Roadside rubbish a fire hazard

October 24, 2017

Potentially dangerous tree cuttings dumped on the side of a local road.

Former Moira councillor Brian Keenan has labelled the dumping of rubbish at several local roadside locations as a disgrace and an act that could end in catastrophe if the rubbish were to go up in flames.

Several Yarrawonga residents alongside former firefighter Mr Keenan have voiced their distaste and worry at the continuing behaviour and say something needs to be done before it’s too late.
“We are coming into the fire season and some of this stuff will establish spontaneous combustion,” Mr Keenan said.
“On a stinking hot day for no accountable reason some of these mounds of stuff can burst into flames.
“The fire can be away and gone before anyone can get to it and try and stop it.”
In the past two weeks at least five or six truckloads of tree cuttings from a professional timber carter have been dumped on the roadside of Whites Road, Dowlings Road and Flanagans Road creating a warning coming into the warmer weather with the rubbish a very high fire risk.
Moira Shire General Manager of Community Sally Rice said the council had been advised about the issue and was in the process of rectifying it.
“We are certainly aware of this issue around Yarrawonga,” Ms Rice said.
“Illegal dumping is a problem across the whole shire and if people witness illegal dumping we encourage them to report it.
“Illegal dumping costs all of us money.
“Council is forced to spend ratepayer’s money to clean up each dump site as well as fix damaged infrastructure and the natural environment impacted by this illegal activity.”
Yarrawonga Police have also been notified and are looking to question the people responsible.
Moira Shire and the Yarrawonga Police advised if anybody sees any unusual behaviour to contact the appropriate bodies immediately and report the incident.
“People can report any illegal dumping by phoning council on 5871 9222 during office hours, or for a 24-hour phone line call EPA Victoria on 1300 372 842,” Ms Rice said.
The EPA also has a Report Litter App which you can visit at

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