Back to Back for Yarrawonga Mulwala Pennant

November 29, 2017

Pictured at back left to right: Ken Jensen, George Andreasen and Kerry Parker. At front; John Payne Rob Board and Steve Buckley.

Last Friday saw the playing of the final of the Murray District 2017 Masters Four Ball Pennant at the beautiful Black Bull Golf Course.

It was a hot day and with it came some hot golf. Cobram Barooga Golf Club went into the final as favourites after finishing on top of the table after the preliminary rounds but could not hold off a determined Yarrawonga Mulwala team.
Playing number 1, Steve Buckley and Kerry Parker started well but failed to get over the handicap difference and went down to their Cobram Barooga opponents 3/2, George Andreasen and Ken Jenson put the steam on their opponents and with some great golf levelled the score with a 3/2 win.
It was down to the final pair of John Payne and Rob Board who after going to a good early lead squandered some opportunities and after 16 holes found themselves square. A fighting 4 by Rob Board on the 17th kept the match all square and it was down to the Par 5, 18th hole to see who would take hold of  this year’s Pennant.
All players hit good drives off the tee and after their second it was advantage Cobram, but a great third shot by Board put the advantage back to the Yarrawonga Mulwala team.
Searching for victory Cobram went to hard at the hole and put their putt some 2 metres past the hole. Board had a very tricky 2 metre downhill putt for the birdie. Under extreme pressure he managed to guide the ball into the bottom of the cup and with great excitement secured the back to back Pennant win for Yarrawonga Mulwala.
Thanks to James and Phil McCully from Black Bull for making their course available and for the way in which they had it presented.

Off the Tee

Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf
Tuesday, 21 November
Murray – Stableford, Total entrants 67 players
A Grade 7 balls Anthony McFarlane (17) 43 pts, 5 balls Bob Wilson (14) 40 pts, 3 balls Rodney Beard 911) 39 pts c/b, B Grade 7 balls Cornelius O’Connell (17) 43 pts, 5 balls John Burrows (23) 40 pts c/b, 3 balls Graham Arnup (22) 40 pts, balls to 33 pts or better, NTP 2nd hole John Duncan
Lake – Stableford, Total entrants 95 players
A Grade 7 balls Neville Hawke (11) 45 pts, 5 balls Robert Dick (14) 41 pts, 3 balls Phil Abbott (10) 38 pts c/b, B Grade 7 balls Grant Chappell (18) 42 pts, 5 balls Terry Perus (22) 39 pts c/b, 3 balls Ray Mountney (17) 39 pts, C Grade 7 balls John Lonergan (30) 43 pts, 5 balls Josef Kapp (25) 39 pts, 3 balls Adam O’Conner (27) 38 pts c/b, balls to 32 pts or better, NTP 7th hole Ray Jolley.
Thursday, 23 November
Murray – Par, Total entrants 59 players
A Grade 7 balls Gary McNamara (12) +5, 5 balls Graeme Baker (7) +4, 3 balls Geoffrey Hicks (17) +3 c/b, B Grade 7 balls (W bob R) Mitchell (26) +3, 5 balls John Lonergan (29) +1, 3 balls John Coleman (22) 0 c/b, balls to -3 or better, NTP 17th hole Geoffrey Hicks
Lake – Par, Total entrants 86 players
A Grade 7 balls Ian Cooksey (10) +6, 5 balls Phil Clarnette (7) +3 c/b, 3 balls Todd Brewer (13) +3, B Garde 7 balls Alan Bult (15) +8, 5 balls Barry Jacobs (18) +7, 3 balls Ross Keane (19) +4, C grade 7 balls Ken White (26) +4 c/b, 5 balls Sergio Bologna (27) +4 c/b, 3 balls Bob Douglas (24) +4, balls to -2 or better, Eagle Charles Le Chevalier 18th, Shane Casley 5th, NTP 7th hole Kerry Parker
Saturday, 25th November
Murray – Four-ball Stableford, Total Entrants 73 players
Winners Christopher Whitelock and Rick Orr 47 pts c/b, runners up John Surridge and Laurence Bridgeman 47 pts, balls to 41 pts or better, NTP 17th hole Richard Geary,
Lake – Four-ball Stableford, Total Entrants 62 players
Winners Denis Ampfea and Neil Russell 49 pts, runners up Brett Lawrence and Baxter Droop 47 pts c/b, balls to 43 pts or better, NTP 2nd hole Todd Brewer
Sunday, 26th November
Par 3 day Men, Total entrants 57 Players
Winner Steven Webster (16) 40 pts, Runner up Drew Barnes 39 pts c/b, balls to 31 pts or better, NTP 1st hole Steve Buckley, 4th hole Steve Buckley, 7th hole Tony Beamish, 8th hole Mark Moore, 10th hole Christopher Whitelock, 12th hole Des Roome, 14th hole Peter Warner, 17th hole Jim Faulkner
Par 3 day Women, Total entrants 30 players
Winner Irene Thompson (14) 41 pts, Runner up Jen Sonneman (45) 40 pts, balls to 30 pts or better, NTP 3rd hole Anne Quinn, 5th hole Janice Tipping, 6th hole Anne Quinn, 9th hole Jan Crozier, 11th hole Aileen Buckley, 13th hole Heather Briggs, 15th hole Maree Old, 16th hole Maree Old, 18th hole Roslyn Ryan.

YMGCR Ladies’ Golf
9 Holes Ladies
Monday 20th November:    Stableford with 36 players - Executive Nine
Section 1 Winner: A.Smith 21 pts c/b, Runner Up: M.Walker 21 pts c/b.
Section 2 Winner: M.Mansfield 22 pts, Runner Up: M.Best 17 pts.
NTP: M.Old
Wednesday 22nd November:    Stableford with 46 players - Executive Nine
A Grade Winner: D.Duffy 19pts c/b, Runner Up: S.Evans 19 pts.
B Grade Winner: J.Powell 20 pts, Runner Up: J.Sonneman 18 pts.
C Grade Winner: L.McNelly 18 pts, Runner Up: A.Giggins 17 pts.
D Grade Winner: B.Presnell 21 pts, Runner Up: G.Williams 17 pts.
NTP: C.Barry
18 Holes Ladies
Wednesday 22nd November: Summer Cup – Round 3, Stableford with 28 players – Lake Course
Winner: Carol Tytler (31) 35 pts c/b, Runner Up: Julie Kirchen (15) 35 pts.
NTP: 2nd Hole - Aileen Buckley.
Murray Course with 33 players
Winner: Noelle Stone (29) 41 pts, Runner Up: Jeanette Hogan (23) 38 pts.
NTP: 2nd Hole - Jan Tipping.
Summer Cup – Round 3:
J.Lawford and J.Rapkins def D.Payne and R.Moore 4/2, S.Bozzola and A.Castles def H.Baxter and E.Mason 4/3.
Saturday 25th November:    4BBB Stableford with 38 players - Murray Course
Winners: Carol Tytler and Lorraine Lord 47 pts c/b, Runners Up: Joy Lawford and Mary Hockley 47 pts.
NTP: 2nd Hole - Liz Jarrad.

Yarrawonga Golf Mens Nine Holers
Tuesday, November 21. Stableford 74 players.
Blue – winner Vic Beveridge (16) 27 points, runner-up Phil Gregory (14) 23 points.
Red – winner Bill Hidson (7) 19 points, runner-up Mick Birchall (12) 18 points C/B.
NTPs – Blue 4th Ron Hocking 8th Geoff Burgess Red 2nd Col Rosser 7th Lance Walsh.
Thursday, November 23. Par 62 players.
Blue – winner Jim Old (16) 3 up c/b, runner-up Mick Birchall (12) 3 up c/b.
Red – winner Phil Gregory (13) 1 up, runner-up Col Rosser (9) square.
NTPs – Blue 2nd Dave Hall, 6th Mick Birchall. Red 2nd and 7th Corny Boers.
Hole in One, Terry Duffy 8th Blue.
Eagle, Rod Sisson 5th Blue.

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