; Wingates.

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