Netball round-up

August 16, 2017

Molly Burke takes a shot.

Brylee McCarty in attack for the under 17s.

Lexie Nolan takes the pass.

Tungamah netball

A Grade
Tungamah 34 def by Dookie 37.
The whistle blew and it was ‘game on’ for the A Grade girls against Dookie on Saturday.
Every one of the 14 players on the court gave it their all.
It was intense as the Tungamah players pushed their bodies to achieve a very exciting game.
The score was close throughout with the lead changing several times.
Sally gave some excellent coaching tips from the sideline allowing the players to reflect on their play.
The team has come a long way since the beginning of the season utilising a blend that works well of youth and experience. All should be very proud of their achievements.
Awards: Burramine Homestead - Kim Di Blasi, TFNC - Molly Burke.
Thank you Sally, Ally, Abbey and Sarah for providing the bench and encouraging the players on.

B Grade
Tungamah 40 def by Dookie 31.
A great win by the girls this week.  In particular, the young players showed how much they’ve improved over the season with Sophie, Kait, Isobel, and the very handy inclusion of Hannah, all performing well.
Sarah showed her dominance at both ends of the court after half time and Brodie, Tegan and Brydee all played their usual solid games. 
It was a wonderful team effort that resulted in a good win. 
Thanks also to Ella Costigan and Olivia Hayes for benching and Kait everyone hopes that ankle feels better soon.
Awards:  ClubMulwala - Brodie Gissing, Thursday night club meal - Hannah Keel.

C reserve
The game started well with some mighty fine intercepts by the mid court and defence.
In the first quarter, both teams fought equally for the ball and everyone’s positioning was perfect, however, the goals just didn’t want to go in.
The second quarter was just as good, with Sally Eales in GK and Larissa in GD defending, rebounding and intercepting beautifully.
Jess was quick on her feet to feed the ball into Sheryl and Sarah, however, Dookie’s defence was too good.
The third quarter saw the girls go out fiery as ever, with Caitlin and Grace Whitelock playing in their first senior game together.
The final quarter saw great movement by Penny who was playing up from under 13s.
Tungamah’s full court pressure was spot on, with once again, Sal’s intercepts under the ring, making it difficult for Dookie to score.
Unfortunately, the final scores don’t reflect the hard work all the girls put in throughout the game.
Awards: ClubMulwala award- Sheryl McBurnie, Wingates- Caity Whitelock.

Under 17s
Tungamah 49 def Dookie 31.
The girls started off strong against fourth on the ladder Dookie securing a comfortable lead throughout the whole game.
Tungamah set out with a goal of being up by 15 at quarter time and they did exactly that and more with Adele and Molly matching up perfectly in the ring barely missing a goal.
Alyssa and Abbey worked hard down the defence end against the tall shooting duo, Alyssa figuring out ways to cut off the goal shooters’ hold and getting plenty of turnovers.
Amy, Han, ally and Caity worked hard throughout the mid and defence working the ball down the court beautifully.
A confident and comfortable win for the girls showing all their hard team work is paying off.
Awards: Alyssa McLarty, Molly Burke, Abbey Griffin.

Under 15s
Tungamah 49 def Dookie 4
Great team effort this week.  The girls worked well together and it showed on the court, although the first quarter was a bit all over the place. 
Taking a little time to settle into the game, errors were made across the whole court. 
At first break, the girls regrouped and then came out firing. 
Slowing their game down at times, knowing they have 3 seconds, improved their timing and passes then met their intended mark. 
Great driving by midcourt had them intercepting and use of the whole court ensured the ball went down the thirds to the goal circle. 
The defence kept pressure on all day and knew when to attack and this kept the ball back in Tungamah’s favour. 
The shooters used each other as well as midcourt on the goal circle and the goals kept coming. 
Some changes, giving an opportunity to others in different positions, kept the ball in play and the final score showed that the girls are a strong team each week. 
Awards: Chantelle Dingeman - La Porchetta, Ella Jones - Golf Club, Ella Costigan - Golf Club.

Tungamah 41 def Dookie 10
Great game played by everyone this week.
The girls seemed to take in everything they have been practicing at training for the year and put it all into the game.
This along with lots of positive attitude by everyone on the court made it a great game to watch, with even a compliment from the opposition coach.
Hopefully the girls can play the same next week and beat the team on top.  
Awards: Bakery- Beth and Macey, YMGCR - Francis and Jess.

Rennie netball

Rennie welcomed the Waaia Football Netball Club for the last home game for the season, in addition to our annual Ladies Day.  

Thank you to Paula Mifka and Kayla Stevenson who worked tirelessly to ensure all ladies had a relaxing and enjoyable afternoon following the netball, where there were refreshments and delicious homemade delights on hand.
Thank you to all the businesses who contributed towards the raffle, we are extremely grateful for the generosity shown by many local establishments.

A Grade
Rennie 42 defeated by Waaia 43
A solid start to game is what the team was after and the girls worked hard to achieve this. Patience with the ball and tight defence saw the score level at the first and one down at half time.
The girls continued to work hard in the third quarter, maintaining possession and conversions saw Rennie take the lead by five goals.
Waaia’s experience showed out in the end, in a nail biting game.
A positive outcome for a team now just starting to settle and learn each week.
Bring on the last round with a win potentially taking the girls into the finals.
Awards: Yarrawonga Hotel – Brylee McCarty, Bella Pelle – Chelsea Beavis, Mulwala Bakery – Eliza Straworn and Thyme for Coffee – Clancy Bigger.

B Grade
Rennie 26 defeated by Waaia 46
Another hard game against another strong team. For the first half, the girls were able to keep up with the Waaia team.
A few position changes at half time and going into the last half the girls were unable to claw back the difference going down.
Looking forward to the final game for the home and away season against Katandra before we start our finals campaign.
Awards: Mulwala Bakery –Kayla Oughton, Terminus Hotel – Hannah Douglass, Lake Mulwala Hotel – Tayla Mollison and Soul Sisters – Nada Nolen.

C Grade
Rennie 34 defeated by Waaia 52
Awards: Mulwala Bakery – Tammy Watson, Mulwala Bakery – Roxi Marett, Bella Femme Ness – Kacey Kindred and Redback Waste – Kristy McDougall.

C Reserve
Rennie 20 defeated by Waaia 32
Awards: Yarrawonga Hotel – Laura Nunn, The Naked Tree – Emma Chessells, One Zach – Tayah McCarthy and Wingate’s – Eden Mackinnon.

Under 17s
Rennie 45 defeated Dookie 13
A great win by the 17s over Waaia as Rennie head into the last game of the season.
The girls were disciplined and displayed the effects of all their training and hard work.
It was great to see Brylee McCarty and Emerson Lee moving around the goal circle so well together as Catherine Shaw provided great drive into the mid court.
Once again the defenders stood tall as Chelsea Beavis rebounded strongly.
Awards: Allure Hair – Chelsea Beavis, Burn’s Earthworks – Brylee McCarty, Athanaeum – Emerson Lee and Courtyard Café – Catherine Shaw.

Under 15s
Rennie 26 defeated Waaia 22
The girls came up against a much-improved opposition, being down in the first half. 
After making some changes, the intercepts in defence, drive through the mid court and some great shooting and rebounding let Rennie sneak home with the win.
The girls did a good job of coming from behind to win by four goals. Well done girls.
Awards: Mulwala Bakery – Hayley Bigger, Judd’s Mensland – Phoebe Thorpe, Yarra Fish’n’Chips – Nikita-Lee Wallace and McDonald’s – Emily Coghill.

Under 13s
Rennie 26 defeated Waaia 24
The girls came out strong and maintained the level to come away with the two goal win.
There were patches of beautiful ball movement and using the space well.
The day was dampened with Grace unable to return from a foot injury, hopefully she recovers to full strength soon.
Awards:  Ricky D’s Pizza – Charlie Hall, Arnold/Hall Family – Jacinta Beavis, Redback Waste – Abbey Coghill and Courtyard Café – Ella Rhodes.

Under 11s
The youngest Hopperettes came out strong right from the beginning and proved just how much they have improved over the course of the season.
Strong leads, impressive ball skills and tight defence were key skills that allowed them to shine throughout both ends of the court, in a range of player combinations.
Chelsea and Sophia dominated in defence and Violet demonstrated strong leads, while Keeley fought hard for the ball all game.
As the girls move into our final week for the season, the club would like to congratulate all the girls on their hard work and determination all year.
Awards: La Porchetta – Violet Elliott, Yarra Hot Bread – Keeley Thorpe, Arnold/Hall Family – Sophia Shaw and McDonald’s – Chelsea Cooper.
Soul Sisters is the sponsor of the week.  Thanks to Hayley and Jess for their support of the Rennie Netball Club. Soul Sisters Lashes and Beauty can take care of all of your beauty needs, with their passionate and experienced staff.
Rennie Netball Club encourages all our members to make sure that we support those who support us.

Mulwala netball

A Grade
Mulwala 29 defeated by Numurkah 51
After a week off and a high intensity training session the Lions returned to the court ready to tackle second on the ladder Numurkah.
With Cara and Lauren driving through the attack end the goalers had plenty of opportunities and were able to capitalise on these with greater accuracy this week.
Hayley had her work cut out for her in defence, but she held her own and managed to get a few turnovers and pull in some much-needed rebounds, while Rorri maintained her intensity at the ball.
The Blues raced to an early lead, however the Lions continued to work hard and the second quarter was an improvement on the first.
Amy Nunn came on after an early injury to Lauren and she drove beautifully through the centre court, having already played a full game in B grade.
Numurkah made significant changes in the second half, giving their juniors an opportunity on the court and allowed Mulwala to remain in the game, providing a competitive match that was played in great spirit.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Amy Nunn, Mulwala Pharmacy – Jordy McCarthy

B Grade
Mulwala 49 defeated Numurkah 28
Finals are definitely in the air and B grade showed that they are going to be a force to be reckoned with come September.
The Lions blew Numurkah away in the first quarter, piling on 16 goals to the Blues’ 6 as they drove with ferocity at the ball.
Lisa and Brit were relentless in defence, and with Georgia in WD they formed an impenetrable wall, causing all sorts of problems for the Numurkah goalers.
Tea and Jade were unstoppable in goals, with Amy and Elise hitting the ring and passing to perfection.
Numurkah bounced back and had a stronger second quarter but the Lions were just too strong across the court, playing a determined game as they edge closer to the finals series.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Tea Glass, BE Wear – Jade Robinson

C Grade
Mulwala 41 drew with Numurkah 41
Facing the top side on the ladder, the Lions put in a stellar performance showing what they are capable of.
It was a very tight and exciting game resulting in a draw.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Brianna Magro, One Zach – Ash McKee

C Res Grade
Mulwala 41 defeated by Numurkah 48
Saturday the girls came up against the top of the ladder Numurkah, and to their credit they put up a fantastic fight, playing their game and winning the first quarter.
Sally and Toot were combining well together and shooting was on point.
The defence created many turnovers and midcourt provided lots of drive throughout the court. Aubrey went down with a knee injury forcing a new line up coming into the 3rd quarter and allowing Numurkah to take advantage and run out to a strong lead.
However the girls weren’t done and they fought hard during the 4th quarter, reducing the margin and ended up losing by only 7 goals.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Bethany Robinson, Mulwala Pharmacy – Tayla McNamara

17 & under
Mulwala 31 defeated Numurkah 21
The Lions got off to a strong start with Tess and Hollie carving up the centre court and driving the ring to perfection.
Their passing in to Delaynee and Lilly was spot on, allowing the goalers to convert most scoring opportunities.
Heidi and Jess worked hard in defence against a towering GS and managed to get a number of turnovers despite their lack of height in the ring.
In the second half Emme and Abbey came on to bolster the defence line up and did so with much success. A strong and consistent performance this week from the Lions.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Jess Barton, YMGCR – Hollie McNamara, Wingates – Delaynee Moon, Manager’s Award – Emme Shand

15 & under
Mulwala 26 drew with Numurkah 26
A week off is just what these little Lions needed. The girls came back with a fire in their bellies and determined to win.
Everyone stepped up and played perfectly as a team. With the tight game for the entire match, the Lions put in 110% and finished off with a draw.
The team wishes Darcy Barton all the best on her trip to China as this was her last game of the season.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Cheyenne Nixon, YMGCR – Danielle Harris, La Porchetta – Darcy Barton

13 & under
Mulwala 26 defeated by Numurkah 27

12 & under
Mulwala 12 defeated by Numurkah 23
This was by far the best game of the season for the youngest Lions and they should be very proud of how much progress they have made throughout the season.
Taking to the court a little quiet and weary the girls started the game off with a goal within the first few minutes.
This took Numurkah by surprise and they had to work extra hard to get the ball into their ring.
The second quarter saw the young Lions rattled by the pressure Numurkah was applying.
A quick rev up at half time and the girls went out matching Numurkah goal for goal.
Talk on the court lifted and smiles were on everyone’s faces.
The second half of the game saw the girl’s spirits rise and the realisation that they could take out the game. If there was a fifth quarter, undoubtedly the Lions would have won.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Emme Gittins, YMGCR – Bellina Walshe, McDonalds/BrewIt – Mikayla Demaio

Yarrawonga netball

A Grade
With the 25th Year anniversary of Netball in the Ovens & Murray to be celebrated later in the night, the Pigeon girls started the day with a bang, running out 23 goal winners over the Wodonga Raiders. With goal shooter Bridget Cassar out due to illness, the Pigeons were lacking height which meant quick ball movement was required to cut through the Raiders’ defence.
At quarter time the Pigeons had opened up 13 goal lead.
The second term saw the Raiders settle into the game to get within 9 goals of the Pigeons.
But as the quarter went on, Yarrawonga wrestled back the momentum, stretching the margin to 14 at the main break.
The third quarter was all Yarra, outscoring the Raiders 13 to 6.
In the last term the Raiders continued to fight, matching it with the Pigeons for majority of the quarter.
However it was continual defensive pressure and quick ball movement that was key for the Pigeons in a convincing win.
Next week the A Grade Pigeons take on ladder leaders Lavington in what should be an epic showdown.
Next week will also see the girls celebrate 100 A Grade games for Abbey Jones - a wonderful achievement for such a young player.
Yarrawonga 60 def Raiders 37.
Best: Gemma O’Sullivan, Hannah Symes. Goals: Abbey Jones 38, Gemma O’Sullivan 22

B Grade
It was another must win game for the Pigeon’s B Grade team on Saturday for a chance to play in finals.
The girls did everything to get the job done defeating the Raiders by 16 goals.
The team welcomed back Malory Nankervis from injury and at the end of the first quarter scores were locked at 12 apiece.
In a fantastic second term, it was the Pigeons who were the dominant side, holding a 5 goal buffer at the main break.
In the third, it was the Pigeons again who maintained the front foot, furthering the lead to 10 at the last change.
The finishing skills of Ange Tyrell and Kate Robilliard were crucial all day with the Pigeons continuing to pile on the goals to end up running out victorious by 16 goals.
Yarrawonga 49 def Raiders 33.
Best: Chloe Whinray, Ange Tyrell. Goals: Kate Robilliard 28, Ange Tyrell 21

C Grade
Taking on the sixth-placed Raiders, the third-placed Pigeons set out to ensure they got on top of their opposition early in the game, and they did exactly that, leading the Raiders by 9 at the first change.
During the second term the Pigeons maintained the momentum and continued to apply pressure on the Raiders all around the court.
Half time the Pigeons led by 17 goals.
The second half was completely dominated by the Pigeons outscoring the Raiders by 18 goals.
A very solid win for the girls as they head on to Lavington next week.
Yarrawonga 59 def Raiders 24
Best: Sharni Wallden, Tayla Bogle. Goals: Tayla Bogle 32, Steph Kennedy 14, Emma Soutter 13.

Under 16s
With the Pigeons (3rd) and Raiders (4th) this game was set to go down to the wire.
The Pigeons went into the game without key player in Laura Zanin (injured) which meant the girls would have to play to their potential to get the win.
In the first quarter, the Pigeons maintained the upper hand leading the Raiders 12 to 9 at quarter time.
Accurate goal shooting from Eliza York was crucial in keeping the Pigeons in the contest all day.
Throughout the whole game the Pigeons seemed to be in control on the scoreboard, however the Raiders always stayed in the contest.
By ¾ time the Pigeons held onto a 4 goal lead, which set up a great finish to the game.
The Raiders ramped up the pressure and outscored the Pigeons by 2 in the final term but it wasn’t enough, as the Pigeon girls ran out 2 goal winners.
Awesome defensive pressure and the ability to capitalize on rebounds were key in the win for the girls.
Yarrawonga 42 def Raiders 40.  
Best: Elly Robilliard, Georgia Lawless. Goals: Eliza York 35, Indi Frauenfelder 4, Abbey Chapman 3.

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