Kickstart for Tungamah community plan

February 07, 2018

The Tungamah Kickstart committee will hold a Family Fun Day and Community plan launch at Lions Park on February 11.

More than a dozen people from the Tungamah community have come together to create a Tungamah Kickstart committee to shape the future of the town and launch a community plan that gives the community greater ownership of plans for the area.

Tungamah Kickstart will be holding a Family Day and Community Plan launch on Sunday, February 11 from 9am to 12.30pm at Lions Park in Tungamah to relay the purpose of the plan to the community.
A free BBQ brunch, kids and sporting activities, local displays, a concert by local students and live entertainment will all be provided on the day.
Tungamah Kickstart president Paul Sidebottom said the community needed to work together to ensure the future of the town.
“Tungamah is a vibrant rural community where families thrive in a friendly environment and visitors are welcome to enjoy our assets both old and new,” Paul said.
“A few of us have come together over the years to discuss ways to ensure the future of our town and in the last few months we have come up with a committee and a plan.
“We have numerous strategies in place relating to community and recreation, tourism and economy, infrastructure, development, heritage and environment to ensure each section is maintained and developed and the community are the ones in the know with it all.”
In the Tungamah Community Plan booklet the committee said they believe local people are always the best source of knowledge and wisdom around their surroundings which is why the plan was created in the first place.
The community plan aims to:
Ensure that residents have a shared vision, view and understanding of the towns priorities
Develop priorities that are focused on sustainable outcomes that are implementable
Reflect a community planning process based on the values of democracy, trust, equity, social justice, openness, mutual respect, collaboration and inclusion
Recognise that community members have the desire and knowledge to contribute to decision making in their community
Recognise that communities want to be worked with rather than worked on by all sectors in which they engage.
There is also a review process in place so each step of the plan will be undertaken realistically and efficiently over the course of six months to five years with the town’s best interests at heart.
If you are a Tungamah resident and would like to become more involved in your community make sure to make your way to Lions Park on Sunday, February 11 from 9am to hear the Tungamah Community Plan and enjoy a family fun day with other members of the community.

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