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October 26, 2017

Welcome to the Open Air Theatre. Photos courtesy the Yarrawonga Mulwala Pioneer Museum.

The Grove Pictures trustees.

The Yarrawonga Neighbourhood House Oral History Group invites you to take a step back in time as they reach into their files each month to present a story from days gone by.

This month’s feature is part two from notes provided by Yarrawonga resident John Grant who talks about work undertaken to create the beautiful Lake Mulwala foreshore we enjoy today.

The Grove Pictures-Alexandra Park Club

This organisation has been very supportive in the development of the foreshore, right from the very outset.

During 1938, in order to assist in clearing timber on the future site of Lake Mulwala, the trustees engaged the services of two professional axemen, at a cost of 10 pound per week. They also resolved that, as from 1st March 1938, a sum of 5 pound per week be placed into a separate account, with the object of accumulating 500 pounds towards the cost of establishing a swimming baths at the foreshore. During the early months of 1939 considerable finance was provided towards clearing the lake area as time was running out.

The Grove Pictures continued to support the foreshore projects and in March 1944 the Trustees purchased a block of land from Mr Tom Hanrahan, for the sum of 200 pounds and handed this block to the Yarrawonga Shire, for inclusion in the foreshore area. In November 1944, the Trustees provided a sum of 350 pounds to the Shire of Yarrawonga for the purpose of buying Secholds’ property, which is located on the east side of the Yacht Club building and this also became part of the foreshore. This was followed by a further donation of 75 pounds towards the cost of a retaining wall at the foreshore.

In November 1945, a donation of 250 pounds was given to the Foreshore Committee together with an offer to repeat this sum for the next three years providing the Committee would match this amount. It was also resolved that the amount of 500 pounds be set aside for a swimming pool be handed over to the Committee.

In 1951 the Trustees again resolved to offer the Foreshore Committee 250 pounds per year for the next three years, providing they matched this amount by obtaining Government grants. In June 1951, a donation was made towards the improvement and beautification of the Mulwala Recreation Reserve, and a further 100 pounds was offered to the Coreen Shire towards the improvement of the foreshore area between the Traffic Bridge, and King and Jones Sawmill, providing they could obtain a matching Government grant. In 1953 a donation was made to the Mulwala Swimming Club to enable them to renovate and improve their pool.

Of more recent times Alexandra Park Club Ltd. has donated the sum of $3,200 to the Friends of Chinamans’ Island towards the enhancement of that area of the foreshore and $2000 towards the new walkway at the Yarrawonga foreshore. They also donated $2000 to the Yarrawonga-Mulwala Rotary Club towards the cost of constructing a Rotunda and BBQ area on the Mulwala foreshore.

From the foregoing, it will be readily appreciated that our organisation has played an important role in supporting the development of Lake Mulwala’s Foreshore. Many of these donations attracted matching Government grants, so that in terms of actual benefit the amount of money involved would be very substantial.

We remain committed to the belief that our Lake and Foreshore are vital to the ongoing prosperity of our area, and to its ever-increasing appeal as a tourist resort. In addition, these priceless assets are instrumental in placing Yarrawonga and Mulwala very high on the list as a retirement haven, resulting in a substantial increase in the number of our permanent residents.

Our stories can be found at State Library Victoria, local libraries, and YouTube. You can also find us on Facebook. Search for YNH Oral History. Thankyou to Yarrawonga /Mulwala Historical Society for many of the photos used in our stories

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