Campers warned to be safe these holidays

December 20, 2017

Take rubbish with you and dispose of it correctly.

Campers bound for Yarrawonga this summer are being warned to assess conditions and make safety a priority to ensure everybody has a fun and safe holiday period.

Parks Victorian Northern Hume Chief Ranger Andrew McDougall reminded campers to adhere to the usual rules associated with enjoying the bush this summer including bushfires, rubbish and any other hazards that may arise.
“Campfires are always a concern for us and we always get calls of issues reported in relation to fires not being properly contained or not put out properly,” he said.
“Our advice is to use gas barbecues as much as possible rather than having a solid fuel fire if you really don’t need it.
“If you have to have a fire make sure you comply with all the necessary regulations.
“If not, you could be putting your safety and that of those around you at risk and you will most likely draw the attention of Parks officers.”
Even if you are a seasoned camper Mr McDougall and his team often have to remind people of other objects that should not be associated with a fire.
“The other thing we always have to remind people of is that the only thing that should go in a fire is wood,” Mr McDougall said.
Don’t put glass, cans or rubbish in the fire which could ultimately end up being washed into the water or end up injuring somebody, just be courteous of yourself and others,” Mr McDougall said.
As well as fire and objects that often get placed into the flames, rubbish continues to be a topic of concern, according to Mr McDougall.
“If you have rubbish and there is not a bin around please take your rubbish from the campground to the transfer stations,” he said.
“You can’t just leave it there as it is your responsibility to take it out and dispose of it correctly.
“Campers should also be using proper chemical toilets. It is not okay to leave waste and toilet paper everywhere.
“Many people might think it is okay but be considerate of others camping near you or those camping there after you. I can guarantee they will definitely disagree.”
Mr McDougall said on the topic of consideration of other campers, issues often arise during the peak camping season due to a lack of courtesy between campers.
“We often hear of issues involving dogs, music, generators and just general racket of other campers who are just trying to enjoy their trip as well,” he said.
“We suggest to campers who are planning to use generators that they should really be turned off by around 8.30 to 9pm in courtesy to others.
“Another concern we have to remind people about is if you do have a generator running be aware you have to clear an area around it to prevent a fire starting.”
“Regarding animals if you have a dog with you we encourage you to keep it on a lead to prevent it from wandering.
“There are a lot of people who don’t like dogs and it isn’t fair to have your pets bothering others.
“Our biggest message is that we want everyone to have a great time camping this summer and to enjoy themselves.
“But the key is to be safe and to be respectful of others and the environment. Be aware of the conditions, follow the rules and employ some basic courtesy when it comes to others around you.”
If there is an issue with the camping grounds or a question regarding regulations or safety call Parks Victoria on 13 19 63 or if experiencing anti-social or violent behaviour call the Police on triple zero.

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