Silo art spreading

March 07, 2018

The almost completed Goorambat silo art pictured earlier this week.

The next silo to gain artwork in the local district is at Goorambat.  The artwork was unveiled this week depicting the native Barking Owl.

Street artist Jimmy Dvate will complete his work on the giant 1940s built silo as part of the 2018 Benalla Wall to Wall Festival this weekend.  The Uniting Church in Goorambat was also painted as part of the festival last year.
“Silos are such iconic structures and they lend themselves to this type of work. It is a huge honour to be given the opportunity to paint this type of wall, but there is a lot of pressure because your work is so visible from all around,” Mr Dvate said.
This follows Tungamah’s silo’s recently completed artwork by Broome Street artist Sobrane depicting other native birds.
The St James and Devenish communities are also investigating options to have their silos adorned with art with the aim to eventually incorporate all sites into a north-east silo art trail attraction from Benalla.
The Devenish community has rallied strongly behind an art project with generous financial donations from locals and farming families in the district and as a result works look set to start soon.
Long-time St James resident Jim Kelly has been a pioneer behind the idea and planning of silo art in St James and said it would be fantastic to see more of it in regional Victoria.
“When these silos are not being used they are just standing there wasting space really,” Jim said.
“It’s too hard and cost consuming to tear them down so why not do something different and something that may even bring people to the area.”
Discussions surrounding what the next stage in the process of attracting silo art in Yarrawonga were amped up after an article published in the Yarrawonga Chronicle received positive responses to the idea from the community.
Owners of the Pearce Street silo, GrainCorp along with private owner of the Sharp Street silo Rick Leeworthy are both open to the idea of having artwork on their silos.
 “We have plans to develop the site, but we are open to all possibilities,” Mr Leeworthy said.

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