You’re gunna see his face again

January 04, 2018

Dave Gleeson with his band The Angels who will perform at the Red Hot Summer Tour in Mulwala on January 6.

Aussie rock singer Dave Gleeson is going to have a battle on his hands in Mulwala this Saturday when both bands he fronts, The Screaming Jets and The Angels both play the Red Hot Summer Tour.

When asked how he was going to juggle playing for both bands Dave said that is something we will have to wait and see.
“This is what we’re gonna find out, I’ve been singing with the Angels for the last 7 years and the Jets have also been touring but I’ve been able to juggle them,” Dave said.
“This will be the first time I’ve ever done the two bands in the one show.
“I’ll probably do an hour set with the Jets then have Baby Animals in between and do an hour and a half set with the Angels.
“I’m thinking of getting an ice-bath like the footballers.
“Red Hot Summer Tour is notoriously hot so I’ll just have to make sure I keep myself in check.”
Although facing a battle juggling the two Dave said there was no way he would turn down the opportunity to play at this type of event.
“Getting a bunch of bands people know and love get out there and perform the hits everyone knows and can sing along to and have a good time to is just the best.”
The Screaming Jets are preparing to play some of their biggest hits including Better, Helping Hands, October Grey, Eve of Destruction, Sad Song and Shivers.
“We just try to get as much entertainment into the show for everyone,” Dave said.
The Angels are also poised to play some of their hits including After the Rain, Shadow Boxer and famous hit Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again.
“It’s a great lifestyle and a great way to travel round especially for show-offs like me it’s a great way to perform,” Dave said.
“At the moment we’re working on both a Jets and Angels album, the Angels album is two-thirds of the way done and the Jets is in the writing stages.
“The jets celebrate their 30-year anniversary in 2019 so we’re looking to bring out something special then.”
When asked what he has seen change in Australian rock over the 30 years he has been in the industry Dave said the demise of rock music on commercial radio and lack of exposure for up and coming rock bands to a commercial audience has damaged the Australian rock scene.
“Australian rock has gotten softer due to what we have access to through commercial radio, I couldn’t imagine stuff like the Angels getting too much air time on commercial radios these days,” Dave said.
“Australia’s market is so small when Aussie pub rock was being born there was heaps more input from radio stations and there was so many bands that were supported by radio stations but you don’t get that support anymore which is a bummer.
“I see a lot of new and upcoming rock bands but they have to go overseas to get exposure.
“It’s great to see bands still into rock but they know it will be real hard- classic rock is still thriving in Europe and if you get success over there that will parlay over here.”
In an era where the internet has taken over almost all aspects of our lives Dave said it has been a positive for music to get exposure to a wider audience but for rock bands like The Screaming Jets and The Angels making albums will always be the way to go.
“The internet has changed the scene that people don’t think albums sell anymore but we still make albums because that’s part of being in a rock band,” Dave said.
“A huge part of being in a band is hanging out with your mates and that’s how it all begins.
“Bernard Fanning said an extremely true statement once he said, ‘the great thing about writing songs is you start with nothing and in the end you hang out with a bunch of mates, bang around on the drums and you come out with a song then it is something that people hear and go oh I love this so it’s a pretty special thing to be involved in.”
Dave will be the front man for both The Screaming Jets and The Angels when they play the Red Hot Summer Tour in January alongside other Aussie bands Moving Pictures, Chocolate Starfish, Baby Animals and rock’s first lady Suzi Quatro.
General admission tickets have sold for this Saturday’s concert.

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