Netball round-up

August 23, 2017

Rennie netball

For the final round of the year, the Rennie Hoppers headed south to the home of the Katandra Kats.  

A Grade
Rennie 63 defeated Katandra 40
The girls knew going into this game they6 needed to take away a win to have any chance of making the five.
Playing hard at the ball and settling in attack to convert was their main focus and the girls did just that.
Chelsea Beavis had a stellar game in GK and Brylee McCarty was again amazing in GA, providing strength, drive and goaling accuracy.
Jedda Nolen provided drive and options in WA and has been a huge part of the 2017 team. Although doing their best, taking out a 23 goal victory, the biggest win of the season, an ironic win by Tungamah saw Rennie’s A Grade girls miss out on the top five by 0.6%.
Awards: Yarrawonga Hotel – Brylee McCarty, Yarrawonga Hotel – Jedda Nolen, The Naked Tree – Lisa Handreck and Bella Femme Ness – Kaitlyn Ackerly.

B Grade
Rennie 38 defeated Katandra 18
A solid start from the B grade team meant they led at all breaks.
A few rotational changes in the defence end gave the team fresh legs and a chance for the girls to gel into these positions.
Shooters, Ebony Williams and Karen Kaine, were consistent all game and well supported from the mid-court runners Nada Nolen, Tayla Mollison and Jedda Nolen.
Awards: Burke’s Hotel – Tayla Mollison, Yarrawonga Hotel – Ebony Williams, Bella Pelle – Kayla Oughton, Mulwala Bakery – Rachael Guppy and Thyme for Coffee – Celine Collins-Bye.

C Grade
Rennie 49 defeated Katandra 34
Awards: Mulwala Bakery –Kristy McDougall, Yarrawonga Hotel – Kayla Stevenson, Terminus Hotel – Kacey Kindred and Redback Waste – Caitlyn O’Dwyer.
C Reserve
Rennie 34 defeated Katandra 21
Awards: Yarrawonga Hotel – Eden Mackinnon, Mulwala Bakery – Tayah McCarthy, Allure Hair – Jess Szmidel and Soul Sisters – Amy Starr.

Under 17s
Rennie 53 defeated Katandra 28
With a full team in the line-up this week, the girls adjusted to different positions easily.
Defensively, Chelsea Beavis and Maddie McInness were once again all over the ball and Catherine Shaw drove the ball dominantly through the centre.
A great effort for the girls to finish on top of the ladder.
Awards: One Zach – Emerson Lee, Wingate’s Breanna Laversa, Mulwala Bakery – Catherine Shaw and Judd’s Mensland – Lani Crawford.

Under 15s
Rennie 34 defeated Katandra 27.
The girls took a bit to settle in the first quarter, but improved in the second to be even at half time. 
In the second half, the girls stepped up and came home with a strong win.
Awards: Burn’s Earthworks – Suzy Levesque, La Porchetta – Chloe Forge, Yarra Hot Bread – Hayley Bigger, Mulwala Pharmacy – Charlie Hargreaves, Mulwala Pharmacy – Nikita-Lee Wallace, Judd’s Mensland – Emily Coghill, Judd’s Mensland – Alainah Bye, Athanaeum – Phoebe Thorpe and McDonald’s – Anika Walsh.

Under 13s
Rennie 29 defeated Katandra 18.
A good win to finish off the home and away season. The girls started off well again in the first quarter and we were able to maintain it throughout the game.
Their ball movement has been excellent and hopefully they can maintain this going into a tough finals series.
Awards:  Yarra Fish’n’Chips – Grace Stephens, Arnold/Hall Family – Marnie Hoskings, Redback Waste – Jacinta Beavis and McDonald’s – Lily Levesque.

Under 11s
This week was an opportunity for the youngest Hoppers netballers to demonstrate just how much they have learnt throughout the season.
Their ability to create space, lead and move the ball down the court with speed, was nothing compared to their tight defence and determination to fight for the ball.
Keeley watched the ball closely and rebounded well in GK.
Holly exhibited speed through the mid-court, while Heleena’s consistent interceptions in defence enabled the girls to control the game.
Portia moved well throughout all areas and established a constant presence on the court. Congratulations to all of our girls for a fabulous season.
Awards: Yarra Fish’n’Chips – Heleena Shaw, Arnold/Hall Family- Keeley Thorpe, Redback Waste – Portia Kaine and McDonald’s – Holly Hadley.
Burkes Hotel is the sponsor of the week.  The club thanks John and Annie Thomson for their support of the Rennie Netball Club.
Rennie Netball club encourages all members to make sure they we support those who support the club.

Tungamah netball

A Grade
Tungamah 43 def Waaia 38.
It was the last round of the season this week and Tungamah was sitting well down on the ladder. 
Coach Felicity gave the team a challenge saying, “If we win today we still have a chance for finals. Today we play the undefeated Waaia. Play to win or play to lose. It’s your choice”. Tungamah took to the court and played well. Direct passes and clear drives set the team up for a good leading score at the end of the first quarter.
The last three quarters were fairly even with Waaia unable to reign in Tungamah’s lead.  
Danielle showed her core strength balancing on the ball in the ring without being off side. The penalty paid was held ball as she tried to work out how to get out of the situation - a great spectacle.
Awards: Yarrawonga Myotherapist - Danielle, TFNC meal - Chelsea.

B Grade
Waaia 63 def Tungamah 17.
This game marked the end of B Grade’s 2017 season. 
Waaia were the better team on the day and Tungamah just couldn’t stop their dominance. 
To the girls’ credit, no one gave up, everyone held their heads high and played their hardest to the end of the game. 
Thanks to Olivia, Alyssa and Ella for benching.
Many thanks to coaches Felicity and Chelsea for their encouragement throughout the season, and to the captain Brodie who always inspires her teammates.
Awards: Yarrawonga Myotherapy - Olivia Hayes, Byramine Homestead - Alyssa McLarty.

Under 17s
Tungamah 41 def Waaia 27.
The last game before finals proved to be a tough one for the under 17s.
Even though Waaia were down the lower side of the ladder they put on quite a fight to try and finish the season with a win.
With Hannah Keel having a week off due to sickness, the midcourt never quite found their way without her.
Defence worked hard but a few changed positions caused a bit of confusion getting the ball down the other end.
Abbey Griffin never dropped her head and was always encouraging throughout the whole game.
Liv Hayes played her best game for the season shooting goals from everywhere, moving and holding beautifully and always being an option when the midcourt were stuck.
Amber Ralph showed her determination from the get-go, gaining possession through intercepts and causing a lot of held balls for Waaia due to her pressure throughout the court.
A bit more work to do before the first final but the under 17s play their best netball under pressure.
Awards: Liv Hayes, Amber Ralph, Abbey Griffin.

Under 15s
Tungamah 44 def Waaia 18.
These pocket rocket girls proved again to the club why everyone should be proud of them. 
Coming up against 6th placed Waaia, they were able to pull away quickly and build a lead. 
Covering the court, working together, reading each other with their passing and utilising the goal circle, the goals went in. 
Great intercepts by defence kept the ball turning over and stay in play. 
The last few weeks in particular have shown that not one person makes a team, but that each person contributes equally. 
Each girl has proven why they deserve to be on the court and they are a pleasure to watch. 
Awards: Sarah Cummins - Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club, Olivia Giggins - Yarrawonga and Mulwala Golf Club.

Under 13s
Tungamah 16 def Waaia 14
Coming up against last year’s premiers the girls knew the last round was going to be tough.
They worked hard at training finalising positions and getting them ready for a big game.
The coaches are very proud of how far the girls have come and Saturday’s game showed how much they have listened and learned.
The defence was strong with Jade and Penny always keeping up the intensity, up for every rebound and sticking tight.
Jess and Francis assisted on the wing, always being options for our defence throw-ins and keeping the pressure on all the way down the court.
Beth and Savannah played fluently down the court and got plenty of turnovers with their defenders pressure, always hands up and always looking for loose balls and any opportunity for a turnover.
Ruby, Amy and Jaz played amazing to get the ball in to the ring safely for plenty of shooting opportunities.

Mulwala netball

A Grade
Mulwala 52 defeated Rumbalara 25
The Lions had a strong win this week against a physical Rumbalara side, getting off to a good start by driving the ball down the court and scoring easily.
Hayley was on the move in defence, taking numerous turnovers and rebounding strongly. Rorri, Loz, Cara and Nat provided strength through the centre court, applying plenty of defensive pressure.
Chloe and Jordy worked well in goals, holding well and converting most scoring opportunities.
Mulwala played with plenty of determination this week and a positive mindset.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Hayley Fry, B.E.Wear – Chloe Bogle, Mug Award – Rorri Phibbs, Meal Voucher – Lauren Pitches

B Grade
Mulwala 50 defeated Rumbalara 34
B grade moves one step closer to their finals campaign with a strong win over Rumbalara and approaching a must-win game against Finley next week, in order to maintain 4th position on the ladder.
The girls continue to impress with their level of intensity and determination to win every contest.
Tayla returned after an ankle injury and out-manoeuvred the Rumba defenders, combining well with Jade to provide strength in the ring against a strong, physical defence.
Amy and Brit worked hard in defence, rebounding well and were well supported by Georgia who read the ball exceptionally well, coming through with perfection to take numerous intercepts.
Amy and Tea drove hard all day through the centre court with all the girls maintaining their focus to finish off with a convincing win.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Tea Glass, Mug/Meal Voucher – Tayla Smith, One Zach – Brit Hanley.

C Grade
Mulwala 47 defeated Rumbalara 27
This was an important game in the lead up to trying to stay in finals contention. As expected, Rumbalara brought great skills to the game.
The first quarter saw Ash and Soph combine like old timers in the goals, moving and working together beautifully.
Wind was a major factor affecting goaling accuracy and Mulwala had a small lead at the end of the first.
The second saw Nic and Sami work hard in the mid court using strong drives and accurate feeding to support the shooters’ work-rate.
In the third quarter Rumbalara changed their shooters making defenders Lisa and Mary switch their plays to try and fend off the confident holding style.
Fantastic mid court defensive pressure from Georgia and Nic proved to be an excellent support, and many loose balls were intercepted.
In the fourth quarter Lisa continued to win nearly every rebound and mopped up loads of loose balls. Mary supported Lisa with her usual encouraging and convincing shouting.
The Mulwala girls came away with a strong 20 goal win and should be proud of their 4 quarter team effort especially with just 7 players.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Sami Till, Pharmacy Award – Georgia Hope, Mug Award – Nic Christophersen

C Res Grade
Mulwala 44 defeated Rumbalara 27
The girls had a convincing win on Saturday against Rumba, everyone playing their game and putting into practice what the team has been working on.
The defence was fantastic, getting countless turnovers and rebounds and the attack end rewarded their hard work converting them into goals. Everyone played a great game and it was very enjoyable to watch.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Montanah Moon, Mug/Meal Voucher – Bethany Robinson, Other – Nat Wood

17 & under
Mulwala 56 defeated Rumbalara 11
This week was an important game for the under 17s, relying on percentage to make finals. The first quarter began very slowly with not a sound on the court.
However the second quarter was a great improvement with increased defensive pressure resulting in multiple turnovers.
The goalers finished off the team’s hard work building a large lead coming into half time.
In the second half each girl found their feet and a large amount of energy, allowing them to run rings around their opposition and keep their scoring to a minimum.
Hollie McNamara played a superb game in both goals and mid court, talking throughout the whole game and providing the team with accurate passing into the ring along with amazing defensive pressure.
Abbey Hicks showed leadership in the defensive end as she rebounded every missed shot and backed up her team mates down the court.
Maddi Cooksey ran out the game in WD and with an amazing three feet she was able to pull in a large amount of loose balls.
A fantastic effort by all in the final home and away game for the year.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Hollie McNamara, YMGCR – Abbey Hicks, Mulwala Post Office – Maddi Cooksey

15 & under
Mulwala 35 defeated Rumbalara 15
These young Lions stepped out against Rumba with determination and poise in what turned out to be quite a tough game.
Mulwala focused on their set plays and systems down the court, ignoring the physicality and remaining positive with their play.
Each girl played above and beyond, taking many intercepts and converting with the most accurate shooting of the season. Mulwala fought hard and showed everyone why they deserve to be in the top 6.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Jorja Chung, YMGCR – Olivia Psaltiras, Mulwala Post Office – Chelsea Kirchen.

13 and under
Mulwala 39 defeated Rumbalara 11
With a few positional changes this week due to injury the girls got off to a slow start, managing only 5 goals for the first quarter.
However a bit of reshuffling worked a treat with Abbey and Chloe starting to find the ring.
Defenders Bella and Freya once again put on a show, working well together to create many turnovers, while Loz, Jazz and Pip carved up the mid court to come home with a 28 goal win.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Lauren Heffer, YMGCR– Jazzmyn James, La Porchetta- Piper Chibnall

12 and under
Mulwala 1 defeated by Rumbalara 31.
The young Lions took to the court with oodles of enthusiasm, embracing their last game on their home turf.
They always knew that it was going to be a tough game against a formidable Rumba side and all 8 girls should be exceptionally pleased with their efforts in the game.
The whole court defensive pressure was most impressive and it caused several held balls and forced errors by the Rumba girls and boys.
In the third quarter Mulwala hit the score board and the crowd went wild, with all the girls lifting to the next gear.
Heading into the last quarter the girls went out with the mission to have fun, hitting the score board several times, but unfortunately due to the mercy rule the goals were not recorded. Well done on not giving up girls and giving it your best until the final whistle.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Bria Seamer, YMGCR – Matilda McDonald, Judds – Leni Miller.

Yarrawonga netball

A grade
In a top of the table clash, players lined up before the start of play to applaud Abbey Jones who played her 100th A Grade game, a great achievement.
The first quarter saw Lavington jump out the blocks, with a 6 goal lead at quarter time.
This slow start from Yarra was always going to be tough to peg back and that proved the case with Lavington holding a buffer at every change.
The girls ended up going down by 5 goals but still maintain enormous confidence and belief in their ability to get the job done when it counts.
Yarrawonga 39 def by Lavington 44
Goals: Bridget Cassar 32, Abbey Jones 5, Gemma O’Sullivan 2
Best: Bridget Cassar, Laura Bourke

B grade
It was a huge game for the B Grade girls who are teetering on the edge on a finals spot.
The game was desperately tight all day and you could get the sense that it was going to go down to the wire.
The way that the B Grade girls played with high intensity in all positions they were very unlucky not to walk away with a victory.
Credit has to go to both teams who put on a fantastic display of netball for all supporters.
The girls still remain in the hunt for finals if North Albury are able to get over the Rovers and the Pigeons grab a final round victory.
Yarrawonga 35 def by Lavington 36
Goals: Ange Tyrell 21, Kate Robilliard 14
Best: Kylie Leslie, Bree Bailey

C grade
It was a disappointing day for the girls, as the Lavington girls showed their dominance sitting on top of the ladder with a 28 goal victory over the third-placed Pigeons.
It was all Lavington from the outset, increasing their lead in every quarter.
The defensive unit in Jenny Buerckner and Abbey Hemphill did all they could to stop Lavington scoring, but the sheer amount on forward entries was too much for the Pigeons. Next week the girls will be looking to bounce back strongly as they take on the Wodonga Bulldogs at home.
Yarrawonga 28 def by Lavington 56
Goals: Tayla Bogle 12, Emma Soutter 9, Madi Kennedy 4, Steph Kennedy 3
Best: Jenny Buerckner, Claire O’Sullivan

Under 16s
In a game of momentum swings, the scores even until the final whistle in the under 16s.
Great games from Laura Zanin and Tilly Kennedy led the way for the Pigeons as they were able to at times break away from Lavington, but the Panthers continued to surge back.
A controversial decision in the dying seconds had the game shift from a draw to a 1 goal win for Lavington. A heartbreaking result for the Pigeons.
Yarrawonga 44 def by Lavington 45
Best: Laura Zanin, Tilly Kennedy
Goals: Eliza York 30, Indi Frauenfelder.

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