Puppy love times 11

August 30, 2017

Wrangling 11 puppies for a picture is hard work for Kayden and Kayla.

Puppy cuteness at its best.

Households don’t get much busier than that of Kayla Phillips in Yarrawonga these days with 13 dogs, six-year old Kayden and 10-week old Aleah in the mix.

Kayla and Jeremy have their hands full with new bub Aleah and bundle of energy Kayden, while supporting their much-loved Samoyed dogs mum Willow and dad Benson with their 11 puppies.
The impressive litter is Willow and Benson’s first and Kayla admits she was very surprised to welcome so many cute bundles of white fluff into the world.
“It is really unusual for a Samoyed to have such a large litter,” she said.
“Willow was really good throughout the delivery but I must admit when she got to eight I thought ‘surely there can’t be many more’.”
But sure enough there was; eleven pups in total seven boys and four girls, now five weeks old.
“Willow has been a great mum, she’s doing an excellent job of feeding them and looking after them and Benson is a very proud dad,” Kayla said.
“All the puppies already have homes to go to but we are keeping one – Benson Junior or BJ for short.”
The pups will be ready to go to their forever homes in three weeks but until then they are enjoying plenty of love and cuddles from Kayden, even if baby Aleah is too little to join in the fun.

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