New Industrial land for sale

February 28, 2018

Councillors from Federation Council are saying ‘keep this’

and ‘sell this’.

Federation Council looks set to sell most of the 1.46ha lot on its Mulwala Business Park at the right hand entrance, corner of Barooga Road and McCarthy Street, of the industrial estate.

If council’s latest monthly meeting, on February 20 is anything to go by, councillors appear set to vote to have all the land (Lot 13 DP 844434) except for one lot, beside council’s works depot, sold.
In his report for council, Federation Council’s director finance and organisation development, Kim Parker, recommended council proceed with the subdivision on this southern part of the estate and set the sale price at a rate of $39 sqm and other lots elsewhere on the estate, which have kerb and channel, set at least at $50sqm.
The other, 35 lots, relate to construction before June 2018, of the last stage of the Mulwala Industrial Estate which attracted a $655,000 Federal Government grant towards council’s overall $3.7 million project, as previously reported in the Yarrawonga Chronicle.
“The area south of the Mulwala Council Works Deport buildings is currently partly used as a stockpile for soil but this requirement can be catered for elsewhere,” Mr Parker said.
“Given the dire need for industrial land in the area and the underutilisation of the site, council’s operations department has agreed to the subdivision and potential sale of the surplus land.”
Mr Parker said six to seven lots would result for which there is immediate demand. “It would allow council consideration of the creation of an Economic Development Fund for use in promoting development and employment,” he said.
Cr Andrew Kennedy praised Mr Parker’s idea but suggested the block immediately beside the works depot not be sold.
“The Mul depot doesn’t get used - maybe one day a week. I believe there’s still a need for a vacant block beside the works depot,” Cr Kennedy said.
“It’s a good area for the ‘shire’ to unload stuff. We should keep one block for road base, trees getting knocked down, etcetera.
“We should go out to tender. We could get more money. Council should retain the block closest to the council yard. There’s lots of fill. There are still five or six lots. Keep one lot.”
Cr Norm Wales added: “The depot is very important down there.”
Councillors unanimously agreed to refer the matter to a council workshop for further investigation and report.

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