Lonsdale Reserve’s big meeting

March 07, 2018

Robert Purtle OAM, Chair of Lonsdale Reserve Recreational Committee Rod Sissons, interested community member Bethany Robinson and Lonsdale Reserve Recreational Committee Secretary John Francis.

Lonsdale Reserve Recreational Committee Mulwala will hold its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, March 21 at 6.00pm in the reserve’s main pavilion.

The meeting has been brought forward to have the elected committee revisit the master plan and resume action on further progress of the town’s sporting showpiece.
All positions on the committee are up grabs. Nominations will be called for on the night.    
Following a story in the Yarrawonga Chronicle last month, a meeting was held between high level council representatives and committee members.
“The meeting was fairly positive,” Lonsdale Reserve Recreational Committee Chairman Rod Sissons told the Yarrawonga Chronicle.
“The mayor turned up, the general manager turned up and they explained the process which would follow.
“In March/April the master plan will be revisited with consultants who will redo the master plan, to be approved by the Lonsdale Recreational Reserve Committee hopefully at our June meeting, and to be endorsed by council at their July or August meeting. Then funds would be planned for 2018/19.”
Much has been said and written about the 20-year-old rundown building known as ‘Bay 13’ which has not been used for some five years.
The existing master plan states to maintain the building. The Lonsdale Reserve Recreational Committee recommended to Federation Council the building be demolished which was agreed to before the newly elected Federation Council last September.
That decision was overturned. But the reserve committee hit back saying Bay 13 should be demolished.
“Our committee wants the building down,” chair for the last 20 years, Rod Sissons said.
“What we have recommended is the earthworks built up beside the building be continued where Bay 13 is, to provide for excellent viewing of sporting matches and events, and have trees planted by a qualified arborist all around that side for beautification and shade.
“Our committee wants to see a facility beside the tennis courts which would have a lock-up area for kitchen and equipment room. And beside the cricket nets there would be a storage shed for cricket gear.”
Mr Sissons encourages everyone with an interest in the reserve to attend the 6.00pm meeting on March 21.
Mulwala Progress Association President Robert Purtle OAM, who opposes the demolition of Bay 13, also encourages people to attend the meeting.
“You don’t have to belong to a sporting group to attend,” he said.
“We’d be interested to hear from anyone who felt some interest in the reserve.”

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