The Bullseye

October 18, 2017

A Grade

Bundy Bulls 5 def Under Par 2

J Burns 2t, J Meloury 3t, A Cryer 5t, C Robinson 3t, A Bevan 7t, Den Ebbles 4t, S Rosenow 1t.

Ski Club 6 def Rattlers 1

B Hughes 7t, 180, 27.85pda, B Barker 7t, 104peg, 22.77pda, R Lindsay 1t, B Morris 2t, 102peg, 23.85pda, G Crosbie 4t, W Boswell 1t, P Cantlon 1t

Yarra Golf had the bye

Ladder after round 14;

Yarra Golf 40/51

Ski Club 36/59

Bundy Bulls 32/46

Underpar 12/30

Rattlers 4/20

B Grade

Dartin Devils 5 def Pelicans 2

N Barker 160peg, M Hopgood 4t, B Wanders 1t, J Rodwell 1t, R Canning 3t, T Canning 1t

All Sorts 5 def Flyers 2

C Sallows 1t, A White 1t, S Levesque 1t, D Johnson 6t, G Perkinson 2t, R Perkinson 3t, R Parsell 2t

Carefactor 4 def United Nations 3

L Garton 4t, J Garton 1t, Roshel Dixon 1t, C Crosbie 1t, 125peg, Rob Dixon 2t

Ladder after round 14;

Allsorts 48/72

Dartin Devils 40/57

Carefactor 36/49

Flyers 22/47

United Nations 16/39

Pelicans 8/36

B Reserve Grade

Star Shooters 4 def Dockers 3

J Hudson 1t, N Pearce 3t, C Pearce 2t. P Melkovs 1t, I Duus 2t, D Melkovs 1t Miss Hits 4 def Jaggers 3

A Wallace 1t, C Dixon 1t, J Denny 1t, M Crawford 171

Talons had the bye

Ladder after round 14;

Star Shooters 36/52

Miss Hits 32/53

Dockers 16/33

Jaggers 16/31

Tungamah Talons 4/19

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