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February 07, 2018

Yarrawonga Bowls Club

Firstly the Yarrawonga Bowls Club would like to congratulate their club champions who competed in the champion of champions competition held at Corowa over the last two weeks.
Evelyn Calder was unfortunately knocked out in the first round but gave it her all.
Kevin Evans made it through to the semi-final but again was knocked out in that round, well done also to Kevin.
The club are getting to the pointy end of the pennant season with just 1 round of the Week-End pennant draw to be completed before finals begin and 2 rounds of the Mid-Week pennant draw before finals.
At this time; it looks like two teams from the Week-End pennant comp and the team entered in the Mid-Week comp are in the finals.
Well done to all  players from all teams entered in this year’s pennant season and good luck to our teams who have made it through to the finals.
The results of the pennant games played this week are Mid-Week pennant our Open 1’s team played YMGCR2 at Yarrawonga but unfortunately the game was washed out and both teams received 7 points.
The Week-End Pennant teams A1’s played YMGCR at home and the results of this match were 92/90 in Yarrawonga’s favour.
The A3’s played Corowa Civic at Corowa and the results of this game were 97/73 in Yarrawonga’s favour. The B1’s played Tungamah at Tungamah with the result being 59/75 in Tungamah’s favour.
Well done to all pennant teams.
The results of the games scheduled to be played at the club this week are Monday January 29 with Nominated Pairs 2-4-2 winners Toosie Smith and Helen Smith, the runners up were Jock McQualter and Liz Murdoch with the jackpot not claimed.
On Wednesday January 31 we played Jackpot Triples and the winners of this game were Brian Batty, John Hyland and Val Kennedy with the runners up being Alan Weavers, Teddy Edwards and Pam Gibbons.
The jackpot was won by two teams.
Thursday Night we played Barefoot Bowls with 24 players attending and the winners of this game were Gav Lawless and Rhonda Livingston, the runners up were John Chamberlain and Don Marshall.
On Sunday we played the 1st round of the club Open Triples; Ron Makins team defeated Bobby Jeffcott’s team.
Richard Hermassoo’s team defeated Carl Scott’s team and Roger McKenzie’s team defeated Anne Polkinghorne’s team.
All other teams except Robert Tait and Kevin Evans had byes.
Robert and Kevin’s teams will play the 1st round game on Thursday at 3pm.
Neil Hocking and Tim Cromie played their 2nd round match with Tim Cromie coming out the winner of this match.  2nd round matches will be played on Sunday, February 18 at 10am.
Games scheduled for the coming week are Wednesday February 8 - Monthly 2 Bowl Triples Tournament.
Thursday, February 9- Barefoot Bowls at 6:30pm.
Monday February 12- Nominated Pairs 2-4-2 starting at 12:30pm
Until next week good health and good bowling to all.


Midweek pennant had our YMGCR A1’s team play Corowa Civic but only to be washed out.
Due to only halving the points they have now gone to second on the ladder, behind Benalla. (Benalla have now completed two extra games.)
The YMGCR2’s side played up town rival Yarrawonga on their own green, a game they had to win to give them a chance to make the four.
But like the top team they were washed out. When the game was called off they were in control.
With three games to go before the finals they still have a slight chance.
The A3 were having a battle against Corowa Civic at home and then came the rain which helped them to get out of jail where they were still 49 points clear on top.
B1’s had the tough road trip to Beechworth after a promising start when the rain began to tumble down.
After a few stoppages and an early lunch the rain only got heavier which then put a halt to the game. Robyn Balfour’s rink was putting up a courageous effort to take the lead when the game was halted. Coming home in the bus there were plenty of laughs, drinks and stories with a lot told by our last minute fill in Lyn Philpot.
The week 2 YMGCR Charity Bowls Promotion Night winners were Michael’s Mob, Wunnuni Wankers 1&2, Purtles, Garden Lovers, Carlton Dry, 2RC, Rangy Bankers, Lions, Yarra SES, Rotary and No Hoppers. It’s good to see both greens full and people enjoying themselves and it’s a great spectacle under our great lights.
Wednesday bowls only had 14 players with only 1 two game winner in Don Tipping, Peter Wallis and Terry Matthews, runners up with one win and +5 were Lynton Potter and Greg Fisher. Jackpot failed to go off.
It was a beautiful day and with no other triples events clashing with it, it was disappointing with our playing numbers.
There are a few date changes to the fixture program; Ladies Pairs Championship will now be played on February 15 and March 8, 15 and 27.
Closing date Feb 13.
Ladies B Grade will start March 15, 20 and 22.
Mixed pairs will be March 24 and 25.
Mens B Grade will be March 17 and 18.
Round 13 had A1’s play Yarrawonga away; it was a tight game all day but in the end Yarrawonga just got their nose in front at the right time winning 15/92 to 3/90.
With one round to go we are cemented in fourth.
Rod Jones had another good win 23/19, Garry Sanders drew 25/25, Ray Irvine lost 20/22 and young Jimmy LeFevre lost 22/26.
The A3’s travelled to Rutherglen and had a comfortable win 18/132 to 0/60.
Vic Brincat won 40/13, Kevin Parks won 28/13, Robert Lidgerwood won 27/16 and Bob Adams won 27/18.
This now puts them on top and next week we will see exactly how we are travelling when we play second place side Bright.
The A4’s travelled to Milawa who were one position under us; the team had a great battle and game out with a 14/81 to 4/78 win.
Seggi Rempal rink had a solid win 23/16.
Tony Durkins ring had a battle royal to win 19/17, Les Balfour went down 20/21 and Garry Hart lost 19/24.
Top of the table B2’s’ played St James at home where they proved far too strong for the Saints to win 14/93 to 0/63.
Noel Millar had a good win after losing his third for the season in Dermie Crandles.
Edna James stepped in and played as if she had been there all year where they won 33/18 .
Bob Tett got back on the winners list winning 33/19, Kenny Barnes is making a habit off winning the close games again winning 27/26.
The big result for the week end was the performance of the B3’s playing the top side.
The mighty “3” caused the upset of the season beating Chiltern.
With alot of new bowlers and a few old stagers in Morffew and Eade who play their hearts out every week, they are getting to like the winning feeling.
They can’t make the finals but there are a lot of positives we can take out of the season.
Ian Morffew won 31/16, Keith Eade won 32/24 and Terry Matthews lost 19/26.
Sunday had the semi-finals of the ladies Champion of Champions.
Laureen Smith played the current Victorian champ in Kylie Whitehead from Wodonga and put a fantastic effort to lose 25 to 20.
One end Kylie was holding game, only to have Laureen with her last bowl playing a wonderful pressure bowl dead draw it to win the end.
With the score 20 to 22 Laureen was holding shot only to have Kylie with her last bowl sit the shot bowl out and take the game.
Next week she travels back to Corowa to play the final of the O&M state singles, let’s all get along to support our champ.
Game starts at 9.30 am.
In the mixed pairs Garry and Claire Sanders won their quarter final but lost to a composite side in the semi.
And final one of our up and coming new bowls Lyn McGough played down at the Mulgrave Country Club representing the O&M in the Victorian novice singles, winning the first game 20/10 but losing the second round.
It’s good to see people that are prepared to put in the practise to get rewarded.
ClubMulwala Outdoor Bowls
What fickle weather we are striking for mid-week bowls, too hot last week and too wet this week, although we are not complaining about getting some welcome rain.
Tuesday pennant: Both teams were at home and had completed about half the ends when the rain settled in and play was postponed for an early lunch, however the rain persisted and the matches were cancelled.
Saturday pennant: A4 travelled to Corowa Services where the games were close all day.
Unfortunately Corowa were in front when it counted which seems to have been the story throughout the season with good bowls played by our team but better played by our opponents.
Club championships: The first rounds of the ladies 21up were completed during the week with the semi-finals to be played on Wednesday 7 and Friday 9 at 9.00am.
The final of the men’s 21up will be played at 9.00am on Thursday.
These games are worth making the effort to come along and support your team mates and enjoy seeing some great bowls.
Social Bowls: We are having twilight social bowls at 7pm on February 14 (names in by 6pm on the day please). The format will be determined by the number of players available, but there will be two games played with a $7 entry.
We are aware this is Valentine’s Day so come along and play your heart out.
Practice: Only a couple of pennant games remaining in the season, but remember practice is still on each Thursday at 3.00pm.

ClubMulwala Indoor Bowls

Welcome to the 2018 year of bowling.
A very good turn up for the new year on Monday January 29.
There was only 1 x 2 game winner which was Glenyce Willox (s), Anne Mc Kain and Sue Stillard with 31 points.
Second were Noel Owen (s), Ellen Buckley and Annie King with 22 points.
There were 2 teams with a score of 21 but Val Bryce (s), Wilf Owen and Phyllis Novotny with +7 came third over Reg Bryce with -1.
On Thursday, February 1, saw another good attendance at bowling.
There were 2 x 2 game winners with Val Bryce (s), Gwen Owen and Lyn Ryan with 33 points the winners.
Marna Tomlinson (s), Jill Carr and Betty Blick with 32 points came second.
Third were Tricia Murphy (s), Ellen Buckley and Jeanette Davies with 23 points.
The first event will be the Club 4’s which begins on Monday February 19.
The sheet is on the board.

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