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February 28, 2018

Midweek pennant had our last home and away game for the year with YMGCR A1’s team played Wodonga at Wodonga, but with the opposition holding a 1 shot lead with one end to play.
It came down to the very last bowl of the game and in the hands of our champ Anne Miles, with 1 shot down on the head.
Our girl went for a drive to take the jack into the ditch to win the game but just missing, giving the win to Wodonga.
YMGCR1 2/64 to Wodonga 12/66, Anne Miles winning 24/17, Ray Irvine losing 24/27 and Laureen Smith going down 16/22.
They still finished second and with a couple of good inclusions, they will face off against Benalla at Corowa Civic (who they beat last week).
The YMGCR2’s side played Corowa Civic and losing on the last end, 2/75 and Civic 12/76.
Rob Hummel’s rink had a good win 27/18, Bob Adams lost 25/30 and Kerry Kinnane lost 23/28, this now just puts them out of the final, finishing fifth.
Well done to the team on their efforts throughout the year.
YMGCR A3’s played Moyhu away, the top of the table team going down 2/69 to 12/77.
Siggi Rempel had a good win 32/23, Bob Liddell finally lost a game 17/29 and Les Balfour lost 20/25, the side will now play Wodonga at Corowa Civic.
The B1’s had yet another tough road trip, this time to second placed Rutherglen, this time the side didn’t get a win, but lost 2/49 to 12/90.
Best rink for the day was Edna James who won 23/21, with Carolyn Boston losing 12/31 and Robyn Balfour going down 14/38.
Well done on the year, you played with a lot of enthusiasm and never had any negative talk.
We had the finals of the YMGCR Charity Bowls Promotion Night, winners off Division 1 were Purtles, Division 2 Wunnuni Wankers 1, Division 3 Rotary and Division 4 was Rangy Bankers.
Best game winners were week 1 Don’s Party, week 2 Yarrawonga SES, week 3 2RC and week 4 Kanga. We would like to thank the club for the $1200 towards all the different charities, which were Friends In Common, Yarrawonga Wildlife Shelter, Yarrawonga Health, Legacy, Yarrawonga SES and PALS.
If you are interested in a game be there before Tuesday at 6.45pm.
With two teams already in the Grand Final all eyes moved over to our A4’s, unfortunately our team came up against a determine Wodonga outfit.
Going in only 12 shots behind at the tea break, the heavens opened up with thunder and lighting, with a good start after the break they cut their lead to six.
But that was as close as they got and Wodonga won 16/106 to YMGCR 2/79, Siggi Rempel was the only winning rink 27/21, Tony Durkin lost 30/26, Les Balfour lost 15/32 and Bob Evans lost 17/27.
It was great to see so many club mates supporting them, well done to all the players for all their hard work they have put in over the season.
Next week the A3’s will play Bright for the third game in a row in the GF and the B2’s will play Mansfield in the GF also for the third game in a row, so far we have prevailed but we all know the big game is a very different ball game.
So come along to give our club mates as much support you can, with a bit of luck they might be at the same venue.
On a sad note YMGCR Bowls Club would like to send our condolences to our friends Greg, Judy and Keith Green for the loss of Greg’s mum Bonnie.

Club Mulwala Outdoor Bowls
Another week in paradise, another great week for bowls.
Tuesday pennant:
A2 were at home to Benalla where the visitors proved just too strong on the day, however we are very pleased our team maintained their spot in the four, a credit to all players who represented our club in this grade throughout the season.
A2 will now travel to Wangaratta next Tuesday to meet St James in an elimination final, we wish them well.
B1 travelled to Swanpool where they encountered the most difficult green they have played on this season.
The home team proved they could manage the conditions much better than we could and therefore came away with a very strong win.
Well done to all members who represented our club in this grade through the season.
There were a number who played pennant for the first time, the improvement over the season was outstanding, we look to next season with great expectations.
Club championships:
The semi-finals of the men’s nominated pairs were completed on Sunday with Daryl Dighton and Jason Milich to meet Albert Dodman and John Thurling in the final on Sunday March 4 at 9.30am.
Social Bowls:
Twilight bowls are on again Wednesday February 28 at 7.00pm (names in by 6.00 pm), $7.00 entry.
Come along and join in a fun night of competitive bowls, the format is determined by the number of entries.

Yarrawonga Bowls Club Inc
Sorry that there were no results from the Yarrawonga Bowls Club last week.
An update on the finals played on February 17, the B1’s went down to Benalla in their match and the A3’s won against Wodonga.
They went through to the next round which was played on February 24 when they played Bright at Corowa Civic and unfortunately lost this match 77/94.
Well done to all our pennant teams who played in the Week-End pennant season.
Also coming up on Tuesday, February 27 is the open 1’s mid-week pennant seasons 1st round of the final and the Yarrawonga Open 1’s will play Wodonga at Corowa Civic in the preliminary final, good luck Yarrawonga players.
The results of the games played at the club this week are as follows.
Monday, February 19 Nominated Pairs 2-4-2 game, we played with 18 teams on the green and the results of this game were; the winners were Doug Boothey and Michael Oakes, the runners up were Jock McQualter and Liz Murdoch.
The jackpot was won by Frank Liberg and Rodger McKenzie
Wednesday, February 21 we played jackpot triples with 20 players on the greens and the winners of this game were Jock Mc Qualter, Joan Ramsdale and Tony Tabor, the runners up were Geoff Hargreaves, Colin Orr and Pam Gibbons.
Robby Wickham, Kim Jarden and Max Ramsdale took out the jackpot.
On Thursday, February 22 we played barefoot bowls, but I am unable to furnish results at this time
Friday, February 23, we had 2 teams play their round of the semi-final of the mixed triples and the winner of this game were Tim Cromie’s team.
On Sunday, February 25 we played the semi-final of the open 4’s, with Richard Hermassoo’s teams playing Bobby Jeffcott’s team, the winner of this round was Bobby Jeffcott’s team and they will now go on to play Kevin Evan’s team in the final.
Games scheduled for this week are Wednesday, February 28 Jackpot Triples starting at 12:30 pm.
Thursday, March 1 Barefoot Bowls starting at 6:30pm.
Saturday, March 3 Social Bowls starting at 12:30pm and Thursday, March 1 at 10am we will be playing the 1st round of the Ladies B Grade Singles.

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