Murray Course ‘extension’

September 06, 2017

Assistant Course Superintendent Trevor Elliott (left) and Chief Executive Officer Richard Hogg are pleased with Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club Resort’s latest asset.

The new multi-purpose site overlooks the substantial lagoons.

Six special occasions, including five weddings, have already been booked at a site rarely used and undergoing a major makeover alongside the carpark at Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club Resort.

The approximate 360sqm site is at the end of the club carpark overlooking the lagoons. “It’s an extension of what’s down on the Murray,” club Chief Executive Officer Richard Hogg told the Yarrawonga Chronicle.
“Like we’ve done a lot with the Murray Course, it’s working with nature, using our natural environment.”
“The bookings for these special functions have been made ‘off the plans’. The project has mostly been done by our staff.”
The work includes a special, santa-anna couch-laid lawn area at the water’s edge for ceremonies, lights under the shapely gum trees, granite frosting paths, garden beds, large trunks/branches bordering the gardens, recycled fencing material with character and an external green colourbond fence for privacy.
The wood used is from the fallen or damaged trees on the Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club Resort’s Murray Course in the 2015 floods. A local farmer, Grahame McInness, donated the fence’s inside cladding from his old farm shed which was appreciated and put to good use.
“Very good” was how assistant course superintendent Trevor Elliott described the almost-finished job.  “It was a good project. It brought the boys together who enjoyed doing something a bit different to looking after the golf course,” the project leader added.
Often referred to as the ‘majestic Murray Course’, substantial work has been undertaken before and after the floods to further improve what really is an excellent course which hugs the Murray River.   
The CEO described the latest project as “fantastic and low budget”. “It’s an asset. It will be utilised by members and visitors. It’s a great opportunity, it’s unique and we’ve made it safe,” he said of the approximate 500sqm site.
“It’s a great venue for weddings and other special functions, or just relaxing by our golf club members and visitors, and for the wider community.” 

Bistro renovations on track

Bistro renovations at Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club Resort are taking shape and on track for completion in the first week of November.

“It’s our major project for the year,” the club’s Chief Executive Officer Richard Hogg commented to the Yarrawonga Chronicle about the $667,300 project.
“We usually spend $2 million on average a year on a major project. The bistro is expected to be completed by Melbourne Cup Day.”
The new look bistro will remove the long passage throughout the club and will improve many aspects to meal preparation and delivery.
“The bistro renovations are long overdue,” the CEO said. “The buffet is separated from the kitchen which is dysfunctional.
“There are two main points to this project - upgrading the kitchen where most of the money is being spent on and, secondly, the makeover with bench seating, tables, lighting and some floor surface improvements allowing more seating and more comfort for members and visitors.”
Timber framing, electrical and plumbing work have been completed for the main servery area and plastering is underway.
Installation of steel beams and post for three Smartech doors are completed, as well as framing of the ceiling to house the Smartech doors.
The round column near the children’s area is being framed to allow the new bench seats to butt up to it and the other round column will also be framed for tiling.
“Work around the servery and new partition doors is running to schedule with the completion date approximately the last week of October,” Mr Hogg said.
“Other works, being the replacement of tiles in front of the main and snack bars, also the greenside alfresco refurbishment, will continue into November and December.”  
He said changes to the kitchen were designed by the chefs, with advice from the main food suppliers.
“We’re getting the best of everything,” Mr Hogg said. “There’s been very careful planning. It’s state-of-the-art technology, a work of art and earthy colours. It’s very exciting. It’s a wonderful asset.”
Mr Hogg said although the restaurant has continued to operate, the club appreciates the patience of members and guests, with the small reduction in space for diners.

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