Latest machine for skin cancer detection

February 28, 2018

Denis Medical Clinic’s Dr Murali Ooruthiran, Dr Kyaw Lynn and Dr Tania Jones pictured next to the new German FotoFinder Skin Cancer Screening Machine.

The Denis Medical Clinic has acquired the latest in skin cancer detection with the purchase of a state-of-the-art FotoFinder Skin Cancer Screening Machine.

The clinic has invested more than $100,000 to bring the machine to Yarrawonga, the first of its kind in the local district.
“This allows for more efficient, accurate and effective monitoring of patients’ skin and detection of skin cancer,” Dr Murali Ooruthiran said.
The machine will allow doctors to better monitor the entire skin and each individual mole with a photo examination and analysis from head to toe.  Regular check-ups will then allow doctors to pin point any changes in the early stages.
“We will be able to better maintain and overview existing and new lesions instead of just comparing photographs,” Dr Murali Ooruthiran said.
The machine records a total body map capturing the entire skin surface within a few minutes.  The software then provides doctors a full evaluation of new or changes in lesions instantly during a check-up.
In addition any conspicuous moles are then dermatoscopically documented using a special hand held microscope to create a highly magnified image of the mole for better analysis and detection.
Dr Tania Jones said the machine has been in operation for several weeks and they have been receiving great feedback.
“It’s already showing its worth and bookings have been very strong,” Dr Tania Jones said.
Dr Kyaw Lynn said that doctors at the Denis Medical Clinic have undergone training to advance their skills at the Skin Cancer College of Australasia.
“This is important for patients to know that we have the latest in training along with the latest in technology,” Dr Kyaw Lynn added.

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