Letters to the Editor

August 16, 2017

A warning to citizens

It has come to my notice that misinformation is being circulated regarding the grey route for the new Yarrawonga Mulwala bridge in the lead up to the Moira Shire poll.
Members of a club were informed by a shire councillor that VicRoads’ choice of the grey option will force trucks to use Belmore Street because the plan for the roundabout adjacent to the new bridge cannot accommodate heavy traffic.
I have been advised that the roundabout plans are specifically designed for the ease of trucks to use.
I humbly ask that poll voters seek the truth and ignore hearsay.

Thomas Hutchison

Shining light on unacceptable behaviour

I write to congratulate the Yarrawonga Chronicle on their recent reporting about family violence and local police for their support and action of those experiencing such abuse.
I recently heard family violence and domestic abuse characterised as an insidious disease - a description I very much agree with.
I believe an ‘if you see something, say something’ approach is very important.
Whether you confront the perpetrator (if safe to do so), offer support to the person experiencing the abuse, speak to local services or make an anonymous report to 000 - the more light we shine on violent and unacceptable behaviour, the safer our community will be.

Andrew Bock

Support for the green route

After attending many meetings over the years regarding the route for the new Yarrawonga Mulwala bridge, I came away with the strong impression that the majority of people were in favour of the green route.
I can understand those with a no-change attitude wanting the grey route.
Surely though, anyone thinking a few years ahead would support the green route.
We are told of the growth potential of our two towns and the green route allows for many options for both towns in the future with space to develop.
Getting rid of large trucks, machinery and traffic away from an important area at the north end of Belmore Street is necessary.
People will still come to the town centre for their needs and businesses - locals and visitors.
No mention has been made of the traffic that goes through the south of the town, along Telford Street. They come to the centre if they need to.
The weir was placed where it is because of the rock foundation available. Also a good place for a bridge.
Please think of the future of our towns and support the green route.

Alistair Forge.

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