Avalanche of goals in Junior Soccer

August 09, 2017

Manchester United U10s Angus Donald.

Chelsea U10s Penny Whitley.

The second last round of Junior Soccer produced some high scores by all the teams. The round was held at Vic Park, Yarrawonga and once again the players enjoyed a different venue. The weather was beautiful and the pitches were in excellent condition considering the overnight rain.

The children continue to display their wonderful skills. More importantly everyone involved continues to have a lot of fun whilst they play. A big thank you to all the parents who continue to make the weekly trek between the various towns. The kids continue to appreciate your efforts.
On Saturday everyone received information relating to the Grand Final Day on August 20. This day will follow the same format as in past years with every team playing somewhere between 2 and 4 matches depending on the results.
Training continues this week with Finley on Tuesdays, Yarrawonga on Wednesdays and Cobram on Thursdays. Please continue to training as it is evident which children have been attending these sessions.
Representative teams have been training for the past few weeks and it will be great to have these sides represent the Cobram Junior Soccer Association.
Under 6 Mixed Manchester City 4 defeated Inter Milan 0 (Award Thomas Burns), Celtic 1 (Goal Judd Clarke, Award Campbell Reynolds) drew Manchester United 1 (Goal Jackson Smith, Award Eliot Bye), Barcelona 5 defeated AC Milan 0, Juventus 5 (Goals Dominic Luke, Archie Paterson, Vincent Grasso) defeated Chelsea 2 (Goals Donnacha Straight, Finn Watson, Award Finn Wood), Barcelona 5 (Goals Ethan Rickard, Jacey Munro, Josiah Everingham)
Under 8 Mixed Celtic 5 (Goals Jeev Ranhwana, Rocco Anastasio, Lenny Power, Sam Watson, Luke Kalz, Oscar Dubourg) defeated Manchester United 1 (Goal Luke O’Brien, Award Riley Jones), Inter Milan 4 (Goals Cameron Sneedon, Kynan Knight, Award Luca Orsida) drew AC Milan 4, Juventus 4 (Goals Massimo Startari, Kyle O’Malley) defeated Chelsea 1
Under 10 Boys Chelsea 4 (Goals Max Loughnan 3, Archie Skehan 1, Award Lachlan Jones) defeated Juventus 0 (Award Ethan Bentley), Manchester United 0 (Award Lachie Conway) drew Barcelona 0 (Braden Taylor), Celtic 5 (Goals Cooper Fuller, Reuben Haley, Noah Everingham, Goals Shaden Alsabti) defeated Inter Milan 0 (Goals Casey Chandler, Gemma Chandler, Sam Slatterie)
Under 10 Girls Manchester United 3 (Goals Ella Skehan, Scarlett Mullavey, Award Scarlett Mullavey) defeated Juventus 0, Barcelona 2 (Goals Jenna Munro, Emily Davies, Award Cherish Joseph) defeated Chelsea 0 (Award Charlotte Woosnam)
Under 12 Mixed Celtic 5 (Goals Kye Everingham, Layne Haley, Reuben Haley, Jacob Smith, Award James Robinett) defeated Manchester City 3 (Goals Liam Kelly, Ollie Cope, Award Xander Smith), Juventus 5 (Goals Harry Paterson, Tully Kerr) defeated Chelsea 2 (Goals Dylan Nicholson, Paige Duffy, Award Sophie Martin), Manchester United 5 (Goals Alex Di Ciccio, Maddison Lyons, Jack Bassett, Lachlan Bosch, Award Tiare Wilson) defeated Barcelona (Goals Jacob Orro, Kohan Joseph, Award Jacob Orro).

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