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November 22, 2017

Black Bull Golf Club held their first official Club Championships on November 19. The 2017 Men’s Club Champion was Andrew Beggs (1) 159 and the Women’s Club Champion was Jan Foot (15) 174. Congratulations.

Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club has made the final of the Murray District Masters Pennant after a hard fought win again Thurgoona Golf club at Howlong last Friday.

Needing a win to make the final, the Yarrawonga team played some great golf and in the end defeated Thurgoona 2/1.
John Payne and Nick Moraitis were the first team to put Yarrawonga on the winning list with George Andreasen and Ken Jensen fighting back late in their match to snatch victory.
Kerry Parker and Steve Buckley lead early but let the lead slip and went down 2/1.
The final of the Murray District Masters Pennant will be held at the Black Bull Golf Club next Friday with the first pairs hitting off at 10am.
It would be great to see club members give their support by coming to the Black Bull and watching the team try to bring home the Pennant for the second year running.

Men’s results;
Tuesday, November 14. Murray Course: Stableford, Total Entrants 76 players
A Grade 7 balls Ted Wells (8) 42 pts, 5 balls Nick Moraitis (13) 37, 3 balls John Wilson (6) 36 pts c/b, B Grade 7 balls Ian Lelievre (21) 39 pts, 5 balls Guv Walker (21) 36 pts, 3 balls Barry Webb (15) 35 pts c/b, C Grade 7 balls Frank Smeaton (27) 40 pts, 5 balls Bill Kedgley (26) 39 pts, 3 balls Ed Gertners (36) 38 pts, balls to 32 pts or better, NTP 17th hole Brian O’Brien
Lake Course: Total Entrants 77 players
A Grade 7 balls Peter Oldfield (15) 38 pts, 5 balls Mark Moore (9) 37 pts, 3 balls John Payne (9) 36 pts c/b, B Grade 7 balls John Clarke (18) 41 pts, 5 balls Ray Mountney (19) 40 pts, 3 balls Kenneth Mountney  (17) 37 pts c/b, C Grade 7 balls John Lonergan (30) 36 pts c/b, 5 balls Roy Juster (32) 36 pts c/b, 3 balls Ian Pritchard (28) 36 pts, balls to 33 pts or better, NTP 2nd hole Charles Le Chevallier.
Thursday, November 16. Murray Course: Four ball Stableford. Total Entrants 40 players
7 balls John Surridge and Len Quinlivian 48 pts, 5 balls Kenneth Mountney and Ray Mountney 46 pts, 3 balls Keith Holt and Phillip Smith 45 pts, balls to 42 pts or better, NTP Keith Holt
Saturday, November 18. Murray Course: Stableford, Total Entrants 98
A Grade Winner John Tresize (14) 41 pts, runner up Rohan Strauss (12) 38 pts c/b, B Grade winner Terry O’Sullivan (24) 43 pts c/b, runner up Lance Collins (23) 43 pts, balls to 32 pts or better, Hole in one Gary Page, Eagle Stephen Campion, NTP 10th hole Lindsay Dunstan.
Lake Course: Stableford, Total Entrants 92 players
A Grade winner Dean Pukallus (11) 45 pts, runner up Andrew Baird (7) 38 pts, B Grade winner Beau Clarke (31) 43 pts, runner up Kevin Barry (28) 42 pts, balls to 29 pts or better, Dean Pukallus (eagle), Mitchell Davis (eagle) NTP 7th hole Dario Prighel,
Sunday, November 19. Lake Course: Stableford, Total Entrants 55 players
A Grade 7 balls Adam Fenn (9) 40 pts, 5 balls Dean Pukallus (10) 38 pts c/b, 3 balls Neville Allan (6) 38 pts, B Grade 7 balls Tony Rice (20) 39 pts c/b, 5 balls Barry Bylett (19) 39 pts, 3 balls john Strelec (29) 36 pts c/b, balls to 32 pts or better.

YMGCR – 9 Holes Ladies
Monday, November 13: Stableford with 38 players  -  Executive Nine
Section 1 Winner:  C.Barry 18 pts c/b,  Runner Up:  H.Jarvis 18 pts. Section 2 Winner:  A.Smith 20 pts,  Runner Up:  L.Davies  18 pts. NTP:  Dianne Duffy
Wednesday, November 15: Par with 44 players  -  Executive Nine
A Grade Winner:  J.Kennett +4,  Runner Up:  K.Hunter Sq c/b. B Grade Winner:  D.Sullivan +2 c/b,  Runner Up:  A.Byrne +2. C Grade Winner:  L.McNelly +2,  Runner Up:  A.Giggins +1. D Grade Winner:  B.Myers -3,  Runner Up: J.Latta -4

YMGCR – 18 Holes Ladies
Wednesday, November 15:  Summer Cup – Round 2, Par with 65 players – Murray Course
A Grade Winner:  Anne Quinn (21) +3, Runner Up:  Carol McDonald (17) +1 c/b,. B Grade Winner:  Mandy Shell (25) +3,  Runner Up:  Margaret Jackson (27) +2 c/b. C Grade Winner:  Jennifer Moloney (39) +1 c/b,  Runner Up:  Sandra McGuinness (43) +1 c/b. NTP:  2nd Hole  -  Sharyn Wilson
Summer Cup – Round 2 – Lake Course
J.Lawford and J.Rapkins def H.Powell and S.Walsh 2up; D.Payne and R.Moore def H.Powell and S.Walsh 2 up; S.Bozzola and A.Castles def P.Lynch and J.Tinney 4/3; H.Baxter and E.Mason def J.Hogan and B.Meaney 3/2
Saturday, November 18: Stableford with 55 players  -  Murray Course
A Grade Winner:  Raem Towe (16) 44 pts, Runner Up:  Sandra Bozzola (22) 40 pts. A Grade Winner:  Pit Chong (45) 37 pts,  Runner Up:  Gloria Roome (30) 35 pts c/b. NTP:  2nd Hole  -  Anna Castles

YMGCR – 9 Holes Mens
Tuesday, November 14. Par 68 players. Blue – winner Kevin Spencer (17) 3 up c/b, runner-up Lance Walsh (12) 2 up c/b. Red – winner GraemeDuffy (11) 1 up, runner-up Joe Sciberras (14) square. NTPs – Blue 2nd Terry Strickland, 6th Kerry Pendergast. Red 2nd Ian Barton, 7th John Taylor.
Southern Riverina
Veteran Golfers
November 13 at Berrigan Golf Club.
A grade – winner Peter Shand Berrigan 38pts, runner-up Chris Kelly Benalla 35pts c/b, T Hardy 35pts. B grade – winner Frank Vogel Cobram Barooga 41pts, runner-up M Adams Cobram Barooga 40 pts. C grade – winner P Mansell Cobram Barooga 32pts, runner-up B Ellaway Yarrawonga 41pts.
NTPs – A grade 13th Chris Kelly Berrigan, A Brade 2nd M Adams Cobram Barooga, C grade T Duffy Yarrawonga, All grade 17th Gary Presnell, Yarrawonga.

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