Triple time on for grand final glory

September 20, 2017

The Hoppers come out to play.

Tungamah boys ready to roll.

In an incredible display of finals football, with the match going into triple extra time, the Rennie Fourths came away with the win over Tungamah by just 5 points.

It was a scoreless first term in tough conditions with Rennie into the breeze and the ball ebbing between half forward lines as Ben Kennedy and Coghill provided the early impetus for the Hoppers supported by Elliott across half back and Hogan deep in defence.
Term 2 was more of the same as Stephens was standing tall in the ruck, Donovan was elusive at half forward and Parmenter was doing strong defensive work at half back.
A late goal saw Tungamah lead by 5 points.
Poor defence from Rennie saw Tungamah kick their second at the 5 minute mark of term 3, but the McInness brothers started to step up, Shaw became more of a forward target, Benjamin was everywhere and C Lonergan lifted his workrate.
Tungamah by 14 points at the final break.
An early Donovan inside 50 led to a T Kennedy tackle and he kicked the Hoppers first major.
As time became Rennie’s enemy Josh McInness grabbed the ball and kicked long and truly to level the scores.
Extra time was 5 minutes each way and as the 36 young warriors battled fatigue as well as conditions there was no score in the first extra time period – so 5 minutes again each way.
Although the Hoppers had the ball in their goal square and a great tackle by Sammy Bigger went unrewarded the Hoppers could not trouble the scorers and the game went to a third extra time period.
Tungamah were able to jag a point 2 minutes in, as a relentless Hopper defence with Brogan and Phillips starring held firm.
Hoppers 1 point down with 5 minutes left.
Forward they went, and again, until Josh McInness took at mark 60 metres out, played on and tumbled a kick over the back of the pack and the crowd erupted as the ball rolled through to put the Hoppers a goal up.
But the drama was not over yet as the Bears got a free in the middle kicked forward but missed from a running shot 30 metres out.
Both teams need to be acknowledged for the spirit and endeavour this match was played.
Coach Matt Stephens was exhilarated by the continued work and effort of his team all year and he gleefully accepted the cup with skipper Ben Coghill.
Josh McInness won the VCFL medal and best players were J McInness, Stephens, Coghill, Benjamin and Brogan.  

Bears battle hard

The young Bears took on the Rennie Hoppers at the Katandra oval in what turned out to be an epic battle.
In cold and blustery conditions on a ground that had been prepared to perfection the match started at a frantic pace which kept up for the entire match.
The football was moving between both half forward lines with both sides finding scoring almost impossible.
The pressure on both teams was immense. At the final siren the scores were level.
All the players on the field were exhausted but extra time was required with 5 minutes to be played each way.
At the end of extra time the scores were still level and all players were out on their feet.
Another extra time period was then required with Rennie finally running out victors by just 4 points. All players need to be congratulated on their fantastic efforts.
The entire team put in 110% but couldn’t quite get over the line at the final siren.
A big thanks to Truey, Millsy and Brush for their team coaching efforts.
Also a big thank you to Leah and Jess for their magnificent team management and to everyone else who helped throughout the season. Bring on 2018.
Rennie 3.3.21 def Tungamah 2.5.17
Goals Tungamah: Ned Connell 1 , Mitch Goldman 1.

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