Intersports Wingates junior tennis tournament

February 07, 2018

Yarrawonga hosted its second junior tennis tournament for the season. The Intersports Wingates attracted an amazing 80 players from across north east region.

The tennis played was of an extremely high calibre with many matches lasting as long as an hour for a single set. It was terrific to see novices commencing in the 8/under divisions hitting on the courts next to the experienced 16/under players.
Many local players did extremely well with Lucy Bassett, Tess Bassett, Jack James and Liam Williams winning ‘A’ division titles and Nate Leith, Fraser Bennett coming runners up in ‘A’ division events. Hayley Bennett, Olivia Corso, Jayden Arnold played very well to win ‘B’ Division titles whilst Morgan McCrae and Ian Dimble claiming runners up trophies in their ‘B’ Division.
The players were extremely pleased to win a range of tennis equipment from Intersports Wingates at the conclusion of their events. Their generous donations were gratefully accepted by the players.

Saturday morning
Saturday morning tennis resumed after the Christmas break. The courts were buzzing with the players being coached by Club Coach Greg Duns and his assistants Brady Pritchard, Eliza York and Thomas Loughnan. It appeared that many players had been practicing as the coaches noted some significant improvement.
A new initiative after Christmas is the creation of a new and exciting Premier League. This league will last for three weeks and then conclude with a Grand Final. Each team consists of four players with every player playing two doubles and a singles.
In Premier League matches this week, River Andy Murrays 6 (Liam Williams, Daniel Herrod, Olivia Corso, Polly McCrae) defeated Williams Sister 2 (Stella Mulquiney, Scarlett York, Charlotte White, Mia Kennedy) and The Rogers 6 (Fraser Bennett, Lochie Forge, Morgan McCrae, Jess Linehan) defeated Djokers (Jack James, Lachie Bosch, Lucy Bassett, Mitch Loughnan)
In regular matches there were many tightly contested games with long rallies the highlight of the day. The results of the matches were; Section 1 Winner Ella Rhodes Runners up Georgie Hemphill, Section 2 Winners Joe Conway, Sophie O’Dwyer, Jessica Mansfield, Section 3 Winner Kaleisha Pell Runners up Hayley Bennett, Section 4 Winners Sienna Cox, Harry Mouat.
This Saturday morning Hots Shots and coaching will run as usual. All players that normally play matches will participate in a doubles round robin competition against Cobram. Players are asked to register as usual prior to 9.00.

Intersports Wingates junior tennis tournament results

Event    First    Runners Up
8 & Under Male    Harrison Hodgkin    Nate Leith
10 & Under Male A    Blake Tinworth    Adi Bhattacharya
12 & Under Male A    Liam Williams    Fraser Bennett
14 & Under Male A    Jack James    Charlie Murcoch
16 & Under Male A    Daniel Smith    Luke Toohey
8 & Under Female    Tess Bassett    Emily Linehan
10 & Under Female A    Lucy Bassett    Lara Meagher
12 & Under Female A    Alanna Birch    Ruby Hodgkin
14 & Under Female A    Jessica Knoth    Tessa Quinlan
16 & Under Female A    Chelsea McGrath    Lucy O’Connor
10 & Under Male B    Jayden Arnold    Ian Dimble
12 & Under Male B    Ethan Palmer    Scott Soulsby
14 & Under Male B    Callum Dartbell    Jesse Johnstone
10 & Under Female B    Hayley Bennett    Milly O’Kane
12 & Under Female B    Olivia Corso    Morgan McCrae
16 & Under Female B    Bronte Lee   

Wilby Tennis

Wilby Tennis returned from the Christmas break last weekend with all 8 teams managing to get on the park.
This had been difficult to achieve in the weeks leading up to the break with a number of forfeits taking place.
Tungamah vs Mulwala Maroon
Friday night saw Tungamah host Mulwala Maroon and the Men were a very even affair.
Both teams won 3 sets each however it was Mulwala who got over the line by 3 games.
The Tungamah women were once again a stumbling block for the opposition taking a 17 game win and ensuring the home side had a nice buffer going into the mixed.
In the end Tungamah won all 4 mixed sets to take the win 11 sets 84 games 6 points to Mulwala Maroon 5 sets 57 games 2 points.  
Telford vs Burramine
Telford hosted Burramine in beautiful conditions on the grass on Saturday afternoon.
It was a tight affair all day with the Men going Telford’s way by 6 games 34 to 28 with a lot of close sets.
The Ladies were also very tight with Burramine turning the tables and winning by 1 game 25 to 24.
Captain Jason Bassett must have given Burramine a real rev up before the mixed as they powered home winning 3 out of the 4 sets to take the overall win by 4 games.
Final scores Burramine 8 sets 72 games 6 points to Telford 8 sets 68 games 2 points.
Mulwala Gold vs Wilby
Mulwala Gold hosted Wilby on Friday night and the hosts got the job done comfortably.
The Men were very close with Mulwala winning 4 sets to 2 to get up by 4 games.
The Ladies were a different story with the home side taking all 6 sets and only giving up 9 games to take an unassailable lead into the mixed.
Mulwala won 3 out of the 4 mixed sets extending the margin by 10 games.
Final scores Mulwala Gold 13 sets 86 games 8 points to Wilby 3 sets 45 games 0 points.
Savernake vs YLTC
YLTC made the long trip over the border to tackle Savernake and with captain John Wright struggling for a side all week it was an unknown how this contest would play out.
His efforts seemed to pay off in the Men as Yarrawonga took all 6 sets to open up a 24 game lead.
The Ladies were a lot closer with Yarrawonga taking 4 of the six sets and getting up by 5 games.
They continued on their winning way in the mixed taking 3 out of the 4 sets 23 games to 12.
Final scores YLTC 13 sets 88 games 8 points to Savernake 3 sets 50 games 0 points.

Thursday night tennis

Results Round 6
Hingis 35 def Barty 14, Storm 28 def Henin 9, Graf 28 def Pratt 21, Ferguson 35 def Davenport 18, Molic 35 def Evert 15 & Williams 28 def Crawley 27.
Winning all their sets: Lorraine Cummins, Wendy Cooper, Tracy Gillies, Megan Clarke, Stella Mulquiney, Lauren Mulquiney, Ellen Bruce, Jenelle Bennett & Libby Edis.
Captains please note. If you cannot find a fill-in or need to forfeit you are to contact Gert on 0447 035 794 by 12pm Thursday of play.  You are encouraged to turn up with three players and play American doubles or if forfeited too come and play amongst yourselves.

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