Unused furniture donated to a good cause

February 14, 2018

Members of the Rotary Club of Yarrawonga Mulwala getting ready to move old furniture from the old Yarrawonga P-12 ‘Red School’ to be donated to the Rotary Donations in Kind.

Members of the Rotary Club of Yarrawonga Mulwala recently put their hands up to collect old furniture left at the now disused Yarrawonga Primary School to donate to the Rotary Donations In Kind, a project that relocates unused suitable goods to needy parts of the world.

Rotary Donations In Kind began as a hands-on project overseas where it became obvious to workers that surplus material in Australia would be very valuable in assisting with practical projects in developing countries.
It is now a major recycling operation that is run by volunteers that also provides rotarians, the public and corporate sector with the chance to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people who need the help of the Rotary.
Locally, Yarrawonga P-12 Principal Damien Keele recently arranged for the redundant desks, chairs and the like from the recently vacated Piper Street site to be donated to the projects temporary storage before it makes its way to the main Donations In Kind collection centre in West Footscray.
In just under the last 20 years a total value of $50 million of overseas aid has been distributed from the West Footscray centre alone with 455 containers shipped to 23 countries.
Dave Barrat from the Rotary club of Yarrawonga Mulwala coordinated the effort and said the club was happy to get involved by helping Damien out as well as providing people in need with more resources.
“The offer was put to us and we thought it was too good of an offer to pass up, because there really isn’t anything wrong with the furniture and there is no point it just sitting in the abandoned building,” Dave said.
“We have over 100 tables here that there is no real problem with so they might as well get used somewhere in the world.
“Unfortunately, the West Footscray centre couldn’t take this load at the moment as they are at full capacity so the Yarrawonga Self-Storage business has given one of their sheds to us to store all the furniture until we can get it down to Melbourne.
“We’ll get in touch with the centre soon and let them know we have all this stuff in storage and how much space we’ve got it stored in so when they have that space we can get it down to them.”
Most of the items donated to the Rotary Donations in Kind are distributed to third world countries that do not have the resources to obtain these objects which are known to have been previously distributed to East Timor.
“Rotary is about helping people locally and nationally but we also have an international branch and it’s just about helping people where you can,” Dave said.
“We’ve supported Donations in Kind over the years both with projects like this and money as well because it costs money to transport the storage containers overseas too.”
For more information about Donations In Kind visit their website at

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