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March 07, 2018


Midweek pennant finals finally got under way, YMGCR1 played Benalla at Corowa and lost 2/58 to 12/76.
Best rink was Anne Miles who won 26/17, Ray Irvine lost 18/29 and Laureen Smith lost 14/30.
Next week we will play our old uptown neighbours.
Yarrawonga YMGCR A3’s played Wodonga also at Corowa and just lost 4/64 to 10/68.
Les Balfour led the way with a good even spread from his team to win 24/15, Bob Liddell jumped out early and hung on to win 25/23, Siggi Rempel lost 15/30.
The side will now play Corowa Civic in the Premolar next week.
On Tuesday night we had a modified game of bare foot bowls; instead of playing one game they played two games of six ends.
We had 48 bowls continue on from our charity bowls night and under ideal conditions the bowls was of a high standard.
The winning team for the week was 2RC, runners up were Blow In’s, third were Micks Mob and fourth were Green Keepers.
So if anybody would like to have a game, please enter before 6.45 pm so they can do the draw.
Wednesday bowls had 18 bowlers who brave the very windy conditions; the organizers decide to play 2 bowl triples.
For the first time in a long while we had six 1 game winners, with one win plus _17 shots up were Neil Loveridge , Don Tipping and Greg Fisher.
Runners up with one win and +2 were Alan Hayes , Evan James and Neville Coleman.
Jackpot failed to go off.
On the last Saturday of pennant we had two teams in contention for a premiership, unfortunately we had a mixed bag with the A3’s winning and the B2’s going down by the barest margin 1 shot.  
The B2’s travelled to play at Benalla and on a green running at 16 seconds, our troops got off to a good start with Noel Millars team of Edna James, Bill Butterworth and lead Pam Fry winning the first seven ends to lead 9 to 0, but the game changed when Mansfield picked up a few big ends and won 17/24 (Millars team won 15 ends).
Ken Barnes rink of Evan James , Graeme Bailey and lead Kirk Bleckwehl  jumped out to a handy lead of 19/9, they hung on to win 28/23 (they also won 15 ends).
Bob Tett rink of Bob Liddell, Neville Coleman and lead Ben Nowell was involved in an epic battle all day with their opponents who had got out to a 7 shot lead with three ends to go, but the boys never stop trying and won the last 3 ends to win a close game 28/27 (they also won 15 ends.)
Congratulations to the team who played their hearts out for each other every week, they deserved all their success they got.  
Now to a happy story, the A3’s travelled to Wodonga to play Bright who we beat in the last two outings, but this time there were a few different changes to the both teams so nobody knew how this would affect the outcome.
We got what the team thought were our ideal match ups going into the game, with their top skipper playing Vic Brincat, Neil Loveridge , Alan Goudge and lead Alan Hayes.
We knew they would not be blown away and after 19 ends the score was all level at 17 all.
They ended up going down 20/25 but they did a great job for their team.
Robert Lidgerwood rink of Sue Middleton, Bill Jenkins and lead Peter Lidgerwood got off to another slow start being 3/14 down after 10 ends, but as always they just keep chipping away and on the 25th end they finally hit the lead and won 25/22 (you can never write these guys off.)
Not only did Robert rink get off to a slow but all four rinks struggled with the speed of the green and trailed Bright 9/17, but then when the team start to get used to the pace and the whole game quickly changed.
At the tea break we were 75/41up, Bob Adams rink of Kerry Kinane, Patto Paterson and Dasher Richmond had slowly began to take control of their game, with a 5 streak ran off ends and then another run off 6 in a row, they got to 29/11 lead, they eventually got up by 34/18.
Kevin Parks rink off Ray Brown, Rob Hummel and lead Caroline Reilly had the same rink as the week before, so after 6 ends they were down 3/4, but when they went short ends all hell broke loose and they went on a 9 end winning streak and at tea were up 27/4.
They won 19 ends to come away with a 45/11 victory, with an overall win of 124/76.
Thank you to all our club mates to come and support us, you gave us a real lift with your enthusiasm, and to all the players who didn’t play in the Grand Final, thank you for all your efforts throughout the year.
So next year we are back in the A2’s, so let’s all stick together (K Parks I mean you) and keeps this winning feeling going.
The YMGCR bowls club had the honour of the premier division A1’s playing their Grand Final at our magnificent venue, both teams Benalla and Wodonga requested to play at our club.
This we believe was the first time we have had this privilege and a huge credit must go to our fantastic green keeper Warrick Henderson.
Since Wazza has arrived he has lifted our greens to the best in the North East region.
Results at the games at YMGCR were Benalla def Wodonga 97/80 and we also had the final of the A4’s where Wodonga def Yackandandah 92/83.
Now for a bit of housekeeping, the Ladies B grade C/Ship will start on Thursday, March 15 and then the March 20 and 22.
The 1st round of Ladies Pairs will be played any time from March 15 to 21, second round to be played between March 22 and 29, third round between April 3 and 10 and the Grand Final to an agreed date (deadline 27th of April).
Entries for the Mixed Pairs will close on March 23 (11am cut off).
Please support these events.
We will be having our yearly break up at Kurt Bleckwehl beautiful setting on Lake Mulwala, $5 ahead for all the food that you can eat and all refreshments you can drink.
This will be for March 18, so please come along and put your name on the list for catering purposes.

Yarrawonga Bowls Club Inc

The Yarrawonga Bowls Club still has one team in the Pennant Season Finals and that is the Open 1’s Mid-Week division and they won their first final round against Wodonga at Corowa Civic 70/62 in our favour.
They will now play YMGCR at Benalla on Tuesday, March 6 so by the time this issue of the Chronicle hits the street a result will be known.
So, check the results in next week’s paper.
The results of the games played at the club this week are; Monday, February 26. Nominated Pairs 2-4-2 winners were Jack Park and Max Tuttleby, the runners up were John Lowdell and Stuart Davey.
The jackpot for the day was not claimed.
On Wednesday, February 28, we played Jackpot Triples with 12 players enjoying this game and the winners of the day were Ian Devereaux, Ron Neilsen and Tommy Dodds.
There were no runners up and the jackpot for the day was not claimed.
Thursday morning March 1 Kim Jarden and Rebecca Sharp played the 1st round of the Ladies B” Grade Championship with the result being 18/27 in Kim’s favour. Kim will now play Natalie Walker on Thursday March 8 at 10am.
Thursday Night we played Barefoot Bowls with 34 players joining in this informal format of the game and the winners of the night were Neil Hocking, Joe Borg, the runners up were Gary Park and Jai Christian.
On Saturday, March 3 we played a fun game of Triples with 12 players on the green, great practice day.
The winners of this game were Neil Hocking, Neville Marsden and Ron Phillips, there was no runners up and the jackpot for the day did not go off.
Games coming up next week are Wednesday 2 Bowl Triples Tournament, Thursday night Barefoot Bowls, Saturday Social game and Monday Nominated Pairs 2-4-2
Until next week good health and good bowling to all.

Club Mulwala Outdoor Bowls

Another week in paradise, another great week for bowls.
Tuesday pennant: A2 travelled to Wangaratta to meet St James in the elimination final, what a magnificent contest it turned out to be with scores extremely close throughout.
Two rinks were finished with the third rink about 3 ends behind, St James led but over the next 3 ends our side picked up enough shots to get the team over the line on the last end.
Well done to all players, now on to Benalla to meet Mansfield in the preliminary final.
Club championships: The final of the men’s nominated pairs was played on Sunday with Daryl Dighton and Jason Milich just falling short against Albert Dodman and John Thurling, congratulations to all players on a very exciting and hard fought final.
Mixed drawn handicap pairs begin on 8th March at 9.30; get your names in early to take part.
Social bowls: Twilight bowls are on again after the long weekend, March 14 (names in by 6.00 pm).
$7.00 entry, come along and join in a fun night of competitive bowls, the format is determined by the number of entries.

Club Mulwala Indoor Bowls Club

Social bowls: There was only social bowling on Thursday, March 1 2018.
There were 2 x 2 game winners with Ian Holmes (s), Christine Wilson, Chris Liberg and Sue Stillard with 35 coming first.
The other 2 game winners with 31 points were Trish Murphy (s), Gwen Owen and Dot Shanks.
The third prize went to Reg Bryce (s), Geoff Charlwood, Betty Blick and Joyce Torpy with 23 points.
Club events: The first 2 games of the Club 4’s were played on Monday, February 26 at 1.30 pm.
There will be further games on Monday March 5,12 and 19 at 1.30pm.
Club visits: A very enjoyable day was had by all with the results close.
Moama with 202 and Mulwala 239. 
There will be another contest in November at Moama.
Pennant: We hope to put in 4 teams this year.
Pennant will probably begin the Thursday after Easter.
Good bowling.

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