New look P-12 college

February 07, 2018

The new Yarrawonga College P-12 leadership team at the school’s new campus, P-8 Principal Kellie Thorp, College Principal Damien Keel and 9-12 Principal Jo McCarthy.

The brand-new Yarrawonga College P-12 Gilmore Street campus is now open and in use with students starting their first day for the 2018 school year last week.

College Principal Damien Keel said the feel of the new school was fantastic and he had received nothing but good feedback so far.
“We’re really happy with the new buildings especially the brand new flexible space classrooms that we can open up more or close them off,” Mr Keel said.  
“Teachers are working together, team planning and team teaching, so they can learn from each other as well and they are loving the flexible spaces and the opportunity to work together.
“The students are also really excited with the new spaces and they’re big so the children are walking around wide eyed and with smiles on their faces.
“Feedback from the parents has been fantastic as well.”
Additional groundworks for the school are also in the planning process with staff looking at the next stage of development, building year seven and eight buildings on the new campus and moving the 9-12 campus from across the road to have the entire school in the one area.
With the P-4 area also having a new oval and play spaces the 5-8 campus is also looking at adding a new oval with a cricket club and turf pitch.
“We’re just doing things gradually and stepping up,” Mr Keel said.
“Our next level is to start work on developing the 9-12 buildings.
“Moira Shire Council are also currently working on the front of the school and myself, Moira Shire and local contractors are meeting soon about a footpath to further ensure community safety and a lot of things are happening very quickly.”
In another revamp to the school there has also been a slight change in the leadership team with a new face joining the team in a new role.
Mr Keel said the new position of P-8 campus principal for the 2018 school year had been filled by a very experienced and locally knowledgeable individual in Kellie Thorp and the school was lucky to have her.
She will be based at the 5-8 campus but will work across P-4 before moving solely to P-4 as campus principal next year.
“This year we will have Kelly Thorp as P-8 principal, Jo McCarthy as 9-12 and then I will be the college principal,” Mr Keel said.
“From 2019 we’ll have three principals across each of the three campuses, I will still be the overall college principal and we will have eight assistants based between P-4, 5-8 and 9-12.”
Before moving back to Yarrawonga where Kellie grew up and attended the college, she was assistant principal at Cobram Primary School before moving to assistant principal and acting principal at Melrose Primary in Wodonga for 5 years.
Kellie said she always had a love for the Yarrawonga College P-12 and was excited to see where it could go in the future.
“It was a great school then, it’s an even better one now,” she said.
“I’m really enjoying myself so far, it’s a terrific school and I’m excited about the programs and philosophies here.” 

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