Kickboxers announce Melbourne arrival

November 29, 2017

Matt Levett, with his medal trophy following his win in Melbourne.

Against far more experienced opponents, six local kickboxers announced their arrival in Melbourne two weekends ago, especially light heavyweight Matt Levett.

Levett, 25, fought three, two-minute rounds against highly fancied Tom Jenkins from Extra MMA Melbourne who is trained by an accomplished 70 fight trainer.
Levett, a parole officer with Department of Justice in Shepparton, delighted local coach from Murray River Thai Boxing Gym in Mulwala, Nick Davis with his Sunday, December 12 victory at Chelsea Heights Hotel.
“Matt was outstanding,” the proud coach told the Yarrawonga Chronicle.
“It was the biggest event of the weekend. It was a unanimous decision and he won all three rounds.”
But Davis was proud of the efforts of all five other kickboxers too. Tyler Bourke, Rory Cooper-Jones, Hannah Gibbons, Will Taylor and Zac McMahon all received the plaudits of their coach after their three, one-and-half-minute round narrow points loss bouts the previous day, at St Albans Ultimate Mauy Thai Fight Centre.
“It was history in the making with our first fight in Melbourne,” the local coach said. “Our kickboxers have only been in the sport a few months and competed against people who have years of experience.
“None took a backward step which was particularly pleasing to me.” The Mulwala-based kickboxers will return to Melbourne in the new year.

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