Cabin destroyed in fire

January 04, 2018

Fire and Rescue NSW Mulwala Unit pictured at the cabin fire.

Cabin destroyed

A cabin at Mulwala Water Ski Holiday Park was destroyed when a fire started at about 10.00pm on Boxing Day, December 26.

The cabin’s holidaymakers from Melbourne were out at the time. The fire was believed to have started when a battery charger caught alight according to Mulwala Water Ski Club CEO Peter Duncan.
“Thankfully no-one was hurt,” he told the Yarrawonga Chronicle. “But if it wasn’t for the quick action of a fireman from Melbourne who smashed a cabin window and put the fire out there could have been a lot of damage to nearby surrounds.”
Emergency personal including Fire and Rescue NSW Mulwala Unit and Mulwala Police attended the scene.

Jet skier rescued

A helicopter was used to find a jet skier who experienced a mechanical failure on Lake Mulwala in the early evening of Tuesday, January 2.
Chief Inspector Kim Sorenson from Albury Police said the man rescued was an experienced operator and had activated a location beacon device once the jet ski had broken down.  When the man failed to return to his rendezvous destination on time a family member had notified police and a search began.
To assist in locating the man a helicopter was used to find his exact location and then an SES boat was used to tow the man back to safety from the stump he had been holding onto.
Chief Inspector Sorenson highlighted the importance of all craft operators carrying a location beacon device.  “Having a location beacon assists emergency services to quickly access those in trouble and promptly deal with the situation,” Inspector Sorenson said.

Generally good behaviour - police

The Christmas/New Year period to date has been for the most part in Yarrawonga uneventful according to Yarrawonga Police.
Police commends the community on their behaviour to date. A focus for local police for New Year’s Eve was the event at Bundalong Tavern due to the large number of people attending.
Through good planning and consultation with the local businesses, the community and hotel management, the event took place with no real concerns for local police.
Police said the behaviour of drivers in the area has been good over the holidays with no major collisions reported and would like to see that continue into 2018.
Police will be continuing Operation Road Wise with random intercepts and Random Alcohol and Drug testing. “If you think you are over you probably are!” is the message conveyed by police.
There were, however, some incidents requiring specific attention. In McLeod Street Yarrawonga, on December 26, a burglary occurred with prescription medication and watch allegedly stolen.  Cobram CIU are investigating.
On December 31, a 19 year old probationary driver was issued a penalty notice after being found with a prescribed alcohol limit of 0.06%. The male was fined $476 and his licence was cancelled for six months.
Police attended six family violence incidents over the Christmas period. If you consider someone to be part of your family and their actions are making you or other family members fearful, ask for advice and help by contacting Yarrawonga Police 57443641 or 000.

Mulwala safe place to visit – police

Mulwala Police were extremely happy with the Christmas/New year period with the visitor behaviour being excellent.
There were no reports of any assaults at licensed premises.   The only major incident attended by police was on December 26 where there was a  small fire in a cabin at the Ski Club caravan park.
A large police presence on New Year’s Eve prevented any anti social behaviour in and around Melbourne Street.
Just the one incident was reported to Mulwala Police all night which was some illegal fireworks.
Mulwala Police were busy conducting random breath tests throughout the month with almost 900 people tested in Mulwala.   There were no recorded accidents or fatalities.
“It was one of our best years for crowd behaviour. Mulwala continues to be a safe and fun place to attend,”  said Sergeant Churchin from Mulwala Police Station.   

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