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October 18, 2017

River Belt Open winners Nick Moraitis and John Wilson.


Summer Cup Knock-Out Final

Congratulations to Rob Board and Trevor Reed who defeated Gizmo Jacobs and Darren McCormick 2 up.

As expected it was a very close match with the result in the balance until the last couple of holes. In the end the victors were just to steady and with a solid last hole have their names on the cup.

River Belt Open

Last week saw the playing of the River Belt Open. The River Belt is a great format and is meticulously put together by tournament director, Kevin Rowe.

Four courses are played during the week, Yarrawonga Mulwala, Corowa, Tocumwal and Cobram.

On Tuesday Yarrawonga Mulwala played host and the winners, A Grade (John Wilson) and B Grade (Nick Moraitis) winner both came from the home club.

Feast on the Fairway

For all those who love a night of great food, you can’t miss this event. Mark November 24 as a night you must dine in style.

This is the greatest feast anywhere. The atmosphere is amazing with a massive table set up along the 18th fairway of the beautiful Lake Course.

Enjoy your night under the stars with wandering minstrels adding to the ambience. Book now for this very popular event.

Men’s results;

Thursday, October 12. Stableford. Murray Course. Total Entrants 74

A Grade 7 balls David Cleaver (10) 40 pts, 5 balls Barry Sullivan (9) 38 pts c/b, 3 balls Michael Sharp (9) 38 pts c/b, b Grade 7 balls Kenneth Mountney (20) 43 pts, 5 balls Jim Conway (17) 40 pts, 3 balls Robert Mitchell (24) 37 pts c/b, C Grade 7 balls Ian Littler (27) 40 pts, 5 balls Jack Ramsay ( 35) 37 pts c/b, 3 balls Henry Gorecki (36) 37 pts, balls to 32 pts or better, NTP 2nd hole Michael Sharp.

Lake Course. Total Entrants 71

A Grade 7 balls Len Quinlivian (7) 37 pts c/b, 5 balls Geoff Gourley (9) 37 pts, 3 balls Brian Hore 915) 36 pts c/b, B Grade 7 balls Barry Webb (17) 38 pts, 5 balls Peter Bennett (19) 35 pts, 3 balls Pter Smith (19) 34 pts c/b, C Grade 7 balls Tony Rice (22) 38 pts, 5 balls Noel Long 9300 37 pts, 3 balls Robert Stapleton (23) 36 pts, balls to 32 pts or better, NTP 7th hole Tom Crozier.

Saturday, October 14. Stableford. Murray Course. Total Entrants 75

A Grade winner Denis Ampfea (18) 41 pts, runner up Corny Boers (11) 39 pts c/b, B Grade winner John Lolodziej (25) 40 pts, runner up Lindsay Dunstan (19), balls to 31 pts or better, NTP 2nd hole Corny Boers.

Lake Course. Total Entrants 65

A Grade winner Rodney Beard (13) 40 pts, runner up Garry Cooper (10) 39 pts, B Grade winner Michael Sheahan (24) 38 pts, runner up Robert Stapleton (23) 37 pts, balls to 31 pts or better, Great Score (eagle 9th) Rodney Beard, NTP 7th hole Rodney Beard.

Sunday, 15 October. Stableford/ Lake Course. Total Entrants 46

7 balls Mark Moore (11) 40 pts c/b, 5 balls Ben Casley (11) 40 pts c/b, 3 balls Kerry Parker (7) 40 pts, balls to 31 pts or better, NTP 2nd hole Craig Hicks

YMGCR Ladies Golf

9 Holes Ladies

Monday, October 9: Stableford with 23 players - Executive Nine

Section 1 Winner: J.Powell 19 points, Runner Up: B.Littler 18 points

NTP: Joy Lawford

Wednesday, October 11: Stableford with 54 players - Executive Nine

A Grade Winner: O.Ryan 18 points, Runner Up: M.Rogers 17 points

B Grade Winner: V.Kingsley 20 points, Runner Up: J.Powell 20 points c/b

C Grade Winner: J.O’Brien 20 points, Runner Up: M.Irvine 17 points

D Grade Winner: B.Presnell 20 points, Runner Up: J.Latta 13 points

NTP: Vernettia Kingsley

18 Holes Ladies

Wednesday, October 11: Monthly Medal, Pewters with 30 players - Murray Course (A&B Grades)

Winner: Linda Lidgerwood (23) 71 nett – Medal & Pewter, Runner Up: Jo Anwin (22) 72 nett

NTP: 2nd Hole - Heather Giblett

Lake Course: with 28 players (C&D Grades)

Winner: Cath Lowrie (28) 75 nett c/b, Medal & Pewter, Runner Up: Wendy Woodburn (44) 75 nett

NTP: 7th Hole – Carolyn Boston

Saturday, October 14: Stableford with 57 players - Lake Course

A Grade Winner: Jenny Gonera (23) 39 points - Pewter, Runner Up: Glenys Durrant (20) 38 points

B Grade Winner: Jennifer Moloney (38) 35 points c/b – Pewter, Runner Up: Chris Wilson (28) 35 points

NTP: 2nd Hole – Georgia Macklan

Great success for YMGCR Foursomes Representatives Glenys Durrant and Jan Foot, in the final of the Doris Chambers Cup held at Sanctuary Lakes. They were runners-up with 35 points, the winners were Judy Langford and Jac Surman (Wodonga) with 36 points.

Yarrawonga Golf Mens Nine Holers

Tuesday, October 10 Stroke 1st Round Club Championships. 69 players.

Blue – winner Mick Birchall (14) 27 c/b, runner-up John Haigh (11) 27.

Red – winner Laurie Winkworth (10) 36, runner-up Phil Eaton (13) 37.

NTPs Blue 4th Gary Savage, 8th Vic Brincat. Red 2nd Graeme Bayley, 7th Laurie Winkworth.

Thursday, October 12 Stroke 2nd Round Club Championships. 64 players.

Blue – winner Phil Eaton (13) 29, runner-up Corny Boers (4) 30 c/b.

Red – winner Terry Strickland (8) 32 c/b, runner-up Keith Hackman (16) 32.

NTPs Blue 2nd Bill Lowrie, 6th Norm Prior. Red 2nd and 7th Keith Hackman.

Southern Riverina Vets

October 9 at Jerilderie Golf Club.

A grade – winner W Knowles Yarrawonga 36pts, runner-up L Blackmore Jerilderie 35pts c/b.

B grade – winner T Wilton Tocumwal 40pts, runner-up B Nowel Cobram-Barooga 39pts.

C grade – winner B Manning Cobram-Barooga 41pts, G Ennals Cobram-Barooga 38pts.

NTPs – A grade 13th P Wisnieski, B grade 5th R Lacy, C grade 7th G Ennals, All grades 16th P Shand.

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